Friday 10-9-20 Tim Goes to Davenport for Parts

Another beautiful day.

Got up, made coffee and took Joy for a walk. Got caught up with things on the Internet.

At 11:00 AM Tim got a call that his Water Heater parts had come in.

We took off in Mary and Tim’s new Equinox for Davenport, IA, about 30 mi east on I 80.

The parts were at US Adventure RV

Checked out some Winnebagos in the show room

Tim was looking for some SAE wiring connectors and wire to make a direct connection to his Brake Buddy

Stopped st Menard’s, they had the wire

Then stopped at Iowa 80 Truck Stop, the largest truck stop in the world

They had a lot of wiring connectors, but were real expensive

A lot of things inside the truck stop

and a place to sit

When we got back to campground, Tim started running the wire in the Equinox

I looked around my parts in the motorhome and found the necessary SAE connectors

Tim then ran the wire in the motorhome

Mary was grilling hamburgers, but needed more buns. We went to Tipton Walmart 9 miles to the north. Got the buns and a new retractable dog leash for Joy.

We then stopped at the grocery store for another pound of ground beef.

While Mary finished dinner, Tim finished the wiring. We then enjoyed dinner

After dinner we sat around and enjoyed some Irish whiskey.

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