Friday 5-14-21 Elko, NV to Rock Springs, WY

Beautiful morning. Sunny and no wind. Overnight low in Elko was 44F. It was 68F when we got to Rock Springs.

Made coffee.

Walked Joy and looked over the other RVs in the lot

Went in and bought discounted breakfast bread.

There was loud music all night. It was the workers working on the front of the store.

Got everything ready and on the road by 8:30AM.

Pretty drive. A lot of RVs and small houses scattered about. A lot of trees.

Crossed into Utah snd stopped at Salt Flats Rest Area

There was an Observation Platform

I climbed to the top. There were vehicles on the salt flats

Met the person parked next to us, Erik he was heading to southern MN to pick up his parents and take them to Sacramento. He was also in traffic jam yesterday.

Our refrigerator quit running on propane yesterday. Took a look at it

The tough roads loosened crud in the flue and covered the pilot light

My tool chest had slid open to the right tools

Stopped just outside Salt Lake City at Flying J and filled

Mileage was 9.5 for last 448 mi

Kept on I-80. Very long steep grade leaving Salt Lake City. Down to 10 mph.

Got to Rock Springs, WY at 7:00PM. Parked for the night behind Walmart

This is another Walmart with a view

Shopped without a mask for dinner. We had Frittatas

Thursday 5-13-21 Roclin, CA to Elko, NV

Got up early to make the 7:00AM opening of Cracker Barrel.

Walked Joy.

Went into Cracker Barrel. We both had nice breakfasts. Mine

and Cathy

Headed out for gas in the motorhome. No truck stops and most stations had limited access. Finally found one


only put in $95 worth.

Headed east on I-80. Beautiful country

Stopped at Donner SummitRest Area

Cathy walked Joy

There was a lake

and beautiful forest and mountains

We met a family from Sacramento that was going to Iowa to put the ashes of 2 relatives in the Mississippi River. They were traveling in 2 Class C motorhomes.

On the east side of Truckee, the west boundtraffic was backed up for miles. I was glad I was east bound.

But about 3 miles east of Sparks we hit stalled traffic

We spent 2 hours going 3 miles.

A truck opened his window and Cathy did the same. He said a semi had rolled. They had to empty it before removing it.

Finally got up to it

Went on and stopped at Fernley Flying J

Gas is a lot cheaper

Drove on through lots of construction one lane driving.

Not forested, but still beautiful


Up and down several steep grades and topping 6,000′ twice.

Got to Elko Walmart where we are spending the night at 7:05PM.

425 miles

Turned on TV and watched Rebel from home.

This Walmart has a view

Cathy watched Rebel again on local OTA TV while I went in to buy dinner.

It might be the largest Walmart I’ve ever been in. It is being remodeled.

I got frozen Lasagna for dinner. Cathy microwaved the dinners.

I also got healthy snacks for driving. Celery, carrots, cheese sticks and beef sticks.

Wednesday 5-12-22 Back on the Road – All the Way to Rocklin, CA

Overcast all day. Overnight low in Salinas 48F and high 64F. 81F at 11:00PM in Rocklin.

Made coffee.

Took Joy for a walk.

There was an accident 1 block west. One car broke off a fire hydrant

and crashed into corner of Transmission Repair Shop

On the way to accident scene I saw where someone abandoned a pair of snow skis on the sidewalk

Juan drove our motorhome into the shop

Day started out promising. Andy and John working on caliper.

Otis and Andy checked the runout on Rotor. It was border line at .008″, preferable is .010″. Runout pushes the piston back after braking.

Andy was going to bleed it and noticed it was another driver’s side caliper. Otis called and ordered a replacement. It would be there right after lunch.

An interesting person named Bob brought in a 2000 Gulfstream Patriot Class C for some work. He has had it 4 years and put on 80,000 miles with several cross country trips to see his daughters. Otis used to sell Gulfstream

The caliper came late afternoon. Andy quickly put it on and tested it

Passed and Juan drove it out and parked so I could hookup the Equinox.

Got it all hooked up

We went in and payed the bill, $1,659..

I took a picture of Andy

He did a good job and had a good sense of humor.

We left Salinas at 5:25PM and stopped at Cracker Barrel in Rocklin, CA on I-80 for the night at 10:00PM

A 206 mile day

Tuesday 5-11-21 We are still at Gleason’s Salinas RV

Another typical day in Salinas. Overnight low 48F and high 68F. Sunny and breezy.

Got up early and moved the Equinox.

Made coffee.

Walked Joy.

Otis came and said the parts had come early

Otis drove our motorhome into the shop. Juan was his brakes, putting a block behind the wheels to stop

Andy quickly tore into the job

He put the new pads in the calipers then. He pulled the drivers side hub and axle and split out the rotor. Then put in the new rotor and installed it back in the motorhome.

While Andy was mounting the wheels, Otis told me about restoring old RVs and entering them in contests, there is a 1st place winner in the shop

It’s name is Plumm Krazy

There were only 300 made. It is completely up to date including a wine cooler

Otis took the motorhome for a test drive. When he came back he said he thought a brake was dragging.

They raised the rear wheels off the ground and ran it in Drive. The drivers side was fine, but passenger side got hot. It was too late to get a new caliper. Will swap it out in the morning.

Otis parked the motorhome along the shop again.

We watched Big Sky from home on Sling TV at 7:00PM Salinas time.

After Big Sky went to Walmart for a few things.

Got Bird’s Eye Frozen Chicken Stir Fry for dinner.

Heated dinner in microwave and watched TV.

Monday 5-10-21 Towed to Salinas RV for Repair

Got up hoping for return calls from some of the calls we made Saturday.

Weather about the same. Overnight low 49F and high 64F. Sunny and breezy.

It is our oldest daughter’s birthday.

Progressive called about 8:00AM. We didn’t have any info, so she said she would call back in 30 minutes.

I called Gleason’s Salinas RV. A man answered and I asked for service. He said that was him. His name was Otis and he said he was the owner. I told him the problem and he said they specialized in emergency repairs. I asked if we could get in today and he said yes.

When Progressive called back we told them we were set for repair in Salinas. They said they would send the tow truck.

At 10:00AM Andy from Bay Area Towing & Repair drove up.

He got right to work hooking up

He had to go under and disconnect the drive shaft

Andy pulled onto the road

We followed in the Equinox

When we got to the shop, Andy backed it in

Andy did a great job

The office person met me as I went in asking for Registration Card with VIN.

Otis assigned another Andy to the job and he got tight on it

Driver’s side Caliper & Rotor were shot

Otis ordered parts.

We went to El Pollo Loco for lunch

We ordered Avocado Chicken Tacos

They were really good.

When we got back Otis said he had bad news, the Rotor wouldn’t be here until 11:00AM tomorrow.

He had Andy put it back together and then Otis parked it beside the building and plugged it in

I asked Kathryn if we could come to dinner, she said sure.

We drove to Monterey.

Cathy got to hold Aksel again

Kathryn went and picked up AJ from school. She was very surprised when she walked in and saw us.

She played ball with Joy. AJ & Cathy looked for AJ’S Pokemon Folder and found it by front door.

Erik came down from studying and we had a beer.

We had a great Chicken &Pasta dinner.

We talked and played after dinner until Aksel’s bed time.

We said good bye again and headed for Salinas. We saw the deer at the bottom of the hill for a third time.

Drove to Salinas via Marina and saw the Pacific again.

We got a call from our friends Tim & Mary in Grand Forks. We talked for quite awhile. During the call we heard 3 fire works or gun shots. This really upset Joy.

Watched Fox News and YouTube videos.

Sunday 5-9-21 Country Kitchen & Salinas

Weather about the same as Monterey. Overnight 48F and high 65F.

Watched Fox News and YouTube videos.

The parking lot filled up quickly starting st 7:00AM

We went for lunch at 2:00PM after most had left.

Cathy had breakfast of Eggs, Potatoes and Coffee. I had a hamburger

The food was tasty and the service great. There were a lot of employees. We asked to speak to the owner. When he came we introduced ourselves. He was very nice and said it was no problem for us to stay there. He has had the restaurant for 10 years and his mother for about that long before him. His wife is a nurse. His mother named it Country Kitchen and it had nothing to do with the chain.

He was closed for a year because of Covid-19. He has plexiglass partitions between booths and outside seating

Watched the NASCAR Goodyear 400 at Darlington using Sling TV on my phone.

We went to Salinas to checkout Gleason RV. I’m not too impressed

and in back


Will talk to them first thing in the morning.

We drove over to Salinas Elk’s Lodge.

Nice Lodge

They have 27 spaces with hookups

and a storage area

Nice Dump Station

We went on to Walmart

Bought some things we needed

Had to pay 5 cent deposit on every plastic bottle. Got 28 bottles of water

Stopped at Dollar Tree for 1 liter Arizona Tea.

There was an Outlet Grocery near by, so decided to see if they had the Hong Kong San Miguel Beer.

They did

Cathy also found some cereal that appealed to her, 66 cents

They had cheap boxes of Franzia wine

Pretty drive back to motorhome.

Watched the Rookie on Sling TV from home in Buxton.

Cathy made us each salads for dinner.

Watched Fox News and YouTube.

Saturday 5-8-21 Sad Day

Had the usual bagel and coffee while watching Fox News.

This is the warmest day since we got here. Overnight 48F and 68F high.

Our neighbors were up early and sitting outside.

Took Joy for a walk and hauled garbage out.

Got everything put away for driving in the motorhome.

Headed to Kathryn’s to say goodbye.

We sat out front and talked.

Held Aksel for last time

Kathryn gave her mom a bouquet for Mother’s Day


and me 6 bottles of wine.

Got back to Elk’s Lodge and readied the Equinox for towing.

Then drove motorhome to dump station, an awkward one on corner of the building

Hooked up Equinox

and headed north on Hwy-1. The brakes were a little soft leaving Monterey. As we got on Hwy-101 they failed completely

Was able to pull into a Country Kitchen parking lot. Restaurant was closed.

Called Roadside Assistance. Nothing can be done until Monday.

Can’t find anywhere to park for 2 nights.

Called Sheriff’s office and explained our situation. Said it was OK if the property owner didn’t complain.

Progressive got hold of towing company. Towing company person called and said he would come in an hour of when we call him.

Went to shopping center across toad. Bought 32 oz of brake fluid at Auto Zone

Got into drive thru lane at McDonalds. After 10 minutes a couple people said they had been waiting 40 minutes and wanted to leave. We backed up so they could leave.

Went to Burger King.

Got chicken nuggets, cheese sticks and fries.

Had them with an 805 beer

Watched TV and went to bed.

Friday 5-7-21 Date Night for Kathryn & Erik

Another very nice day. Sunny, slightly windy. Overnight low 53F and high 58F.

Usual coffee and bagel for breakfast.

Watched GMA.

Took Joy for a walk.

Watched 25 Words and GMA-3.

Cathy took the Door Card back to the office. They said we could leave whenever tomorrow. We will try to say good bye to everyone about 11:00AM.

Stopped at Elroys Market about 2 blocks west of Elks Lodge. It is a very nice upscale market with a very nice deli

Got to Kathryn’s and had Borscht that Erik made with fellow classmate Nate that lives 2 doors away. Nate spent a year studying in Russia.

I walked around a couple blocks in La Mesa Village where they Live.

There are students from all over the world studying here. They have country, school and service flags.

Jake their neighbor has a Florida Seminoles flag

Down the street a Coast Guard flag

A Pakistan flag

A Japan flag

An unknown to me flag

They have convenient Pet Cleanup Stations

and Book Exchanges

They have convenient Mail Boxes with compartments for packages

Most houses have solar power

with Grid Tie Inverter


and Read Out

on outside wall. This was producing just under 2,000 watts.

Watched some YouTube videos.

Erik went and picked up AJ from school. She had a Mother’s Day present for Kathryn

Had Borscht for dinner

After Aksel went to bed Kathryn and Erik had a Date Night at the Drive In Theater set up at the Fairgrounds. They went in Erik’s 1966 Jeep

AJ and Joy snuggled together with Cathy on the couch.

We watched Trolls, BAO and Sid the Science Kid

I brought AJ a Chocolate Cupcake

Kathryn sent me a picture from the Drive In. They were watching “Back to the Future”

Kathryn and Erik got home at 10:00PM. AJ went to sleep at 9:30PM.

We went back to motorhome. Most spaces were full. Our neighbors that went to Big Sur were back. Their son came and they are celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow. They were sitting outside with a Propane Fire Pit.

Took Joy for a walk.

Watched TV.

Thursday 5-6-21 Alessandra’s 4th Birthday

Cooler today, but still sunny and little wind. Overnight low was 50F and high 61F.

Made coffee and toasted my last cinnamon raisin bagel.

Watched GMA and Kelly Clarkson

Took Joy for a walk.

Talked to the person in the pickup camper behind us. They live down the coast aways. They like to go to Passo Robles. They are Harvest Host members. I told them about 43 Ranch Olive Oil. They plan on stopping there. They were going to ride their bikes down to the water front.

Watched 25 Words while Cathy got ready.

We went to Kathryn’s at 12:30PM so Kathryn could get things ready for AJ’s birthday.

When Aksel went to bed for his nap I went shopping.

I wanted to get some more San Miguel beer at Budget Market. They didn’t have any more. Got some Perrier 1 liter water for 99 cents and 80 K-cup pods for $14.99.

Went to World Market to get 2 more of the dipping saucers, none of those either. Got some heavily discounted chips and bacon snacks.

Stopped at Lucky grocery store for milk. It is a very nice grocery store. Large, beautiful produce, large selection snd decent prices.

Went back to Kathryn’s.

Two blocks west of Kathryn and Erik’s they feed a pair of geese. They spend a lot of time in their yard

They live in a very scenic military housing area.

This is their unit on the right in the middle

Their view to the west



AJ was back from school

Erik gave me a Monterey Beer from the brewery where we had lunch yesterday.

It was time for AJ to open her presents. She was having a good time

She got books, a talking microscope, a Woom 4 bicycle, Picasso Tiles and a Unicorn blanket with a hood from her Uncle David.

We all wore Cone Birthday Hats.

Cathy made a video call to David’s Portal do he could participate. He enjoyed it.

Erik made grilled chicken, broccoli and pasta for dinner.

After dinner we had birthday cake

Went back to motorhome and watched TV.

Wednesday 5-5-21 Carmel-by-the-Sea

Another sunny day. Overnight low 52F and high 61F. No wind.

Coffee and bagel for breakfast.

Watched GMA.

Took Joy for a walk.

Talked to our son Jay.

Went to Carmel-by-the-Sea to meet Kathryn and Aksel for Lunch at Alvarado Street Brewery.

Found street parking within a block

We were a few minutes early

We got to the door at the same time as Kathryn and Aksel

We were seated in the outdoor court yard area. We ordered beer and Cauliflower Appetizer

Kathryn ordered a Burger to split with Cathy and I ordered Fish & Chips

Cathy had a NA Beer that wasn’t very good

The food was very good. There were wine tasting rooms and shops including a cheese store around the court yard.

Got a box for my Fish & Chips

After lunch we drove down to water front area

It is a beautiful area

Went back to motorhome.

Talked to our friend Alan in Washington. We had planned on going home via Oregon and Washington, but will now head straight to Buxton.

Kathryn was having Take Out from Chipotle for dinner and I said I would pick it up.

Kathryn texted that Chipotle Food would be ready at 5:00PM at Del Monte Plaza. Found a parking spot close to Chipotle. Picked up two bags and headed out, bottom fell out of one bag. Put it in the other bag and drove to Kathryn’s

Erik brought me a mug of my sour beer. We sat with them while they ate.

Watched a couple of Captain Rick Moore Sailing Sophisticated Lady YouTube videos.

Went back to motorhome and heated up Fish & Chips in the air fryer.

Watched The Connors and Fox News.