Sunday 5-2-21 Shopping

Sunny today and breezy. Low overnight 53F and high today 61F.

Made coffee and toasted a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel.

It’s hard to slice these large bagels, so I ordered a Bagel Slicer from Amazon. It should be here tomorrow.

Watched Fox News and “Leave Everything and Wander” on YouTube.

Planned return route home. I-5 to I-80 to I-94. 1900 miles. Will start home on Saturday.

Route Home

Went shopping to buy some things for Kathryn.

First stop was Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. Got Chicken Breasts and Meatballs for Kathryn. Got 1 liter Perrier for 99 cents. They had 6 packs of Hong Kong San Migel Light for $3.99. I really like it.

Next stop was Dollar Tree for Toothpaste and Pee Pads. They didn’t have the Pee Pads, but did have a Water Dispenser to fill our drinking water bottles

Went to Target for Pee Pads.

Went back to motorhome and picked up Joy.

Went to Kathryn’s and sat out front with Erik and Kathryn.

Listened to end of NASCAR Kansas Race on phone. Kyle Busch won. It was also his birthday.

NDSU got beat by Sam Houston State 24 to 20 in Texas.

UND got beat by James Madison 34 to 21 in Virginia.

Had Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner.

Watched “Chasing Bubbles” on YouTube. Only got half way through, so will finish tomorrow.

Went back to motorhome. Watched “No Ordinary Path and ” Itchy Boots” on YouTube and the “Rookie” on OTA.

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