Saturday 5-8-21 Sad Day

Had the usual bagel and coffee while watching Fox News.

This is the warmest day since we got here. Overnight 48F and 68F high.

Our neighbors were up early and sitting outside.

Took Joy for a walk and hauled garbage out.

Got everything put away for driving in the motorhome.

Headed to Kathryn’s to say goodbye.

We sat out front and talked.

Held Aksel for last time

Kathryn gave her mom a bouquet for Mother’s Day


and me 6 bottles of wine.

Got back to Elk’s Lodge and readied the Equinox for towing.

Then drove motorhome to dump station, an awkward one on corner of the building

Hooked up Equinox

and headed north on Hwy-1. The brakes were a little soft leaving Monterey. As we got on Hwy-101 they failed completely

Was able to pull into a Country Kitchen parking lot. Restaurant was closed.

Called Roadside Assistance. Nothing can be done until Monday.

Can’t find anywhere to park for 2 nights.

Called Sheriff’s office and explained our situation. Said it was OK if the property owner didn’t complain.

Progressive got hold of towing company. Towing company person called and said he would come in an hour of when we call him.

Went to shopping center across toad. Bought 32 oz of brake fluid at Auto Zone

Got into drive thru lane at McDonalds. After 10 minutes a couple people said they had been waiting 40 minutes and wanted to leave. We backed up so they could leave.

Went to Burger King.

Got chicken nuggets, cheese sticks and fries.

Had them with an 805 beer

Watched TV and went to bed.

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