Tuesday 3-24-20 Quiet Day at Fort Irwin

Sunny day, cool in the morning. Overnight low was 46F and the high today was 63F. Wind was 20 – 30 mph.

Joy wanted to go out early this morning. The wind bothered her and she didn’t do anything for at least 10 minutes, she finally peed. Brought her in and I could tell she wasn’t feeling well. Last night when we got home and stopped, she was on my lap. When I opened the door she fell out.

Toasted an English muffin and made coffee. Watched Fox News with President in the Rose Garden.

Took Joy for a long walk through desert and down the road by the bunkers. Door to one was open. It was filled with boxes of military clothing. Joy finally pooped.

Watched several episodes of “Magnum P.I.”

Went over to Kathryn’s. Erik was home and brought me a beer.

Cathy and AJ went outside to make bubbles.

We watched the end of “Aladdin.”

AJ played ball with Joy

Left for motorhome at 6:00PM. Stopped at Convenience Store and filled bottles with water.

Cathy heated up the leftovers from Chipotle.

Watched “FBI,” FBI Most Wanted,” and “Nightline.”

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