Thursday 7-22-21 Hubbard, Mn & Church Basement Ladies

Overnight low 68F & high today 83F. Mostly cloudy, rained most of the night and humid today.

Had coffee at 9:30 AM. Donna called to order a club meeting. Discussed club officers and August campout. Will have election of officers in fall. Plan on August campout at Regent.

At noon drove motorhome down to boat launch parking lot to hookup the Equinox.

Took a picture of Long Lake. They use it for Scuba training & testing

It is up to 200′ deep and very clear

Headed east on US-200 to US-71 and then south on US-71 to MN-87 to Hubbard

Got to Long Lake Theater and disconnected

The theater is a Methodist Church

and a Congregational Church

joined together by a Pub & Lobby

At 5:00PM we went to the Hilltop Cafe for dinner

They have nice Patio Dining

The interior is nicely decorated

I had a Rodeo Burger

Cathy had Walleye Tacos & Salad

The food was very good

At 6:30PM went to Pub Lobby and bought tickets

I decided to support the Lutheran Beer Drive by buying a Bemidji Brewery Beer

At 7:00PM we went into the theater. We sat about 1/3 from the front.

The Set was a Church Basement Kitchen

The show started at 7:30PM and lasted two hours with a 15 minute intermission.

I moved the motorhome to a level area in the parking lot.

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