Saturday 4-4-20 Final Leg of Trip Home

Sunny, partly cloudy day. Overnight low 20F. Wind 10 to 20 mph from SE. High in Buxton today was 30F.

Spent the night parked in front of Flying J

Set the alarm for 6:00AM. Got up when alarm went off and checked temperature and House Batteries. Temp was 62F and Batteries full at 12.6 vdc.

Made coffee and went out and started Equinox.

Walked Joy.

Moved over to RV Lane to fill gas tank

Lowest price of trip. It took 37.043 gallons.

Headed out on I-29 North. Drove 65 mph. Got to North Dakota at 11:12AM

Fargo had a lot of snow

Stopped at Mill’s Fleet Farm

Bought candy and nuts. Got the 4 cents off gas coupon

No free popcorn because of virus

Filled with gas

Cheapest gas of trip home, $1.529

it took 37.043 gallons

Headed to Buxton. Got to Buxton at 2:00PM

A lot of snow at the house, but Terry or Jim had the driveway cleared

Parked the motorhome and started carrying in contents of fridge and freezer

Joy wants to be outside and is acting strange.

Made bacon wrapped asparagus, scrambled eggs and hash browns for dinner

Watched Dateline and SNL

Will post a summary tomorrow

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