Saturday 10-16-21 River Falls, WI

Got up. Made coffee and ate ginger snaps for breakfast.

Watched Fox News.

At 10:30AM left for River Falls, WI to visit Gary, my friend from the second grade. We did a lot of camping and went to Europe together.

It was a pretty drive through Prescott and the Wisconsin farm land. They were harvesting corn.

Spent 2 hours talking to Gary. His neighbor from when he lived in Bismarck also stopped by.

Drove back to Hastings and filled the Equinox at M&H Station. They have 4 blends of diesel

Filled with #2 at $3.499/gal.

Cathy, Joy and I went to Alison and Jim’s house. Really a nice house. Our Great Grand Daughter Bridgette was there. Alison gave us a tour of the house and yard

all fenced in back yard

Alison made tacos for dinner.

We watched the Army Wisconsin football game. Wisconsin won 20 to 14.

Joy sat with Alison

Cathy, Bridgette and I on couch, Duke on the floor

At 10:00PM we went back to motorhome.

Watched YouTube videos.

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