Thursday 3-26-20 Our 43rd Anniversary

Sunny, cool and windy. Overnight low was 40F and high this afternoon was 60F. Wind was 20 to 30 mph with periods of calm.

Joy got up early and wanted to go out. It was real windy and she didn’t do anything.

Toasted a bagel and made coffee. Watched Governor Cuomo on Fox News.

Cathy took Joy for a walk and she peed and pooped.

Watched a couple episodes of “Diagnosis Murder.”

We took the remaining laundry over to Kathryn’s. When we got there Erik had the Jeep outside and he was cleaning the garage. He finished the windshield this morning. It looked good.

Kathryn went and picked up AJ at daycare. Daycare will be closed until further notice because of Covid-19.

Watched “The Jerk,” “The Grand Tour,” and the latest YouTube “Sailing Zatara.”

Erik made lasagna for dinner.

We said good night to everyone and went back to the motorhome.

Watched WDAY news and weather. Watched “Nightline” and “Flipping 101 with Taraq.”

This was Cathy and my 43rd Anniversary. We had our honeymoon in Winnipeg at the Holiday Inn, entertained by Sweet Adelines in in every nook and cranny.

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