Thursday 4-2-20 Guymon, NM to Concordia, KS

Stayed warm overnight. Low was 47F. Cloudy and windy this morning. Temp in Concordia, KS 44F at 6:00PM.

Got up made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Walked Joy. Went into Walmart and bought Black Cartridge for printer. Printed route for today.

Left Guymon at 10:00AM. Headed north on US-54 into Kansas. 40mph wind from the side. Roads smooth compared to I-40.

Stopped in Garfield in front of an elevator to let Joy go for a walk. Cathy took her out and a large dog attacked Joy and grabbed her by the back. Somebody came to help, but Cathy hurt a finger. Joy didn’t seem to get hurt.

Continued on US-283 and US-56 until I-70. Stopped at Flying J in Salina. Gas was $1.699

or $1.649 with discount

Had to do two transactions with the $100 limit


Bought some chicken tenders, coffee and Snickers Ice Cream bars. They had to have someone to serve at the Self Serve Coffee Bar because of local Covid-19 ordinance.

Decided to stop at Walmart in Concordia 48 miles north on US-81.

Got to Concordia at 6:30PM. Only drove 287 hard miles today. Parked at Walmart and checked out Equinox. Everything was fine.

Had the chicken tenders, potato salad and wine for dinner.

Watched CBS sitcoms.

Wednesday 4-1-20 Gallup, NM to Guymon, OK

Overcast day, but warm. Overnight low in Gallup was 43F, however the motorhome was 58F when I got up. Albuquerque was 70F as we went through. Guymon was 70F at 11:00PM.

Got up and went out and started Equinox. Every thing was normal.

Toasted a bagel and made coffee.

Walked Joy.

We left the Gallup Walmart at 9:30AM. We headed east on I-40. We stopped at the Flying J at MM-40

The gas was $1.849 after discount

almost got it done in one transaction

had to pump a couple more gallons.

Stopped at Rest Area at MM207. They have a corral

Weren’t many trucks. I started the Equinox

Headed east to Tucumcari, NM. Stopped at Flying J

Gas was cheaper at $1.749

Filled with a single transaction

Got chicken tenders and tea for dinner.

Started out of Flying J and the cell phone lost the GPS satellites. Found US-54 on my own.

Headed north through about 60 miles of NM and then about 60 mi of TX.

Stopped in the Oklahoma Panhandle at the Walmart in Guymon, OK

Tried the jack’s, but they didn’t work. Put the bedroom slide out, it did work. Hopefully it will go back in.

Started the Equinox and let it run for awhile.

Watched the ND weather and news on KRRV and WDAY. Doesn’t look good for tomorrow. 8 to 12″ of snow and colder.

Tuesday 3-31-20 We Get to Gallup, NM

Overcast, but nice this morning in Lake Havasu City. Overnight low was 58F. It stayed warm as we headed east to Flagstaff where it was 63F and Gallup where it was 64F at 10:30PM.

Got up made coffee and ate peanut butter cookies. I was out of bagels. Cathy walked Joy. At 9;00AM we went into Lake Havasu City. Stopped first at 99 Cent Only

bought a lot of nice produce, cookies and candy

this will be our last trip until next year.

Stopped at Walmart

and got water, frozen vegetables, coffee, Rootbeer and meat

Headed back to motorhome and hooked up the Equinox.

Headed up AZ-95 to the intersection with I-40. Stopped at the Pilot and filled with gas

$2.359 after the discount

it took 35.28 gal. We had driven 248 mi

Headed east on I-40

Ran into a traffic slow down in Flagstaff

slot of vehicles behind us

We stopped at Meteor Crater Rest Area

Hit a big bump getting into Rest Area and radio went out

Got to Walmart in Gallup about 9:00PM. Had rice and vegetables with steak and coleslaw for dinner.

Cathy took Joy for a walk and noticed parking lights on Equinox were on. I went out to turn them off and it acted strange also wouldn’t start. I put the battery charger on it and am running generator in motorhome to charge the battery.

Monday 3-30-20 Leave Fort Irwin – Stop at Lone Tree BLM

Another perfect day at Fort Irwin. No clouds and no wind. Overnight low was 48F. Although we weren’t there the high was 74F. High at Lake Havasu City, where we ended up was 76F.

Got up, made coffee and toasted a bagel. Moved some more things around in motorhome. Filled the fresh water tank and extra 2.5 gal container

Kathryn said we could come at 10:30AM. Drove over there. They live on a nice street in Sandy Basin

this is the street

There is a playground across the street

This is their house

While Cathy took a shower, I went to fill water bottles at convenience store

Got 3 gallons

Went back to Kathryn’s and said good bye

Got the tow bar on the Equinox

Pulled in the slides and raised the Jack’s

Backed up the motorhome and dumped the holding tanks

Hitched up the Equinox and headed out

Drove past the front gate at 1:00PM

the Visitor Center

down Fort Irwin Road

past southern perimeter of Fort Irwin

On to I-15 and turned south at Yermo to cross over to I-40

Drove to second Rest Area and stopped to walk Joy and check Internet

Joy peed and checked things out

Drove past Needles and into Arizona. Turned south at MM-9 onto AZ-95. Drove a few miles south to BLM Lone Tree 14 day area. Really, beautiful and where we stayed in January

Made Chef’s Salads for dinner

Watched Laura Ingram and then ABC News Prime. Couldn’t get ND channels.

Sunday 3-29-20 Got Motorhome Ready to Go

Crummy day. Cloudy, 20 mph wind and cool. Overnight low was 42F. The high today was 64F, but didn’t warm up until late afternoon when the sun came out. It was calm after dark.

Watched the Sunday Fox News shows and Governor Cuomo press conference.

Finished the radio cable

and installed the radio in the dash

Made sure it powered up, but didn’t go any farther.

Watched the NASCAR iRace, a virtual race at the Texas track. Timmy hill won.

Vacuumed and dried things away. Moved a lot of things to basement compartment.

About 5:00PM went over to Kathryn’s. She asked me to bring the Dolce Gusto coffee maker. They had to send theirs in for repair.

Took a shower.

Erik made Beef Stroganoff and Asparagus for dinner

AJ wouldn’t eat either, even when bribed with candy

Watched “Skin Walker Ranch” on History Channel and “Corona Virus II – John Oliver.”

All three Olsen’s were busy with digital devices

Went back to motorhome and watched Fox News.

Saturday 3-28-20 We Climb Mt Blackie

Finally a perfect day. Overnight low was 44F and high today was 65F. No wind and no clouds.

Watched Governor Cuomo again on Fox News.

Took Joy for a walk. She did nothing.

Decided to dump and flush holding tanks. Washed dirt off concrete pad. Cleaned out holding tank compartment.

Toasted a bagel and made coffee. Watched Fox News for awhile.

Took old radio cage out of dash

and put new cage in

Checked out what I would have to rewire

Made a diagram for cable. Will make it tomorrow morning.

Kathryn called so we went over to her house. We planned to climb Mt Blackie today.

Erik and Kathryn followed us to the Trail Head Parking Lot. There was a fire truck in the lot. We saw several firemen coming off the mountain. We went up the same wash they came down.

Turns out it wasn’t the trail. We decided to continue up the wash and across the ridge. Cathy headed back to the car.

There were lots of pretty flowers

The climbing got tougher, but everyone kept going. Joy really enjoyed it

We stopped to rest, Erik found a natural recliner

We finally got to the summit


AJ decided to sleep on the way down

The trail down was steep and a lot of scree made it difficult, especially with Joy pulling.

There was a good view of Fort Irwin from the summit

We went back to Kathryn and Erik’s. Erik grilled brats

Surprisingly, both AJ and Joy still had a lot of energy.

The round trip was 2.75 mi. 2 mi up and ,75 mi down.

Went back to motorhome. Watched Fargo news. Today ND ordered all travelers returning from certain states to self quarantine for 14 days and keep a log with temperature taken twice a day.

Watched SNL.

Friday 3-27-20 Replace Motorhome Radio

Another sunny, windy and cool day. Overnight low was 40F and high today was 62F. Wind 10 to 20 mph.

Bagel and coffee for breakfast. Watched Governor Cuomo on Fox News. New York is getting hit hard by virus.

Walked Joy, finally pooped at far west dumpster.

Removed radio from motorhome dash

Will have to combine these two cables

Will have Bluetooth for two phones when it gets installed.

Went over to Kathryn and Erik’s. I ordered a new burner for Erik’s grill and it came this morning. Erik had it installed and the grill cleaned up.

Watched “Lord of War.” Erik and I went in his Jeep to the Class 6 Store for beer. They have a good selection. They would only allow 10 people in the store at a time, you had to take a yellow bracelet

They had 6′ interval marked on the floor

We looked at the beer

Decided on a 12 pack of 805

Went back to Erik’s.

Watched “Grand Tour North Pole.”

Kathryn made Orange Chicken, Pot Stickers, Riced Broccoli and Rice

Stopped to fill three more water containers on way back to motorhome.

Watched “Nightline.”

Thursday 3-26-20 Our 43rd Anniversary

Sunny, cool and windy. Overnight low was 40F and high this afternoon was 60F. Wind was 20 to 30 mph with periods of calm.

Joy got up early and wanted to go out. It was real windy and she didn’t do anything.

Toasted a bagel and made coffee. Watched Governor Cuomo on Fox News.

Cathy took Joy for a walk and she peed and pooped.

Watched a couple episodes of “Diagnosis Murder.”

We took the remaining laundry over to Kathryn’s. When we got there Erik had the Jeep outside and he was cleaning the garage. He finished the windshield this morning. It looked good.

Kathryn went and picked up AJ at daycare. Daycare will be closed until further notice because of Covid-19.

Watched “The Jerk,” “The Grand Tour,” and the latest YouTube “Sailing Zatara.”

Erik made lasagna for dinner.

We said good night to everyone and went back to the motorhome.

Watched WDAY news and weather. Watched “Nightline” and “Flipping 101 with Taraq.”

This was Cathy and my 43rd Anniversary. We had our honeymoon in Winnipeg at the Holiday Inn, entertained by Sweet Adelines in in every nook and cranny.

Wednesday 3-25-20 work on Erik’s Windshield

Colder overnight at 42F. Sunny and windy, wind 20 to 30 mph. High today was 62F.

Joy wanted to go out early. Took her out, but she wouldn’t do anything in the wind.

Had a bagel and coffee. Watched “Fox News.”

Took Joy out again. Watched “Diagnosis Murder” and “Magnum P.I.”

Erik got home early, so went over to help him with the Jeep windshield.

Erik cleaned up the rust

and painted the frame

We will put the glass in tomorrow. We had Moosehead beer while we worked.

Cathy washed clothes.

We had Erik made Slyders for dinner. We watched “Outbreak.”

Went back to motorhome and watched “Fox News.”

Tuesday 3-24-20 Quiet Day at Fort Irwin

Sunny day, cool in the morning. Overnight low was 46F and the high today was 63F. Wind was 20 – 30 mph.

Joy wanted to go out early this morning. The wind bothered her and she didn’t do anything for at least 10 minutes, she finally peed. Brought her in and I could tell she wasn’t feeling well. Last night when we got home and stopped, she was on my lap. When I opened the door she fell out.

Toasted an English muffin and made coffee. Watched Fox News with President in the Rose Garden.

Took Joy for a long walk through desert and down the road by the bunkers. Door to one was open. It was filled with boxes of military clothing. Joy finally pooped.

Watched several episodes of “Magnum P.I.”

Went over to Kathryn’s. Erik was home and brought me a beer.

Cathy and AJ went outside to make bubbles.

We watched the end of “Aladdin.”

AJ played ball with Joy

Left for motorhome at 6:00PM. Stopped at Convenience Store and filled bottles with water.

Cathy heated up the leftovers from Chipotle.

Watched “FBI,” FBI Most Wanted,” and “Nightline.”