Tuesday 4-20-21 Getting Ready to Leave for Monterey

57F overnight and 96F today. Sunny and not much wind. Watched GMA and Phoenix News and Weather. Made coffee and toasted a bagel. The network broke into local broadcast with announcement that the jury came to a decision. Watched the reading of the charges. Dumped the holding tanks. Worked on the Charge Line for the […]

Thursday 4-15-21 First Day with High in the 80’s

High today was 83F. Partly cloudy and windy out of the NW. Usual coffee and toasted bagel with cinnamon sugar. The Air Conditioner didn’t come on until 8:20AM. Watched GMA and some YouTube videos. Heated up some left over Mac and Cheese for lunch. Dumped the holding tanks and filled the fresh water tank. Took […]