Thursday 10-14-21 Leave Hillman – Headed to Hastings

Got up early. Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

We left for Avalon Lake and the Olsen’s at 9:00AM.

Stopped at Melissa’s. She had just gotten up. She took us over to Daris’s. Kathryn, Erik, AJ and Aksel were up.

Helped AJ with a Jig Saw Puzzle. Aksel was pretty busy checking things out

AJ and Erik showed off their Bluee Halloween Costumes

Said good bye and went back to motorhome.

Pulled in the slides and raised the jacks.

Filled with water

Disconnected the electrical cord and pulled ahead to dump the holding tanks

Made a cup of coffee

Head north on F-21 to Roger’s City. Turned onto US-23 at Roger’s City. At Mackinac City turned onto I-75 and crossed the Mackinac Straits Bridge, another $14. Turned onto US-2. Took US-2 to Escanaba. Turned south on M-35 to Menomonee. Took some crummy back roads to W-29. Took W-29 to Shawano, WI. Stopped for the night at Walmart

Went into Walmart for a few things at 8:30PM. At 8:45PM they announced that because of city ordinance, no alcohol could be sold after 9:00PM.

Watched Big Sky on Sling.

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