Friday 5-14-21 Elko, NV to Rock Springs, WY

Beautiful morning. Sunny and no wind. Overnight low in Elko was 44F. It was 68F when we got to Rock Springs.

Made coffee.

Walked Joy and looked over the other RVs in the lot

Went in and bought discounted breakfast bread.

There was loud music all night. It was the workers working on the front of the store.

Got everything ready and on the road by 8:30AM.

Pretty drive. A lot of RVs and small houses scattered about. A lot of trees.

Crossed into Utah snd stopped at Salt Flats Rest Area

There was an Observation Platform

I climbed to the top. There were vehicles on the salt flats

Met the person parked next to us, Erik he was heading to southern MN to pick up his parents and take them to Sacramento. He was also in traffic jam yesterday.

Our refrigerator quit running on propane yesterday. Took a look at it

The tough roads loosened crud in the flue and covered the pilot light

My tool chest had slid open to the right tools

Stopped just outside Salt Lake City at Flying J and filled

Mileage was 9.5 for last 448 mi

Kept on I-80. Very long steep grade leaving Salt Lake City. Down to 10 mph.

Got to Rock Springs, WY at 7:00PM. Parked for the night behind Walmart

This is another Walmart with a view

Shopped without a mask for dinner. We had Frittatas

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