Tuesday 4-6-21 Getting Things Going

Got up and made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Cathy took Joy for a walk

Unloaded the Equinox into the shed.

We headed into town. Stopped first at 99 cent Only.

They have great produce for 99 cents




We then went to Walmart and got a Hisense 3.3 cubic ft refrigerator

and 805 Beer

We had to get back to motorhome because Cathy had a Video Appointment with David and his psychologist.

I unboxed the refrigerator in the shed. It needed to be upright for 2 hrs before plugging in

I hauled a lot of things out of the motorhome to the shed.

Finally plugged the refrigerator in. It is very quiet and cooled off fast.

Put some vegetables, water, beer and iced tea in the refrigerator.

Made Mac & Cheese with Steak from Foundation Room in Las Vegas and a Romaine & Mushroom Salad

Finally have motorhome in place and everything setup with slides out.

We have fast Internet from both Verizon Wireless and AT&T. We have 92 OTA TV Channels and Local ND Channels from our antenna in Buxton on Sling.

Monday 4-5-21 First Day on Our Leased Lot at Rover’s Roost

Got up and made coffee and a bagel.

Took Joy to the Dog Park

This one was pure desert

So went to the one behind where we parked

it was a lot nicer

Got the motorhome ready to go and brought the Tow Bar into the motorhome.

Took off for Rover’s Roost with Cathy driving behind in the Equinox. Drove back to I-10 and then to I-8. Turned off at Montgomery Drive and then into Rover’s Roost

Checked in with Jan and Mike. Mike led us to Lot 83 and helped us park

Checked out our shed

It has a counter and some shelves

It has electricity and water and sewer were run to it.

It was 93F outside and 89F in the motorhome.

Moved some things into the shed.

I heated up the Spaghetti & Meatballs from Lupo’s and finished them off for lunch.

We decided we need a small refrigerator for the shed. We went to Walmart and found a nice Hisense 3.3 cubic foot refrigerator for $139. Not enough room in Equinox until I take some things out. Will pick one up tomorrow.

Stopped at Big Lots on way home. Found several things we will go back for

Had Michelina’s frozen entrees and Romaine salad for dinner

Easter Sunday 4-4-21 Casa Grande

Got up and made a cip of the Italian coffee we hot at Tuesday Morning.

Sat the Easter Basket Gloria made on the table, instead of Eggs, it had 2 of their Lemons

Walked Joy.

Internet was a little better than yesterday, so was able to post BLOG.

We stopped at Dump Station and emptied the tanks

Then went to the Exit snd Cathy payed for the night

Took off and drove to Parker where we stopped at Walmart.

When we drove in, there was an Expedition Vehicle parked by entrance. By the time I got parked and walked over there it was gone

We then drove to Quartzsite. We turned off AZ-95 onto Kuehn Street through Tyson Wells to Love’s Truck Stop and then down Main Street to east end of town. Almost every thing gone or closed.

Very few Dry Campers on BLM land.

We drove about 40 miles east on I-10 to the Pilot Truck Stop and filled with gas.

For the last 1088 miles we have averaged 6.84 mpg.

We decided to go all the way to Casa Grande. Cathy couldn’t get an answer at Rover’s Roost as they were closed for Easter. She called 6 other TV Parks and finally got an answer from Leisure Valley RV Park.

We got there and parked at 4:00PM. The Equinox battery was again discharged.

As I I was hooking up the Battery Charger, Sally in the 5th Wheel next to us came out and said she was from Lisbon ND.

After the battery got charged, we went to The Golden Corral for Easter Dinner

I was looking forward to Ham, but they were out. Had to have Prime Rib. They did have an excellent selection of vegetables

We had to wear a glove on the hand we used to dish out food.

Went back to motorhome and watched TV.

Saturday 4-3-21 Leave Great Hosts Gloria & Scott for La Paz County Park

We left after 2 days of great food & pampering in Bullhead City.

Breakfast when we got up

Then Scott fixed the lock on the Gravity Water Fill

They showed us their garden

Then we had lunch, Pizza made from scratch by Scott

Raven relaxed

and Joy

We stopped in Lake Havasu City for gas and Tuesday Morning and 99 cent Only

We got to La Paz County Park right at closing time and the said to pay in the morning.

Found a spot and parked. First 2 trys had no power. Finally a pedestal that worked

all parked and AIr Conditioning on

Nice sunset

Warmed up Spaghetti from Lupo’s on Wednesday night

Friday 4-2-21 Bullhead City

Joy was up early wanting yo go to Dog Park.

I made coffee and toasted an English muffin.

Took Joy to the Dog Park. Took the ball and tosser along. Joy got to play on artificial turf

Got the Equinox ready to tow. Had to replace 2 fuses.

Cathy hauled out the trash, then helped me hook up the Equinox.

We left Circus Circus RV Park at 11:40AM.

Got to US-95 Boulder Highway and headed to Bullhead City. Passed through Searchlight about half way.

Got to Bullhead City at 2:00PM. Overshot Gloria and Scott’s house and stopped at Target.

Gloria snd Scott came and got us.

Got to their house and Scott helped me park.

Gloria gave me a Modelo Negra. Cerveza. We sat and talked until dinner.

Home made Tamales, Refried Beans and all the trimmings.

After dinner Scott showed me his 3D Printer

Scott and I sat in the Gazebo and talked snd Gloria and Cathy sat on the swing and talked.

The horizon was beautiful

I put the bedroom slide out and we ssid Good Night.

Thursday 4-1-21 No April Fools Erik is a Major

Nice sunny day in Las Vegas. High of 79F.

Took Joy to the Dog Park.

Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Watched some TV.

Set up lawn chairs and started getting Vitamin D.

Carter, our neighbor across the road and his dog Ricardo stopped.

He is from New Hampshire and is a Stone Mason. Ricardo is 13 years old. He recently had pancreatitis from bad Dog Food. With a $2,000 Vet Bill he pulled through.

I took Joy to the Dog Park and on the way we met a 6 lb Poodle/Australian Shepherd named Aussie and his mother Jackie. The dogs seemed to like each other so we all went to the Dog Park. The dogs enjoyed each others company, but didn’t run and play.

We started getting ready for Erik’s Promotion Party.

Cathy wanted to get some Easter things for AJ and Aksel at Cracker Barrel. She got a Raggedy Annie snd a Raggedy Andy.

We then went and parked at Mandalay Bay and went to Erik and Kathryn’s room at Delano.

Cathy gave AJ and Aksel the dolls. They both loved them. I held Aksel gor the first time

After everyone was ready we headed to the Foundation Room Restaurant at the top of Mandalay Bay. Erik brought his parents, Melissa and Arild and we went up in the elevator

We were seated at two tables on an outdoor balcony

Erik asked if we could all sit at one table. The answer was that Nevada was a Blue State and only 6 could sit at a table. Erik reasoned that there were only 6 adults. After consulting with management, we were allowed to all sit at one table.

The balcony had great views of the city and airport

Kathryn ordered the wine and Erik ordered appetizers.

The appetizers were Scallops and Cauliflower. Both good.

A Napa Wine was served

We then ordered. Cathy ordered Scallops and I ordered New York Strip.

After we finished another bottle of wine was ordered

The restaurant brought Erik cake and bread pudding in honor of his promotion.

We finished dinner with Espresso

The restaurant gave Erik a substantial discount in honor of his service.

We all walked back to the Delano where we hugged and said good bye untile we see them in Monterey in about 3 weeks.

Wednesday 3-31-21 Summerville to Las Vegas

Got up at 6:00AM. Were ready to leave a little after 7:00AM but had to wait until a delivery truck left

Got on I-15 and headed south, 385 miles to Las Vegas. Traffic wasn’t as bad as last night. A few miles down the road Fuel Level Warning came on. Pulled into a Flying J. Filled with E85 Gasoline at 2.999/gal

Had to do two transactions as it stopped at $100. Probably a couple gallons short of full

Headed south until the Rest Area between Cedar City and St George

A very nice and scenic Rest Area


with a view

Got to Las Vegas at 2:30 PM MDT 1:30 PM local time (PDT)

We needed to take Exit 40, so after passing Exit 41 I got into Right Hand Lane. All of a sudden the Highway splits and I am in the wrong side.

Ended up in Downtown Las Vegas. Every street is under construction with very narrow lanes

Lots of fun with a combined length of 65′ for the motorhome and Equinox and 8 1/2′ wide motorhome down 9′ lanes. Ended up in North Las Vegas, but got back on I-15 south and off at the right Exit.

Checked in and parked at Circus Circus RV Park

First thing I did was charge the Equinox battery

We got cleaned up and met Kathryn, Erik, AJ, Aksel and Erik’s mother Melissa at Lupo, Wolfgang Puck’s Italian restaurant at Mandalay Bay.

Cathy got to hold Aksel for the first time

Cathy had Sea Bass and an Old Fashion

I had Spaghetti and Meatballs

and a Peroni to drink

We had good conversations and got hugs from AJ who has gotten tall

Aksel slept through most of dinner. He had David’s Christmas present with him

We had no trouble finding our way back to the motorhome. I took Joy over to the very nice Dog Park

Tuesday 3-30-21 Long 12hr 600mi Driving Day

We started the day with breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. Cathy had a Breakfast Egg Sandwich

I had Biscuits & Gravy with Sausage

We headed west on I-94 along the Yellowstone River

We drove 150mi to Bozeman. For some reason the I-94 signage directed us to go down Main Street to US. 191. The street is long and very busy.

We filled with gas at City Pump at intersection of Main St. and US-191

had to do 2 transactions as it stopped at $95


It was $2.699/gal

We took US-191 to West Yellowstone, MT. It was a beautiful drive along the Gallatin River and cut through a corner of Yellowstone Park. We then took US-20 to Idaho Falls where we got on I-15.

We took I-15 into Utah. Traffic was terrible through Ogden and Salt Lake City.

Cathy checked with several Walmarts about over night parking, non allowed it. She then checked Cracker Barrel and found one at Springville, a couple of miles south of Provo.

We made salami sandwiches for dinner with coleslaw.

We have about 400 mile tomorrow to get to Las Vegas, all on I-15.

Monday 3-29-21 Windy Cold Day

Set the alarm for 6:00AM. At 6:00AM the wind was gusting to 50 mph. We stayed in bed until 8:00AM. Joy was extremely nervous.

About 9:30AM it started to lessen. I got out the parts I needed to fix the cable.

and the tools

Then crimped the new end on. I started the car to charge the battery and got ready to leave.

Filled up with gas

It was $2.739 and took 33.767 gal

Got a breakfast sandwich and left

Down the road 20 miles we ran into the strong wind. We decided to try for the Walmart in Miles City. We made it the 74 miles and parked at the Walmart

There were several RVs and Semis

Including an older travel trailer from ND with some of the siding missing from the front

Spent the afternoon checking weather while Cathy slept.

I did buy a Dash Cam to record going down the road

Wish I had it earlier to show dust storms.

Will try to leave about 8:00PM. The weather says current conditions are 25mph gusting to 41mph.

Sunday3-28-21 Finally on the Road

Day started at 6:30AM. It got down to 19F overnight. I hadn’t turned the furnace on, only the Electric Space Heater. Eent out and started the furnace.

Had coffee and a bagel and checked email and Facebook.

Started moving things from house refrigerator to motorhome refrigerator.

Got the Meat and Cheese in a drawer

then the Vegetables, Romaine Lettuce, Celery, Radishes, Spinach, Kale, Carrots and Tomatoes

Then all the Condiments, Ketchup, Mustards, Mayo, Dips and Salsa

Then the dry pantry things, Chips. Crackers, Cookies, Cereal.

Then the Bread and Bagels

Then the Freezer items, Hamburger, Dirloin Tip, Chicken Breasts, Tilapia, Ice Cream and Fudge Cycles.

We have a well stocked refrigerator.

and freezer

Then medications for Medicine Cabinet

Cathy took the rest of her clothes out.

Pulled the slide in snd disconnected the Shore Cord and stowed all the extensions

Drove the motorhome onto the street to hookup the Equinox. Larry and Princess came over to help.

We were finally ready

I parked the Cherokee in the drive and locked the house.

We left Buxton at 2:35PM.

We went down I-29 to US-200 Alternate West to Hwy 18 to Cass County 18th St to US-32 and turned on to I-94 at Oriska. Stopped at Rest Area just west of Jamestown . We had a 30mph wind from the south

Walked the dog and started the Equinox. Started west and realized I hadn’t reconnected the SAE cable, unfortunately, it dragged and got ruined

Next stop was Flying J west of Mandan for gas

Although a Flying J they don’t honor Flying J discounts

It stopped at $125

The plan was to stop at Wibaux, MT Welcome Center. Turns out most Montana Rest Areas are closed between October and April. We ended up stopping at Glendive Flying J .

Tried starting the Equinox, but it wouldn’t. Charging with the Honda EU2000i.

The wind let up near Bismarck about 7:30PM. 413 mi today. It is 58F here at 11:00PM