Wednesday 5-5-21 Carmel-by-the-Sea

Another sunny day. Overnight low 52F and high 61F. No wind.

Coffee and bagel for breakfast.

Watched GMA.

Took Joy for a walk.

Talked to our son Jay.

Went to Carmel-by-the-Sea to meet Kathryn and Aksel for Lunch at Alvarado Street Brewery.

Found street parking within a block

We were a few minutes early

We got to the door at the same time as Kathryn and Aksel

We were seated in the outdoor court yard area. We ordered beer and Cauliflower Appetizer

Kathryn ordered a Burger to split with Cathy and I ordered Fish & Chips

Cathy had a NA Beer that wasn’t very good

The food was very good. There were wine tasting rooms and shops including a cheese store around the court yard.

Got a box for my Fish & Chips

After lunch we drove down to water front area

It is a beautiful area

Went back to motorhome.

Talked to our friend Alan in Washington. We had planned on going home via Oregon and Washington, but will now head straight to Buxton.

Kathryn was having Take Out from Chipotle for dinner and I said I would pick it up.

Kathryn texted that Chipotle Food would be ready at 5:00PM at Del Monte Plaza. Found a parking spot close to Chipotle. Picked up two bags and headed out, bottom fell out of one bag. Put it in the other bag and drove to Kathryn’s

Erik brought me a mug of my sour beer. We sat with them while they ate.

Watched a couple of Captain Rick Moore Sailing Sophisticated Lady YouTube videos.

Went back to motorhome and heated up Fish & Chips in the air fryer.

Watched The Connors and Fox News.

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