Tuesday 5-11-21 We are still at Gleason’s Salinas RV

Another typical day in Salinas. Overnight low 48F and high 68F. Sunny and breezy.

Got up early and moved the Equinox.

Made coffee.

Walked Joy.

Otis came and said the parts had come early

Otis drove our motorhome into the shop. Juan was his brakes, putting a block behind the wheels to stop

Andy quickly tore into the job

He put the new pads in the calipers then. He pulled the drivers side hub and axle and split out the rotor. Then put in the new rotor and installed it back in the motorhome.

While Andy was mounting the wheels, Otis told me about restoring old RVs and entering them in contests, there is a 1st place winner in the shop

It’s name is Plumm Krazy

There were only 300 made. It is completely up to date including a wine cooler

Otis took the motorhome for a test drive. When he came back he said he thought a brake was dragging.

They raised the rear wheels off the ground and ran it in Drive. The drivers side was fine, but passenger side got hot. It was too late to get a new caliper. Will swap it out in the morning.

Otis parked the motorhome along the shop again.

We watched Big Sky from home on Sling TV at 7:00PM Salinas time.

After Big Sky went to Walmart for a few things.

Got Bird’s Eye Frozen Chicken Stir Fry for dinner.

Heated dinner in microwave and watched TV.

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