Thursday 3-19-20 Quiet Day at Fort Irwin

Cloudy and cool this morning. Overnight low was 42F and high this afternoon was 55F. Sun poked out a couple of times. Rained a little at 7:00PM.

Had bagel for breakfast. No water for coffee. Warmed up some I got at Flying J.

Watched the Covid-19 news on TV.

Cathy did some phone work for David.

Cathy went and registered

We are payed through 3-31-20.

Got over to Kathryn’s about 12:30PM. AJ didn’t take a nap. She played with Joy and entertained us all day

Cathy made a video call to David’s Portal. He was pretty excited about the call, especially when AJ told him she was going to have a little brother.

Kathryn made two pizzas for dinner.

Stopped on way back to motorhome to fill water bottles at the Express Store. The water dispenser was out of order. Bought two 1 gallon bottles of water for $1.39 ea.

Watched Fox News

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