Monday 5-3-21 Walmart in Marina

Perfect day. Sunny and no wind. 51F overnight and 67F for a high.

Usual bagel and coffee for breakfast.

Watched GMA, the View and 25 Words.

Walked Joy. The RV park is about empty.

We have a new neighbor behind us in a rental motorhome

The view of the bay is nice today

We drove up Hwy 1 to the Walmart in Marina, about 9 mi north

The building was once a K-Mart.

Cathy was looking for Equate Exfoliating Wipes. The app said the were in Aisle B1, but no one could find them. Got toilet paper, some chocolate muffins and Cathy bought a close out hat.

Stopped at 7-11 for Diesel

Diesel was the same price as Regular Gas


Went back to motorhome and picked up Joy.

Went to Kathryn’s. Sat out front

Had a Hong Kong San Migel Lite beer when Erik Joined us.

Kathryn got my Amazon package out of the Mail Box. It was the Bagel Cutter

Kathryn made Roast Vegetables & Sausage for dinner.

After dinner we watched the rest of “Chasing Bubbles.”

On the way back to motorhome stopped at Trader Joe’s for snacks.

Watched “Sell This House” and YouTube videos.

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