Monday 5-17-21 Bismarck, ND to Buxton, ND

Nice sunny morning in Bismarck. Overnight low 50F and 61F at 9:00AM. 82F in Buxton at 6:00PM. Windy the whole drive. Out of the south at 20 to 24 mph and frequent gusts.

Walked Joy in the Kiwanis Park Dog Walk area adjacent to Elk’s Lodge RV parking

Cathy and I met Chuck, a High School classmate, at Perkins one block east of Elks Lodge. He drove up on Tricycle he made

We enjoyed coffee and pie while learning of his law enforcement career and travels.

Got everything put away snd got motorhome ready to go.

Left Bismarck at noon. Headed east on I-94. Stopped to walk Joy at Rest Area just before Jamestown.

There was an Electronic Sign saying Free Covid-19 Shots at Rest Area just before Tower City.

Stopped at Fleet Farm in Fargo for gas

Went in and bought some snacks and got 4 cent off coupon

Payed $2.719 gal with coupon.

Made 8.5 mpg between Richardton and Fargo.

Drove north on I-29 to home in Buxton. Got home at 6:00PM.

Joy and I went over to Larry and Princess’s for Happy Hour.

Everything seems fine at home. Will have to mow the lawn soon.

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