Tuesday 3-31-20 We Get to Gallup, NM

Overcast, but nice this morning in Lake Havasu City. Overnight low was 58F. It stayed warm as we headed east to Flagstaff where it was 63F and Gallup where it was 64F at 10:30PM.

Got up made coffee and ate peanut butter cookies. I was out of bagels. Cathy walked Joy. At 9;00AM we went into Lake Havasu City. Stopped first at 99 Cent Only

bought a lot of nice produce, cookies and candy

this will be our last trip until next year.

Stopped at Walmart

and got water, frozen vegetables, coffee, Rootbeer and meat

Headed back to motorhome and hooked up the Equinox.

Headed up AZ-95 to the intersection with I-40. Stopped at the Pilot and filled with gas

$2.359 after the discount

it took 35.28 gal. We had driven 248 mi

Headed east on I-40

Ran into a traffic slow down in Flagstaff

slot of vehicles behind us

We stopped at Meteor Crater Rest Area

Hit a big bump getting into Rest Area and radio went out

Got to Walmart in Gallup about 9:00PM. Had rice and vegetables with steak and coleslaw for dinner.

Cathy took Joy for a walk and noticed parking lights on Equinox were on. I went out to turn them off and it acted strange also wouldn’t start. I put the battery charger on it and am running generator in motorhome to charge the battery.

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