Sunday 5-16-21 Spearfish, SD to Bismarck, ND

Mostly sunny today. Overnight low 49F. 60F by time I walked Joy.

Made coffee.

Walked Joy.

Toasted a bagel and watched Fox News.

Filled Fresh Water Tank, dumped Black & Grey Tanks

Talked to our neighbor in Travel Trailer

They are going from SD to Colorado then NM. They are from Bend, Oregon

Headed out at 11:20AM.

Went north on US-85.

Saw white patches in the fields. Thought it was alkali. Turns out it was snow from yesterday. Saw last of it just west of New Salem

Passed through Buffalo SD, Bowman & Amidon, ND. Stopped at Cenex in Belfield for gas. Pumps were busy and people weren’t leaving. Left and decided to stop at Cenex in Richardton

Pulled right in

Gas was $2.799

There was a Dollar General next door and an ambulance picked someone up from the store.

Cathy walked Joy

I checked the Equinox and the battery was dead.

Drove to Elks Lodge in Bismarck where we are spending the night.

Put Booster on battery in Equinox

Started the generator and put the charger on the Equinox battery

My sister Judy and husband Cary came and we sat outside in the 80F evening

Went a block down the street and picked up dinner

Watched YouTube videos

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