Sunday 4-25-21 San Ardo to Monterey

Cool 51F and overcast this morning.

Very quiet night at Ranch 43.

Was worried about the Airstream needing to leave before us. With our bedroom slide out there wasn’t a lot of room.

Took Joy out for a walk. Made coffee and ate a Glazed Honey Bun.

Made the bed and pulled the slide in.

Watched some YouTube videos.

Airstream didn’t leave until 10:00AM and then backed up and out the entrance instead of going by us to exit. Did a good job of backing up.

We went in and said good bye and thank you to Gregg and Grant.

Joy played a little with Rex

She did some high speed runs to show off to Grant. Gregg wants to take his English Pointer puppy to the Dakotas pheasant hunting.

Took off down US-101. Highway is in very good condition, the scenery beautiful.

We turned off US-101 onto CA-68. Passed Laguna Seca race track. We took it to CA-1. We got into Monterey and had to drive though narrow neighborhood streets with crazy drivers.

Got to Elks Lodge and it was locked. Cathy called the person she reserved with. Assigned us Space 11. Unhooked Equinox, battery charged and no errors. Parked motorhome

Put jacks down and slides out. Hooked up 50 amp power.

Listened to end of NASCAR Talladega race. Brad Keselowski won.

Tried Verizon, Visible and AT&T, no useable Internet. WiFi from Elks Lodge just barely worked.

Kathryn wanted us to come at 2:30PM.

Went to Kathryn’s. AJ and Aksel seemed to have grown since Las Vegas.

Spent some time with them.

Chatted online with T-mobile about coverage at Elk’s Lodge, said it was good. Went to T-mobile store about a mile away. Bought a Hotspot and $50 200GB plan.

Kathryn had dinner ready when I got back. Wonderful Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Went back to motorhome at 7:30PM so AJ could go to bed.

Went to motorhome and setup Hotspot. It works great. Also scanned local OTA TV Channels into TVs. 49 local digital channels.

Watched local news and weather and Oscar Awards summary.

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