Wednesday 5-12-22 Back on the Road – All the Way to Rocklin, CA

Overcast all day. Overnight low in Salinas 48F and high 64F. 81F at 11:00PM in Rocklin.

Made coffee.

Took Joy for a walk.

There was an accident 1 block west. One car broke off a fire hydrant

and crashed into corner of Transmission Repair Shop

On the way to accident scene I saw where someone abandoned a pair of snow skis on the sidewalk

Juan drove our motorhome into the shop

Day started out promising. Andy and John working on caliper.

Otis and Andy checked the runout on Rotor. It was border line at .008″, preferable is .010″. Runout pushes the piston back after braking.

Andy was going to bleed it and noticed it was another driver’s side caliper. Otis called and ordered a replacement. It would be there right after lunch.

An interesting person named Bob brought in a 2000 Gulfstream Patriot Class C for some work. He has had it 4 years and put on 80,000 miles with several cross country trips to see his daughters. Otis used to sell Gulfstream

The caliper came late afternoon. Andy quickly put it on and tested it

Passed and Juan drove it out and parked so I could hookup the Equinox.

Got it all hooked up

We went in and payed the bill, $1,659..

I took a picture of Andy

He did a good job and had a good sense of humor.

We left Salinas at 5:25PM and stopped at Cracker Barrel in Rocklin, CA on I-80 for the night at 10:00PM

A 206 mile day

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