Friday 6-11-21 Early Morning Storm

First thunder at 3:50AM. Joy immediately awoke and started barking and running the length of motorhome, back and forth. Rain, then high wind. It lasted over 2 hours and Joy barked the whole time.

When it got light I looked outside. Our Canopy was upside down in the woods.

Tim helped me pull it out of woods and set up to dry and pack up.

There wasn’t much sign of rain.

Mark, Vern & Doris and Bob & Gloria had left early.

I helped Tim dump his holding tanks

Willie came down and we talked awhile.

Tim had to leave to take motorhome to Grand Forks and then get to a funeral in Fargo.

Willie & Gerry hooked up and took off

Donna was hooking up her Equinox and we talked for quite awhile. She then headed out to Fargo

I then moved the motorhome over to the dump station and dumped

Then hooked up the Equinox

Went through Erie to Cass Co 26. Headed east. The wind was strong but behind us, probably at least 30 mph.

Turned north on ND-18 and drove through Hunter. There was a lot of standing water in the fields and ditches on the way to Blanchard. Saw a round grain bin blown off it’s foundation and laying in a field.

Turned east on US-200 and again had the wind at our backs.

Turning on to I-29 was a little tricky with the construction at Alton. A truck slowed to let me merge.

Got to Buxton and filled with gas at Cenex Cardtrol


19.975 gallons

Got to the house and there were a lot branches down

Unhooked the Equinox. Drove around Buxton. Didn’t see any damage. The stove and microwave clocks showed that the power was off for 4 hours. The rain gauge showed . 65 inches of rain.

At 5:00PM Joy and I went across the street to play and have a drink. We sat on Larry’s patio. It wasn’t the same without Kitti Kat. Sniffels, their other cat came out for a few minutes. It was sunny and 80F.l

Made Mac & Cheese with Little Smokies and salad for dinner.