Sunday 10-11-20 Hastings to Buxton

Got up and went in to the house at 9:00 AM. Alison gave me coffee.

Tony, Melissa and Bridgette and Sean and Zoe came over for breakfast.

Jim made bacon, scrambled eggs and French toast.

Duke was wandering around

Nala was in her house

It was nice to see 2 grandsons and great granddaughter. Talked to Sean and Zoe about the house they are buying this week.

We left about noon. We went west on 13th Street, turned north on Pine Street and then left at MN-55. We took MN-55 to I-494. Stayed on I-494 to I-94. Headed north on I-94 and pulled off at Albertville to check email and messages.

Continued on I-94 to Alexandria. Stopped at Mills Fleet Farm for nuts and candy. Stopped at their gas station on way out. Gas was $1.959/gal with 4 cent off coupon. Got coffee and pop corn and headed out. Ran into a storm between Fergus Falls and Rothsay. Heavy rain and strong wind from the south. All the cars pulled over to shoulder and stopped. I pulled in to Rothsay and manually turned of the Equinox lights that had gone on automatically.

Got to Buxton without incident at 8:00 PM. The Storm Drain Project had poured a new approach to my driveway and blocked it off. I parked in front of the house on the lawn.

Made macaroni and cheese with ham for dinner.

Hot a call from Tim. He and Mary got to the property in WV before dark. He got stuck in the mud trying to turn around. He sent me some pictures.

Joy and I went across the street to see Larry and Princess. I had an Irish whiskey. After a little play time, Joy layed down and went to sleep.

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