Sunday 10-17-21 Hastings to Cold Spring

Beautiful fall day. Sunny and warm.

Made coffee.

Sean and Zoe were trying out their new back pack blower on the leaves

Put the tow bar on the Equinox and got motorhome ready to leave

Started for Cold Spring at 12:00PM. Stopped at Trader Joe’s in Maple Grove

Bought some Italian pasta, salmon patties and salami.

Got back on the road. Traffic was heavy in both directions.

Got to Jay’s at 3:00PM. Unhooked Equinox and put jacks down and slide out

Took Jay and the girls out for dinner in honor of Anya’s 13th birthday. She picked Fuji Steakhouse

We all had Hibachi Entrees

I had steak and Kirin Draft Beer

We went back to Cold Spring and had cake and ice cream.

Jersey and Vegas were asleep on the floor

and Joy in a chair

Watched TV and had a Kona beer

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