Saturday 5-15-21 Rock Springs, WY to Spearfish, SD

Overcast most of the day. 10 minutes of rain at 2:10AM. Down to 44F overnight. In the 50’s most of the day. Light rain 30 mi south of Gillette, WY and last 15 miles before Spearfish.

Cathy couldn’t get to sleep, she couldn’t breathe while laying down.Rock Springs is 6,388′ above sea level. We checked oxygen with an oximeter. Cathy was 90% and I was 88%.

Got on the road at 7:45AM.

Headed down I-80 to Rawlins.

Stopped at Flying J for gas

It was $3.039 gal

Mileage was 7.5 mpg.

Headed to Casper. Beautiful drive on US-287 and WY-220.

Stopped at Independence Rock Rest Area

This is the only stop I made when going from Escondido to Bismarck when I lived in CA.

Stopped at Flying J in Gillette

Gas was $2.769 gal. Mileage was again 7.5 mpg.

Drove east on I-90 to Spearfish, SD. Took Exit 14 to Chris’ Camp campground.

Got pull through site T

Hooked up electricity and put out the slides.

We are right next to shower building and pools

There is a nice Dog Park

Cathy heated up some chili and we had that with coleslaw for dinner

Watched Fox News and YouTube videos