Friday 4-30-21 Easy Day in Motorhome

Another nice day. 51F for a low and 59F for a high. Sunny and breezy.

Coffee snd bagel for breakfast.

Watched GMA, Kelly Clarkson and YouTube videos.

Took Joy for a walk.

Cathy went into Exercise Area to take a shower. There wasn’t a women’s shower.

Watched GMA3 and more YouTube videos. I think I am all caught up on YouTube videos.

At 3:30PM we went to Kathryn’s. Erik was home, but Kathryn took the kids to the doctor to start the process to take them overseas. Joy ran all over the house looking for the kids.

Cathy took a shower.

I went to the Mini Mart with Erik to get beer. We went in his 1966 Jeep. Got Modelo Negra and Guiness Draught.

Ordered Pepperoni Pizza from Mountain Mikes

It was a 20″ Pepperoni

Sat on the couch snd watched TV with AJ and Joy.

Left for the motorhome at 7:30PM.

Saw 2 deer at bottom of hill last night and tonight.

Watched TV

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