Saturday 10-10-20 Moscow, IA to Hastings, MN

Another perfect autumn day. Got up and made coffee and took Joy for a walk.

Went outside and Tim said their Water Heater wasn’t working again. Yesterday he replaced just the Control Board, but had the Thermostat Assembly. He put it in and it still didn’t work. We thought it might be the propane valve. Started trouble shooting. Everything seemed correct. Tim had attached the wires on the Thermostat Assembly by memory. Checked those against the colors on the Thermostat Assembly, corrected them and it worked.

Tim went into motorhome and retracted the Slides. Then raised the Jacks. The 2 new ones came right up. He had to pry the last one up.

I then went in and retracted the Slides and raised the Jacks. All went well.

Tim snd Mary headed out on their way to WV.

Shortly after we headed out. We drove the motorhome and car up the hill separately and hooked up.

The campground was flying a Trump Flag

We headed out west on I-80 – turned north on I-380 – took some back roads to US-63 – then to Rochester and US – 52 to US -61 into Hastings.

The drive through the Autumn Foliage was really beautiful and enjoyable. Some really brilliant colors.

At the turn to 14th street I found the street closed. Filled with gas at the Holiday Station on the corner of 14th Street and US-61.

Had to go south to Coborn’s to turn around in the parking lot.

Went north on US-61 to MN-55 to Pine Street to 14th street. Parked in front of our daughter Alison’s house.

Got there at 5:20 PM.

Went into garage and Jim gave me a beer.

Jim ordered pizza for dinner. Watched a repeat of last week’s SNL

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