Wednesday 3-18-20 Fort Irwin

Sunny and cool this morning. Overnight low was 44F at Sawtooth Canyon and a high of 56F at Ft Irwin.

Got up and started coffee when Joy started complaining. I wasn’t dressed yet, do put her out on her tie out.

Started generator and furnace. Plugged in a space heater

Got dressed and toasted a bagel.

Got things ready to move in the motorhome.

Brought in the slide and brought the Jack’s up.

Hooked the Equinox up and we were ready to leave.

Drove to the Flying J on I-15 west of Barstow. First filled with propane, it only took 6 gallons. Then pulled ahead and filled with gas

It took 49.7 gallons, under 6 mph because of the grades

Went to Barstow Walmart. They have a nice area to park RVs

The bread aisle had bare shelves

as did the canned goods

and paper products

Luckily the liquor was fully stocked. I got a box of wine. Also got coffee and cookies.

We got to the Fort Irwin Visitor Center at 2:45PM. Kathryn met us and we quickly got our passes.

Drove to the RV Park. Didn’t appear to have a viable entrance. Street had signs, no RVs or trailers. Found a rough kind of entrance

and went to Site 51. Very nice

This was the Grand Opening of the RV Park Addition and we saw the Ribbon Cutting

Went to Kathryn and Eriks house. AJ was glad to see us. Joy and AJ played nicely.

Kathryn made a Strawberry Spinach Salad and Potato Soup for dinner.

We watched the Grand Tour “International Buffoons’ Vacation.”

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