Thursday 4-29-21 Old Fisherman’s Wharf

Another sunny day. 47F overnight. It was supposed to get to 75F today, but only got to 61F.

Made coffee and toasted a bagel from Whole Foods. Plain bagel with orange marmalade. Very good bagel, Cathy even had one.

Watched GMA.

Walked Joy. There are a lot of wild poppys.

Watched some YouTube videos.

We decided to go to downtown and the wharfs.

We parked in Lot H. You have to prepay at one of the machines

Tried all of my credit cards, it couldn’t read any of them.

Went to Harbor Master Building and changed a $5 bill to Dollar Coins

Payed for 3 hours

Walked to the Yacht Club

Walked south along the harbor. There are benches named after the missions

Including San Luis Rey, the one I was married in

Went by an honest beggar

Got to the Customs House built by the Spanish

Went to Old Fisherman’s Wharf

It is all restaurants and souvenir stores

There is a parking meter where you can donate to the Homeless

Met a woman with 2 Basenjis

I found a penny on the ground yesterday at Rite Aid, put it in the machine on the wharf and made a souvenir

A lot of boats in the slips

Stopped at Trader Joe’s on way back to motorhome

Bought some more German beer.

Picked up Joy and went to Kathryn’s.

Had one of the Thai beers

Erik grilled chicken and made the colorful pasta we bought at Trader Joe’s

AJ ate everything on her plate.

Went back to motorhome and watched YouTube videos.

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