Sunday 5-9-21 Country Kitchen & Salinas

Weather about the same as Monterey. Overnight 48F and high 65F.

Watched Fox News and YouTube videos.

The parking lot filled up quickly starting st 7:00AM

We went for lunch at 2:00PM after most had left.

Cathy had breakfast of Eggs, Potatoes and Coffee. I had a hamburger

The food was tasty and the service great. There were a lot of employees. We asked to speak to the owner. When he came we introduced ourselves. He was very nice and said it was no problem for us to stay there. He has had the restaurant for 10 years and his mother for about that long before him. His wife is a nurse. His mother named it Country Kitchen and it had nothing to do with the chain.

He was closed for a year because of Covid-19. He has plexiglass partitions between booths and outside seating

Watched the NASCAR Goodyear 400 at Darlington using Sling TV on my phone.

We went to Salinas to checkout Gleason RV. I’m not too impressed

and in back


Will talk to them first thing in the morning.

We drove over to Salinas Elk’s Lodge.

Nice Lodge

They have 27 spaces with hookups

and a storage area

Nice Dump Station

We went on to Walmart

Bought some things we needed

Had to pay 5 cent deposit on every plastic bottle. Got 28 bottles of water

Stopped at Dollar Tree for 1 liter Arizona Tea.

There was an Outlet Grocery near by, so decided to see if they had the Hong Kong San Miguel Beer.

They did

Cathy also found some cereal that appealed to her, 66 cents

They had cheap boxes of Franzia wine

Pretty drive back to motorhome.

Watched the Rookie on Sling TV from home in Buxton.

Cathy made us each salads for dinner.

Watched Fox News and YouTube.

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