Thursday 4-2-20 Guymon, NM to Concordia, KS

Stayed warm overnight. Low was 47F. Cloudy and windy this morning. Temp in Concordia, KS 44F at 6:00PM.

Got up made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Walked Joy. Went into Walmart and bought Black Cartridge for printer. Printed route for today.

Left Guymon at 10:00AM. Headed north on US-54 into Kansas. 40mph wind from the side. Roads smooth compared to I-40.

Stopped in Garfield in front of an elevator to let Joy go for a walk. Cathy took her out and a large dog attacked Joy and grabbed her by the back. Somebody came to help, but Cathy hurt a finger. Joy didn’t seem to get hurt.

Continued on US-283 and US-56 until I-70. Stopped at Flying J in Salina. Gas was $1.699

or $1.649 with discount

Had to do two transactions with the $100 limit


Bought some chicken tenders, coffee and Snickers Ice Cream bars. They had to have someone to serve at the Self Serve Coffee Bar because of local Covid-19 ordinance.

Decided to stop at Walmart in Concordia 48 miles north on US-81.

Got to Concordia at 6:30PM. Only drove 287 hard miles today. Parked at Walmart and checked out Equinox. Everything was fine.

Had the chicken tenders, potato salad and wine for dinner.

Watched CBS sitcoms.

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