Tuesday 3-17-20 St Patrick’s Day

Nice sunny day but cool. Overnight low was 45F and high today was 52F. The wind did finally let up.

Got up and took Joy for a walk before breakfast.

Made breakfast and watched President on TV.

Took Joy for a long walk around Sawtooth Canyon Campground. We visited most of the sites. The rocks are beautiful

We must have walked about 2 miles.

There is a rock climbing area called ” New Jack City” by the Rock climbers. The historic name is “Traer Agua” which means “bring water.”

There are 13 campsites with a Ramada, picnic table, fire pit, and BBQ grill.

We are in #2

The elevation is 3606′

Verizon signal is good with 14Mbs download. Couldn’t get AT&T Internet.

Spent the day watching TV.

Made Pot Stickers and Brown Rice with Quinoa for dinner.

Watched Acorn TV. “Murdoch Mysteries,” “Murder is My Life,” and “Strike Out.”

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