Thursday 4-15-21 First Day with High in the 80’s

High today was 83F. Partly cloudy and windy out of the NW.

Usual coffee and toasted bagel with cinnamon sugar.

The Air Conditioner didn’t come on until 8:20AM.

Watched GMA and some YouTube videos.

Heated up some left over Mac and Cheese for lunch.

Dumped the holding tanks and filled the fresh water tank.

Took Joy to the Dog Walk to play ball. Tossed it until she stopped for a break in the shade. Did that 3 times.

When we got back Cathy had gotten the mail and picked up the grocery store fliers. Fry’s, Food City and Safeway.

We decided to go to the Safeway.

Nice store

We got butter for $1.87/lb and 8 ears of corn on the cob for $1.00.

Stopped at 99 cent Only for onions, egg plant, squash and a dish drying pad.

Made hamburgers and corn on the cob for dinner. Made the hamburgers to fit Bolillo buns

Added coleslaw and potato salad and ice tea

Watched Rebel from home on Sling TV.

Finished the day watching YouTube videos.

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