Wednesday 3-11-20 Los Algodonnes

Rained off and on all night. Overnight low 61F and high today 68F. Sprinkled off and on all day.

Power went off at 3:00AM and was restored at about 8:00AM.

Had bagel and coffee for breakfast. Walked Joy over to the dumpster.

At 10:00AM we headed to Los Algodonnes. The Indian Parking Lot was pretty full

Found someone just leaving so got a place in “A” row near the border

I was looking for Albuterol Tablets, cheapest I could find was $16.42 for 30 tablets. Decided just to get more Albuterol Inhalers, 3 for $6.99. Enalapril was out of stock when I wanted it refilled so got 4 bottles of 100 for $2.49 ea. I bought them at the Liquis Pharmacy

The line at the border wasn’t bad and we passed across in about 20 minutes

Cathy bought a couple of things for Alessandra.

Stopped at Post Office in Bard to make sure there was nothing in the box. There wasn’t. Last year a check was put in box instead of being forwarded.

Stopped at Dollar Tree and Bed Bath and Beyond in Las Palmillas Shopping Center. Got a few things at Dollar Tree. It is a large very nice store. Bought a Dash Express Hot Pot and Mini Griddle at Bed Bath and Beyond to use up a Gift Card.

Went to Pacific Ave. Walmart to pick up Cathy’s prescription. We ate at the McDonald’s there. The parking lot was flooded

When we got back to KOFA Ko-op there were 5 Electricians working on the power outage


Problem was a nick in Service Cable when originally installed and shorted when conduit filled with water.

Went to Bill’s across the street for Happy Hour

Cathy and Joy also went. There were 2 other dogs there.

Had bacon sandwiches for dinner.

Watched Modern Family.

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