Monday 5-10-21 Towed to Salinas RV for Repair

Got up hoping for return calls from some of the calls we made Saturday.

Weather about the same. Overnight low 49F and high 64F. Sunny and breezy.

It is our oldest daughter’s birthday.

Progressive called about 8:00AM. We didn’t have any info, so she said she would call back in 30 minutes.

I called Gleason’s Salinas RV. A man answered and I asked for service. He said that was him. His name was Otis and he said he was the owner. I told him the problem and he said they specialized in emergency repairs. I asked if we could get in today and he said yes.

When Progressive called back we told them we were set for repair in Salinas. They said they would send the tow truck.

At 10:00AM Andy from Bay Area Towing & Repair drove up.

He got right to work hooking up

He had to go under and disconnect the drive shaft

Andy pulled onto the road

We followed in the Equinox

When we got to the shop, Andy backed it in

Andy did a great job

The office person met me as I went in asking for Registration Card with VIN.

Otis assigned another Andy to the job and he got tight on it

Driver’s side Caliper & Rotor were shot

Otis ordered parts.

We went to El Pollo Loco for lunch

We ordered Avocado Chicken Tacos

They were really good.

When we got back Otis said he had bad news, the Rotor wouldn’t be here until 11:00AM tomorrow.

He had Andy put it back together and then Otis parked it beside the building and plugged it in

I asked Kathryn if we could come to dinner, she said sure.

We drove to Monterey.

Cathy got to hold Aksel again

Kathryn went and picked up AJ from school. She was very surprised when she walked in and saw us.

She played ball with Joy. AJ & Cathy looked for AJ’S Pokemon Folder and found it by front door.

Erik came down from studying and we had a beer.

We had a great Chicken &Pasta dinner.

We talked and played after dinner until Aksel’s bed time.

We said good bye again and headed for Salinas. We saw the deer at the bottom of the hill for a third time.

Drove to Salinas via Marina and saw the Pacific again.

We got a call from our friends Tim & Mary in Grand Forks. We talked for quite awhile. During the call we heard 3 fire works or gun shots. This really upset Joy.

Watched Fox News and YouTube videos.

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