Monday 10-18-21 Cold Spring to Buxton

Another perfect day. Sunny and warm. Strong south wind.

Got up and made coffee.

Joy and I went in to the house and visited with Jay and Kayla.

Jay had to go to work at 11:30AM.

Tightened the bolts on the tow bar. Pulled in the slide and raised the jacks.

Cathy helped me hook up the Equinox.

Headed north out of Cold Spring past Big Fish Lake to Avon. Got on I-94 and headed west. Stopped in Alexandria at Mill’s Fleet Farm. Bought nuts, candy and coffee.

Filled with gas at $3.059 with the 4 cent coupon. 51.58 gal for $159.85.

Drove on to Fergus Falls and stopped to visit brother Pat and his wife Linda. We had muffins and caught up on things.

I had planned on topping off the propane at Stamart, but was afraid they quit selling propane at 6:00PM. Cathy called to check. They said they sell propane until 10:00PM, but their RV filler was down.

Didn’t stop in Fargo and got back to Buxton at 6:50PM. Round trip to Michigan 1704 miles

Went across the street to visit Larry and Princess.

Heated up the left over meat and fried rice from Fuji Steakhouse last night.

Watched NCIS.

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