Tuesday 3-10-20 Rainy Day

Rain started last night at 11:00PM. Overnight low was 59F and high today was 73F. Rain let up from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. Total rain for 24 hrs was .28″

Made toast and coffee for breakfast.

Took Joy to the Dog Park and played ball.

Cathy was planning on joining David’s psychologist appointment today via video, but found out one wasn’t scheduled.

After talking to Dug, we decided to stay here through Friday and leave on Saturday. I made reservations at Cahuilla Lake at La Quinta, CA. We will meet Dug and Rhoda on Sunday for dinner.

Checked out the pool

and Hot Tub area

Decided not to go to Los Algodonnes until tomorrow.

I decided to get a haircut at Sport Clips. Cathy decided to go along. I dropped Cathy off at Yuma Palms and went across 16th Street to Sport Clips.

After haircut I picked up Cathy and we went to Sam’s Club and collected the year’s Cash Back from the Sam’s Club MasterCard. We got $323 back.

Started raining fairly heavy as we came out of Sam’s Club.

Went to 99 Cent Only. Parking Lot was flooded

Got some produce at 99 Cent Only.

Went to Pacific Ave. Walmart, so Cathy could order a prescription.

Made risotto with left over beef and topped it with sauteed asparagus and tomatoes

Watched “FBI” and “FBI Most Wanted”

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