Thursday 3-12-20 Shopping at Walmart

Cloudy with 1″ of rain predicted for today. Overnight low was 52F and high today was 68F. The rain didn’t materialize. A couple drops, nothing measurable.

Had the usual bagel and coffee breakfast. Walked Joy down to dumpster and got rid of our garbage.

Checked things on the Internet.

Made a ham sandwich for lunch.

Cathy saw some shoes she liked in a Walmart, but they didn’t have her size. She has been checking every Walmart since to no avail. We were going to check the two Walmarts that we haven’t been to yet.

Thought stopping at Peanut Patch would raise our spirits on a gloomy day

We picked up 1 1/2# of fudge, 6 different kinds. We also had two scoops of ice cream each.

Headed to Avenue B Walmart. The Street Lights at 3E and 32nd Street were out

Made crossing that intersection tricky.

Got to Avenue B Walmart. Checked for Coated 325 gr Aspirin. The app showed it in stock. Couldn’t find it on the shelf. An Associate checked and couldn’t find it in the items to be stocked, said it must be still in the back. Cathy didn’t have luck with shoes or Sanitary Wipes. We didn’t need any, but they were also out of Toilet Paper.

Headed to 99 Cent Only on 4th Avenue. Got lettuce and canned mushrooms for dinner.

Headed to East 32nd Street Walmart

We hit the jack pot there. Shoes, wipes and Aspirin.

Headed back to KOFA Ko-op via 5E. Some very nice houses.

Made Egg Noodles, with Brown Gravy, Mushrooms and Onions and Lettuce Salad. Made it in the Dash Express Hot Pot. Works nicely for Pasta. Boils extremely fast and Lid has a Strainer Lid. Boiled the Pasta in it, drained then poured Gravy, Mushrooms and Onions into it and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

Watched “The Deputy,” “Law & Order SVU,” and Fargo News on Sling.

Went over to Clubhouse and filled water bottles with RO water.

Watched Fox News

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