Wednesday 1-15-20 WRTR Blue Water Casino Beer Belly’s

Another warm sunny day in the desert.

We drove to cars up to the La Paz County Fairgrounds, site of the WRTR. Men weren’t allowed, so we drove to the Blue Water Casino

Donna and Jeanne got Players Cards and played their free $10

Jeanne won $17.44 and Donna lost everything

We left the casino and stopped at the Parker Walmart

I saw a fake Winnebago

We stopped at Daniel’s Fresh Jerky do Jeanne could get some Jerky for her son. We sampled the jerky and it was tasty

They had a lot of shit


We stopped at Running Man for fuel. The diesel lines were so long I didn’t fill

We made a brief stop at the motorhomes and went into Quartzite

Parked at Tyson Wells so Donna and Jeanne could walk through it. We planned on meeting at Beer Belly’s at 4:30 PM. I went directly to Beer Belly’s

The live entertainment was The Young Kidz Joe and Carol

Cathy, Donna and Jeanne showed up right at 4:30PM and had a beer

Donna and Jeanne tried the chair at the entrance

We went over to the Yaght Club for dinner

They lost their liquor license, so it was just water with dinner

They have a different way of designating the restrooms


After dinner we went back to Plamosa Road and started a campfire. Donna made coffee.

Our neighbors from Tennessee came over just as Jeanne and Donna were leaving. Cathy and I stayed and talked with them for awhile

So many people here now, streaming isn’t working tonight

Tuesday 1-14-20 we Meet Up With Donna and Jeanne

Another day like the last several days, over night lows in the 40’s and highs in the 60’s, clear and little wind.

Had breakfast and walked Joy.

Got things ready to drive to Quartzite. Noticed an unusual combination of vehicles that pulled in

A pickup, fifth wheel trailer and a Jeep. They had Wyoming license plates.

Went over and talked to Mike. He said his water heater was working like he wanted.

Took the gallon drinking water bottles to the Christian Center and filled them.

Hooked up the Equinox

Went up to the Mesa and filled with water and dumped waste tanks

Headed to Quartzite to meet our friend Donna from Hazen and her daughter Jeanne. We met them at the Amoco station on the east side of Quartzite. I wasn’t sure about getting out of it, so we went to the Pilot station.

I pulled in to a middle row of pumps

and Donna the outside row.

Donna and Jeanne followed us out to Plamosa Road

We found a spot across from where we normally park

Donna made dinner of home made sausage from her daughter Darcy and beer from a craft brewery in Phoenix

I went into Quartzite and got some firewood

Donna and I enjoyed a campfire, Jeanne went to bed and Cathy thought 64F outside was too cold

Watched FBI, FBI Most Wanted and YouTube videos

Monday 1-13-20 shopping in Yuma

Woke up to another day like the last several. 40F over night, clear and little wind.

A year ago we met Tim and Mary in Benson, AZ after they drove from the FCS Championship Football Game in Frisco, TX

After the usual breakfast, Joy and I went for a walk. We walked by the RVs parked north west of us. When I said hello to the farthest one, he gave me a dirty look.

The one closest to us is from Iowa.

Their names are Jeff and Lynette. Their dog is named Shorty. Jeff is still recovering from a stroke.

Mike wasn’t home, but I saw that he finished the water heater he was making yesterday

His RV was solar ready with a SAE connector for portable solar panels. He paid $600 for the folding panels

He is putting things together for an outdoor kitchen

The plumbing and furnace on his new RV don’t work

We went into Yuma to do some shopping before going to Quartzite.

We went to Yuma Palms Shopping Center. Cathy was looking for some Clinique cream. We stopped at Dillard’s

They referred her to Ulta across the way

I went into Ross Dress for Less and Bealls Outlet

Bought a can opener at Ross for $5.49 and the same one at Bealls was $4.99. picked up a wooden spoon and glass storage casserole dish

We stopped at Ave. B Walmart and 99 Cent Only. On the way through Bard we stopped for mail. They put someone else’s package in my box. I did get a shipment from Amazon.

When we got back to motorhome, I went to Squaw Lake for a shower. I had to wait for 20 minutes for one to free up.

Heated up chili for dinner. Had some potato salad with it

Watched America’s Got Talent: The Champions

Sunday 1-12-20 Drive Around LTVA

Another perfect weather day. About 40F over night and 65F for a high, almost no wind or clouds.

Listened to Fox News in bed on Echo Dot mounted on wall next to bed

Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Took Joy for a walk.

Went back to motorhome and made a pot of a new coffee Cathy picked up at Tuesday Morning, Kahlua White Russian

Played ball with Joy.

Talked with neighbor Mike for quite awhile about his travel trailer. It was his 84th birthday.

Cathy came and joined us.

Cathy and I drove up Ferguson Road to the Mesa.

We drove around the Mesa looking at the variety of RVs.

Saw some nice Ocotillo

Stopped at Contact Station and picked up a map of Imperial Dam LTVA. The volunteers at the Contact Station were from Alberta

Imperial Dam LTVA Map

Drove down to Squaw Lake

Cathy was going to take a shower. 2 of the 4 showers were out of order

The showers are nice

One is for handicapped with removable spray

There is camping at Squaw Lake, but it requires a different permit. $15/night or $75 annual. Only 14 days out of 28 days and then you must leave for 14 days.

The reservoir was pretty

Went back to motorhome and played ball with Joy.

Made chicken salads with chicken strips, Avacado, peppers, tomatoes, Romaine lettuce and Spinach. Cooked the chicken strips in the air fryer

Watched 60 Minutes and YouTube videos

Saturday 1-11-20 NDSU Bison and Minnesota Vikings Football

Another beautiful day. Clear and just a slight breeze. Low was 42F and high in the 60’s.Watched the Bison Pre Game Show from home on Sling TV while I made coffee and toasted a bagel. There was snow in Frisco.

The game started at 10:00AM Arizona time. James Madison scored on first possession. I waited until the Bison tied it up to walk Joy.

The Bison won 28 to 20

After the Bison won, I played ball with Joy.I ordered a holder for K-cups from Amazon and it came to Bard yesterday

I installed it by our coffee makers

Bill, a Bison fan from Dickinson came and went with his fifth wheel trailer

Cathy, Joy and I took a walk down Ferguson Road.We passed Cistern Road

and Coyote Ridge

Nice view of Castle Dome from Coyote Ridge

Went all the way around the U at end of Ferguson Road

Stopped and talked with Jim and Connie who are parked where Andy and Cathy and I parked on the hill. We spent quite a while with them

Got back to motorhome and watched Vikings and 49ers football game. The Vikings lost 10 to 27

Made chili in the Presto Kitchen Kettle

Had chili with potato salad for dinner

Watched Jeopardy, Law and Order SVU and Saturday Night Live

Friday 1-10-20 Met Two Neighbors

Day started out clear and windy. 42F low overnight. Up to about 70 F for a high.

Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Joy got up and wanted to go out. Our neighbor was outside, so we walked over to talk to him. His name is Mike and he has about a 20′ travel trailer. The travel trailer is new and replaced a homemade one. He is from Idaho.

Checked things out on the Internet then made a sandwich for lunch.

Took Joy out for a long walk up on the hill. Nice view of our camp site

Noticed a fifth wheel had pulled in. We went over to look at it. The license plate was from North Dakota. Knocked on the door. His name is Bill and he is from Dickinson. He is a retired teacher. He was wearing a NDSU Bison shirt. His brother is also down here.

We went into Walmart to buy printer ink. Went in past YPG on US-95. Went to Walmart on Ave B.

On the way back we stopped at Harbor Freight and. 99 Cent Only

Drove back on S24 and Bard. Stopped at Bard for mail. I got a K-cup holder from Amazon.

There was a beautiful sunset in the west

and a huge moon coming up in the east

Made pork chops, Yukon Gold potatoes with scallions and coleslaw for dinner.

Watched The Bone Collector, Magnum P.I. and Blue Bloods.

Thursday 1-9-20 Move to Imperial Dam

Got up and made coffee. Toasted a bagel and took Joy for her morning walk.

Got the motorhome ready to leave.

Took Joy out to play ball.

Took the garbage down to the dumpsters.

Got the Equinox ready to tow and hooked up

Had to take a picture of the motorhome with 20 solar panels

Drove in to Pilot to fill with gas. They were doing construction by the pumps that are easiest for a motorhome towing a car

Finally got to the pump and started pumping gas

$2.809 gal and 58 gallons

Headed south on AZ-95 to YPG and then Imperial Dam.

Dumped and filled water

Checked cell signal and found it spotty. Decided to stay at Ocotillo Flat next to Christian Center where we have always stayed. We parked where Bob and Doris always parked

We headed to Bard to get our mail

There was a lot of mail

We headed into Yuma. As I drove by Harbor Freight I saw something terrible, it was closed. Luckily as we drove by 99 Cent Only, I saw that Harbor Freight had moved two blocks and was next to 99 Cent Only.

Stopped at Walmart for a few things. Drove to Foothills 99 Cent Only. Got some shallots and onions.

Got car washed in car wash in the same shopping center.

Stopped at Fry’s for pork chops.

Got back to motorhome and redid Mac and cheese leftovers

That with salad and Hong Kong beer was dinner.

Watched sitcoms on CBS

Wednesday 1-8-20 Tyson Wells

Got up made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Took Joy for a walk. Met a man from Reno with a Yorkie he rescued from a homeless woman in Las Vegas, NM. The Yorkies name was Rufus. Joy seemed to like him.

Took our on line LTVA permit to La Posa South office

Went in to exchange for stickers. They said I had to go across the road to La Posa West

Went back to motorhome and played ball with Joy.

Made a Salami sandwich for lunch.

Read my book for awhile.

We went into Tyson Wells Flea Market.

Parked next to this in the West Parking Lot

There were quite a few vendors

saw an interesting gas container for Jeeps

Looked in, but didn’t stop at Beer Belly’s Adult Day Care

There were warning signs

We met back at the car at 3:00 PM and went to McDonald’s for 69 cent cones. There were kind of scary signs on the restroom doors

When we got back to the motorhome, I played ball again with Joy

Made baked Mac and Cheese for dinner. First I sauteed vegetables in a frying pan

Then I cooked the macaroni in the Presto Kitchen Kettle

Then combined in a Corning Ware pan

Then baked in the convection oven

We had it with a nice salad

Finished night watching TV

Tuesday 1-7-20 Move to Quartzite La Posa South LTVA

Got up, had the usual breakfast.

Took Joy for a walk. Ran into Bill from British Columbia. He asked if I had seen a beagle. His had just taken off. He then spotted it

The dog, a beagle named Dog, didn’t respond to being called. We followed for a bit and Bill said he had to go back to RV to the toilet. Two women from British Columbia got hold of Dog, but couldn’t hold on to her. She didn’t have a collar. She got away from the women and went down a gully. She had several Cholla needles in her snout. I followed her and then Bill came back. We lost her again.

I took Joy back to the motorhome and got it ready to tow.

I then went into Lake Havasu City to the BLM office to check on dispersed camping near Parker Fair Grounds.

Then went to 99 Cent Only for produce. Got $6 worth, which was quite a bit.

Got back to motorhome and Cathy was ready to go.

Took Joy for a walk. Talked to Ken in the Pleasure Way next to us

He is from Thunder Bay Ontario. Someone side swiped him going into a campground at Lake Meade. He had a motorcycle in the trailer.

Walked up towards Bill’s. There was a fifth wheel with a semi tractor set up to pull fifth wheel and carry a Smart Car

Bill’s motorhome was gone, but he had chairs keeping the spot. Don’t know if he found Dog.

Said goodbye to Rick and Debbie from Bay Area.

Got motorhome turned around and Equinox hooked up

Left about 2:30 PM.

Came across an accident near turn to London Bridge

and another one a couple more blocks on

Got to La Posa South at 4:30 PM. The office was closed.

Went to RV Pit Stop for water, $5 to fill

Cathy found out we could buy LTVA permit on line, so we went back to La Posa South.

There are more RVs here than I have ever seen

Found a nice spot with my favorite view

After setting up and unhooking, I played ball with Joy

We had Chef’s Salads for dinner

Watched Jeopardy Tournament. Then Walker Texas Ranger on Charge TV

Monday 12-6-20 Laundry and London Bridge

Another sunny day, windier, but got to 70 F. Had the usual breakfast.

Took Joy for a long walk. Talked to Robert from Oregon. He is taking his 2015 Fleetwood Storm, new to him, to Henderson, NV to have some things fixed. He is storing it there, flying back to Oregon and then to Costa Rica.

Cary and the Yorkies left.

They were grooming the OHV trails, first with a Jeep Cherokee

and then an OHV

We went in to the laundromat we checked out yesterday for laundry

On the way we saw a Blimp

Cathy started the wash

Our neighbor Debbie was there also

Nice washers

and dryers

they had a nice patio

After doing the laundry, we went to the London Bridge

We checked out the English Village shops

then climbed the steps to cross the bridge

as we crossed the bridge, the view to the south was beautiful

the view from the west across the bridge

view to the north

people put lots of padlocks on both sides

we then had to go down the steps

I asked at the Visitor Center about where to fill a large water container. He told me about a place on Mesquite

there were a lot of filling stations

We stopped at Home Depot to get shelves

Stopped at Terrible’s for diesel for the Equinox

There was a McDonald’s attached to station, so we got 2 for $5 Big Mac’s

When we got back to motorhome we had two new neighbors


Another beautiful sunset

Watched All Rise and Bull