Wednesday 4-28-21 we Go to Seaside

Perfect day weather wise. Overnight low 47F and high 66F. Sunny snd no wind.

Out of bagels so had toast and coffee.

Watched GMA.

Took Joy for a walk.

Cathy wanted to get her hair cut, so put her name on the list at Great Clips. Showed it would be 1/2 hr. We drove over there and called in, they said it would be 1/2 hr. Went to Rite Aid Drug to look around

Went back to Great Clips and called in, they said it would be an hour. Cathy canceled.

Drove out to World Market at Seaside

Bought several discounted items.

Stopped at the Target

Looked bad from the outside, but very nice and extremely large on the inside. Picked up some diapers for Aksel.

Went back to motorhome and picked up Joy.

Went to Kathryn’s.

I went to Whole Foods and got some beer, cheese and bagels.

Sat on front porch with a beer. AJ brought Joy out to stay with me. All the neighbor kids came over to pet her.

Erik finished school and joined me on porch with a beer.

Kathryn served a great dinner of chicken. Brussels Sprouts and rice.

Said goodnight to the kids and went back to the motorhome. Some people were just coming out of Elks Club and raved over Joy. They had a dog just like her they rescued off the street and named her Ruby Tuesday. He was a car buff and had a car with a large motor and drag racing slicks.

Watched the ABC commentary on Biden’s speech. All the network programming was messed up.

Watched Fox News and YouTube.

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