Friday 6-26-20 We Leave for Home

We awoke to a beautiful morning. Everyone did their own breakfast. Cathy and I sat outside with Mark and had coffee and donuts while talking.

Willy came out after breakfast. He cleaned up the dog food on the ground that the previous campers left.

Willy and Gerry were the first to leave at about 10:00 AM

Mark left shortly after

Cathy went over to visit with Betty. Then we let Sally and Joy play. They had a good time chasing each other in circles. Joy is much faster

I pulled in the slides and loaded everything up. Cathy and Betty did a social distancing hug

Then Denis and Betty pulled out

Then I pulled out and followed them down Traill County 21 towards I-29

Cathy followed in the Equinox. We got home at 1:00 PM. It was a very enjoyable and relaxing campout.

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