Wednesday 6-24-20 Camping with WIT friends at Belmont Park

I left home at 2:00 PM Wednesday for two nights of camping with WIT Nodak Flickertails Winnebago Club at Belmont Park 10 miles east of Buxton on the Red River.

When I got there the campers moving to the opposite end site hadn’t moved yet. They got busy and moved and we moved in. Only one 30 amp left. Denis hooked up to that one. The rest of us were 20 amp.

Got set up and sat around talking

It was a perfect day. I ran the generator and air conditioner.

Cathy was supposed to drive the car out, she got to the campground about 5:30 PM.

We all ate separately. After eating we had a campfire and brownies and Dr Pepper bars.

Went to bed and watched Fox News.

Thursday morning got up late. Denis and Betty were making pancakes and bacon. Gerry provided rhubarb muffins.

Denis and I walked the dogs up to Ringsaker Church Cemetery

On the way back we saw some pretty Prairie Roses

At 5:00 PM I made two trips to haul everybody to the Corner Bar in Climax across the river in Minnesota for dinner.

It rained while we were eating. Everyone enjoyed dinner. After dinner I took the women back to the campground and then went back for the men. It was a nice evening and Willy and Mark started a fire.

Mark provided raspberry rhubarb cake.

Everyone went back to Motorhomes at 9:40 PM.

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