Thursday 5-6-21 Alessandra’s 4th Birthday

Cooler today, but still sunny and little wind. Overnight low was 50F and high 61F.

Made coffee and toasted my last cinnamon raisin bagel.

Watched GMA and Kelly Clarkson

Took Joy for a walk.

Talked to the person in the pickup camper behind us. They live down the coast aways. They like to go to Passo Robles. They are Harvest Host members. I told them about 43 Ranch Olive Oil. They plan on stopping there. They were going to ride their bikes down to the water front.

Watched 25 Words while Cathy got ready.

We went to Kathryn’s at 12:30PM so Kathryn could get things ready for AJ’s birthday.

When Aksel went to bed for his nap I went shopping.

I wanted to get some more San Miguel beer at Budget Market. They didn’t have any more. Got some Perrier 1 liter water for 99 cents and 80 K-cup pods for $14.99.

Went to World Market to get 2 more of the dipping saucers, none of those either. Got some heavily discounted chips and bacon snacks.

Stopped at Lucky grocery store for milk. It is a very nice grocery store. Large, beautiful produce, large selection snd decent prices.

Went back to Kathryn’s.

Two blocks west of Kathryn and Erik’s they feed a pair of geese. They spend a lot of time in their yard

They live in a very scenic military housing area.

This is their unit on the right in the middle

Their view to the west



AJ was back from school

Erik gave me a Monterey Beer from the brewery where we had lunch yesterday.

It was time for AJ to open her presents. She was having a good time

She got books, a talking microscope, a Woom 4 bicycle, Picasso Tiles and a Unicorn blanket with a hood from her Uncle David.

We all wore Cone Birthday Hats.

Cathy made a video call to David’s Portal do he could participate. He enjoyed it.

Erik made grilled chicken, broccoli and pasta for dinner.

After dinner we had birthday cake

Went back to motorhome and watched TV.

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