Friday 5-7-21 Date Night for Kathryn & Erik

Another very nice day. Sunny, slightly windy. Overnight low 53F and high 58F.

Usual coffee and bagel for breakfast.

Watched GMA.

Took Joy for a walk.

Watched 25 Words and GMA-3.

Cathy took the Door Card back to the office. They said we could leave whenever tomorrow. We will try to say good bye to everyone about 11:00AM.

Stopped at Elroys Market about 2 blocks west of Elks Lodge. It is a very nice upscale market with a very nice deli

Got to Kathryn’s and had Borscht that Erik made with fellow classmate Nate that lives 2 doors away. Nate spent a year studying in Russia.

I walked around a couple blocks in La Mesa Village where they Live.

There are students from all over the world studying here. They have country, school and service flags.

Jake their neighbor has a Florida Seminoles flag

Down the street a Coast Guard flag

A Pakistan flag

A Japan flag

An unknown to me flag

They have convenient Pet Cleanup Stations

and Book Exchanges

They have convenient Mail Boxes with compartments for packages

Most houses have solar power

with Grid Tie Inverter


and Read Out

on outside wall. This was producing just under 2,000 watts.

Watched some YouTube videos.

Erik went and picked up AJ from school. She had a Mother’s Day present for Kathryn

Had Borscht for dinner

After Aksel went to bed Kathryn and Erik had a Date Night at the Drive In Theater set up at the Fairgrounds. They went in Erik’s 1966 Jeep

AJ and Joy snuggled together with Cathy on the couch.

We watched Trolls, BAO and Sid the Science Kid

I brought AJ a Chocolate Cupcake

Kathryn sent me a picture from the Drive In. They were watching “Back to the Future”

Kathryn and Erik got home at 10:00PM. AJ went to sleep at 9:30PM.

We went back to motorhome. Most spaces were full. Our neighbors that went to Big Sur were back. Their son came and they are celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow. They were sitting outside with a Propane Fire Pit.

Took Joy for a walk.

Watched TV.

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