Friday 4-3-20 Concordia, KS to Sioux Falls, SD

Storm overnight. At 3:10AM we were awakened by heavy sleet on the roof, rain and thunder. Lasted an hour. Joy barked the whole time. Got down to 26F and the wind was continuous. This what is what it looked like when I got up

Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Checked things out on Internet and WDAY TV. ND got hit pretty hard.

Went into Walmart to see if they had any day old bakery items. Only a small bakery, do nothing.

They had the store set up for limited entry with a corridor made out of upside down carts

and a sign showing entry point

and tape marking 6′ intervals

Inside they had the floor marked


The store was well stocked except for paper products

not much chance of that

no thermometers either

We were able to leave at 12:45PM

Drove north into Nebraska on US-81 to I-80 then east on I-80.

Wind was as strong as yesterday, but driving was easier on 4 lane highways.

Stopped at Rest Area west of Lincoln

Went east to Omaha then onto I-29 and into Iowa. Went through Sioux City and into South Dakota.

Had to make an emergency stop for gas

don’t know why the mileage was so bad. Probably s combination of wind and generator. Stopped at $75.00.

Stopped for the night at Flying J in Sioux Falls. 24F when we got there at 7:30PM.

Had mixed vegetables, rice and chicken for dinner.

Watched Hawaii 50 and Blue Bloods

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