Thursday 3-26-20 Our 43rd Anniversary

Sunny, cool and windy. Overnight low was 40F and high this afternoon was 60F. Wind was 20 to 30 mph with periods of calm.

Joy got up early and wanted to go out. It was real windy and she didn’t do anything.

Toasted a bagel and made coffee. Watched Governor Cuomo on Fox News.

Cathy took Joy for a walk and she peed and pooped.

Watched a couple episodes of “Diagnosis Murder.”

We took the remaining laundry over to Kathryn’s. When we got there Erik had the Jeep outside and he was cleaning the garage. He finished the windshield this morning. It looked good.

Kathryn went and picked up AJ at daycare. Daycare will be closed until further notice because of Covid-19.

Watched “The Jerk,” “The Grand Tour,” and the latest YouTube “Sailing Zatara.”

Erik made lasagna for dinner.

We said good night to everyone and went back to the motorhome.

Watched WDAY news and weather. Watched “Nightline” and “Flipping 101 with Taraq.”

This was Cathy and my 43rd Anniversary. We had our honeymoon in Winnipeg at the Holiday Inn, entertained by Sweet Adelines in in every nook and cranny.

Wednesday 3-25-20 work on Erik’s Windshield

Colder overnight at 42F. Sunny and windy, wind 20 to 30 mph. High today was 62F.

Joy wanted to go out early. Took her out, but she wouldn’t do anything in the wind.

Had a bagel and coffee. Watched “Fox News.”

Took Joy out again. Watched “Diagnosis Murder” and “Magnum P.I.”

Erik got home early, so went over to help him with the Jeep windshield.

Erik cleaned up the rust

and painted the frame

We will put the glass in tomorrow. We had Moosehead beer while we worked.

Cathy washed clothes.

We had Erik made Slyders for dinner. We watched “Outbreak.”

Went back to motorhome and watched “Fox News.”

Tuesday 3-24-20 Quiet Day at Fort Irwin

Sunny day, cool in the morning. Overnight low was 46F and the high today was 63F. Wind was 20 – 30 mph.

Joy wanted to go out early this morning. The wind bothered her and she didn’t do anything for at least 10 minutes, she finally peed. Brought her in and I could tell she wasn’t feeling well. Last night when we got home and stopped, she was on my lap. When I opened the door she fell out.

Toasted an English muffin and made coffee. Watched Fox News with President in the Rose Garden.

Took Joy for a long walk through desert and down the road by the bunkers. Door to one was open. It was filled with boxes of military clothing. Joy finally pooped.

Watched several episodes of “Magnum P.I.”

Went over to Kathryn’s. Erik was home and brought me a beer.

Cathy and AJ went outside to make bubbles.

We watched the end of “Aladdin.”

AJ played ball with Joy

Left for motorhome at 6:00PM. Stopped at Convenience Store and filled bottles with water.

Cathy heated up the leftovers from Chipotle.

Watched “FBI,” FBI Most Wanted,” and “Nightline.”

Monday 3-23-20 Shopping in Barstow

Sunny, cool and windy today. Overnight low was 46F and high today was 63F. There was .02″ of rain overnight. Wind 20 to 30 mph.

We were planning on shopping in Barstow today. Called Kathryn and asked if she needed anything. She needed GoodNites pull-up diapers from Walmart. She said she also would like us to pick up take out at Chipotle. We drove over to Kathryn’s and left Joy there.

Drove the 35 miles to Barstow. Stopped at Harbor Freight to pick up windshield tool to put new windshield in Erik’s Jeep.

A lot of the parking lots have spaces reserved for Clean Air Vehicles

Then stopped at Dollar Tree for replacement ice cube trays. Got some chips, chap stick and dental floss, but no ice cube trays

Drove across the street to 99 Cent Only. Got some produce, cookies, ice cube trays and bubble fluid for AJ.

Texted Kathryn to order the Chipotle. Drove about 5 miles to Flying J. Filled the Equinox with diesel

It took 11.8 gal

Drove across the street to Chipotle

Drove to Walmart. We were able to get bread and the GoodNites.

Drove back to Fort Irwin. We got Covid-19 questions at the gate. Did we have a cough, did we have a sore throat, did we have a temperature, were we exposed to anyone that tested positive, had we been out of the country in the last two weeks. Got on the post and drove to motorhome and unloaded.

Drove over to Kathryn’s. Played outside with AJ and her bubbles.

Had Chipotle Bowls for dinner with a Moosehead beer.

Watched most of Aladdin. Went back to motorhome and watched “Nightline” and some YouTube videos.

Sunday 3-22-20 Day with AJ, Kathryn and Erik

Sunny partly cloudy day. Overnight low 48F and high today was 68F.

Toasted an English muffin and made coffee.

Watched Fox News all morning.

Went to Kathryn and Erik’s at noon. Kathryn made a nice Risotto Brunch

After Brunch we went to the backyard and sat in the sun.

We started a game of Pandemic. We played until a gust of wind blew things apart.

We moved inside

The board won the first game but we won the second. All players collaborate to beat the board.

Kathryn called her brother Jay and sister Alison and AJ told them about a little brother due in September.

We ordered pizza delivered from the Pizza Hut on the Post.

Watched the end of Frozen 2 that was started yesterday.

When AJ went up for a bath we went back to the motorhome.

Watched the Rookie.

Tim from Grand Forks called.

Watched WDAY news from home.

Saturday 3-21-20 Work on Erik’s Jeep

Mostly sunny day. Overnight low was 45F and high this afternoon was 66F.

Watched Fox News. Joy was sleeping in, so made an English muffin and coffee. Took Joy for a walk to the dumpster when she got up.

Went over to Kathryn and Erik’s at 11:30AM.

Erik and I left in his Jeep for the Auto Skills Center where residents can work on their vehicles

Erik got a bay and put the Jeep in it

He was replacing the left rear leaf spring and shock absorber

It was his grandfather’s Jeep and Erik shipped it to California from Michigan

Had to cut the U-bolts out

Then had to drive the bushings out

Then had to pound the new ones in

Took about 3 hrs. Took it for a test drive and it felt pretty good

Stopped for beer on the way back. Got to the house and had beer and chips in the back yard

Kathryn made tacos and salad for dinner.

Got back to motorhome at 8:30PM and watched SNL from Buxton

Friday 3-20-20 Showers

Partly cloudy today. Overnight low was 46F and the high this afternoon was 62F. Got sunny about 3:00PM.

Joy was worn out from playing with AJ, so slept in. I was able to toast an English muffin and make coffee before she got up. Had my breakfast and took Joy for a walk.

Was watching TV when I got a text from Kathryn. She wanted us to get to her house by 11:00AM.

Went to Kathryn’s. Cathy took a shower. We stayed until AJ went down for a nap.

Drove to the Express Gas Station so Cathy could check it out. Filled two gallons of water from water dispenser.

Went back to motorhome. Made chicken strips in the Air Fryer for lunch.

Took some pictures of RV Park

Looking from the north end

the propane fill area

the Dump

and the RV Community Building

the old RV Park area

At 5:00PM went back to Kathryn’s. I took a shower. At 6:40PM Erik returned from the field

We had BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Salad for dinner.

Watched sailing videos on YouTube.

Went back to motorhome.

Watched Gold Rush.

Thursday 3-19-20 Quiet Day at Fort Irwin

Cloudy and cool this morning. Overnight low was 42F and high this afternoon was 55F. Sun poked out a couple of times. Rained a little at 7:00PM.

Had bagel for breakfast. No water for coffee. Warmed up some I got at Flying J.

Watched the Covid-19 news on TV.

Cathy did some phone work for David.

Cathy went and registered

We are payed through 3-31-20.

Got over to Kathryn’s about 12:30PM. AJ didn’t take a nap. She played with Joy and entertained us all day

Cathy made a video call to David’s Portal. He was pretty excited about the call, especially when AJ told him she was going to have a little brother.

Kathryn made two pizzas for dinner.

Stopped on way back to motorhome to fill water bottles at the Express Store. The water dispenser was out of order. Bought two 1 gallon bottles of water for $1.39 ea.

Watched Fox News

Wednesday 3-18-20 Fort Irwin

Sunny and cool this morning. Overnight low was 44F at Sawtooth Canyon and a high of 56F at Ft Irwin.

Got up and started coffee when Joy started complaining. I wasn’t dressed yet, do put her out on her tie out.

Started generator and furnace. Plugged in a space heater

Got dressed and toasted a bagel.

Got things ready to move in the motorhome.

Brought in the slide and brought the Jack’s up.

Hooked the Equinox up and we were ready to leave.

Drove to the Flying J on I-15 west of Barstow. First filled with propane, it only took 6 gallons. Then pulled ahead and filled with gas

It took 49.7 gallons, under 6 mph because of the grades

Went to Barstow Walmart. They have a nice area to park RVs

The bread aisle had bare shelves

as did the canned goods

and paper products

Luckily the liquor was fully stocked. I got a box of wine. Also got coffee and cookies.

We got to the Fort Irwin Visitor Center at 2:45PM. Kathryn met us and we quickly got our passes.

Drove to the RV Park. Didn’t appear to have a viable entrance. Street had signs, no RVs or trailers. Found a rough kind of entrance

and went to Site 51. Very nice

This was the Grand Opening of the RV Park Addition and we saw the Ribbon Cutting

Went to Kathryn and Eriks house. AJ was glad to see us. Joy and AJ played nicely.

Kathryn made a Strawberry Spinach Salad and Potato Soup for dinner.

We watched the Grand Tour “International Buffoons’ Vacation.”

Tuesday 3-17-20 St Patrick’s Day

Nice sunny day but cool. Overnight low was 45F and high today was 52F. The wind did finally let up.

Got up and took Joy for a walk before breakfast.

Made breakfast and watched President on TV.

Took Joy for a long walk around Sawtooth Canyon Campground. We visited most of the sites. The rocks are beautiful

We must have walked about 2 miles.

There is a rock climbing area called ” New Jack City” by the Rock climbers. The historic name is “Traer Agua” which means “bring water.”

There are 13 campsites with a Ramada, picnic table, fire pit, and BBQ grill.

We are in #2

The elevation is 3606′

Verizon signal is good with 14Mbs download. Couldn’t get AT&T Internet.

Spent the day watching TV.

Made Pot Stickers and Brown Rice with Quinoa for dinner.

Watched Acorn TV. “Murdoch Mysteries,” “Murder is My Life,” and “Strike Out.”