Monday 4-26-21 We Check in at Elk’s Lodge

Cool over night was 47F and high today 59F. Sunny with 8 mph wind.

After coffee and Glazed Honey Bun we went into Elk’s Lodge office and payed for two weeks.

There is a nice pool area

and a great view

We got a key card to access the building

Took Joy for a walk.

We got to Kathryn’s at 1:00PM. Aksel was eating

Watched some YouTube videos on Apple TV

Went with Kathryn to pick up AJ at school. On the way we stopped at PetCo to buy balls for Joy

AJ’s school is right across from the Navy Post Graduate School campus

It was a busy place and AJ was enjoying it.

On the way back Kathryn gave me a tour of the La Mesa Military Housing Development.

When we got back AJ played ball with Joy. They both had a good time.

Joined Erik and Aksel for a beer on the porch. Met their neighbor, a Marine working on an MBA at the Navy Post Graduate School.

Kathryn made a great Roasted Vegetable and Sausage dinner.

Went back to motorhome and watched Mayberry RFD and the Big Bank Theory.

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