Visit With Cousin in Mission Viejo Wednesday 2-13-19

Got up early and prepared for rain. Took a shower in bath house in boondocking area. Very nice shower with removable shower head and as hot as you want it.

Left at 10:00AM for Mission Viejo to visit my cousin Kathleen. We grew up together but haven’t seen her for about 3 years. Took freeway and one toll road. Got there at noon.

Kathleen took us to Shanghai Place for lunch

It was very good and large portions. Kathleen and Cathy had Mushroom Chicken with soup

I had Mongolian Beef with salad. The salad dressing was based on apple juice and was very good

We had the waitress take pictures. Kathleen still uses a camera with film.

After lunch we filled with diesel for $3.59/gal at a Shell station.

We went back to Kathleen’s and talked and looked at pictures.

We left at 4:00PM and took CA74, the Ortega Highway back. It is about 20 miles shorter, but lots of switchbacks.

At the end a Highway Patrolman stopped me. He said he noticed that I followed the speed on the curve signs. He said that Yellow Signs are only cautionary and don’t have to be followed. He said I was holding up commuters.

I said I noticed nobody paid any attention to my turn signals. He said they don’t have to, it is only showing my intention.

We stopped at Dollar Tree in Temecula for snacks and a new can opener.

We got back to Jojoba Hills at 6:30PM.

Easy Day at Jojoba Hills Tuesday 2-12-19

Another nice day. Joy and I went up to the Rim Dog Park to play ball. Took the tosser and ball. There was already a tosser and about 20 balls.

I sat up on the hill and tossed the ball down the hill. Joy had to run it back up hill.

There was a nice pond across the street

Cathy and I went into Temecula to Walmart for a few things.

Cathy has been looking for a US Bank to make a deposit. I saw a sign from CA79 so back tracked and stopped.

Also saw a Sprouts, so stopped after Walmart

Got some Italian salami and anti pasta.

Went back to Jojoba Hills and sat outside with Chianti, salsa and chips.

Made shrimp stir fry for dinner.

La Quinta to Aguanga Monday 2-11-19

Said good-bye to Alan & Angela

Hooked up the Equinox

and got ready to leave. The lake was like a mirror

The weather was perfect for the drive. It took us about 3 hrs.

We saw a lot of wind generators

It was very green the whole way

We are dry camping at Jojoba Hills Escspees Park.

We went to Friendship Hall for ice cream

There is a nice pond at Friendship Hall

Got back to motorhome and talked to neighbor from Wisconsin for awhile.

Had hot dogs, beans and coleslaw for dinner and watched Trump.

Another Night at Cahuilla Lake Saturday 2-9-19

Had to say good bye to Tim, Mary and Jersey this morning. They decided to head home to Grand Forks. They went as far as Laughlin, NV today. They are visiting Mary’s brother there.

We moved over to the primitive area by the lake. Alan & Angela are also over here, only $20/night.

We went shopping this afternoon. 99 Cent Only, Dollar Tree, Trader Joe’s and Ralf’s.

Ate the left overs from Mario’s with Chianti from Trader Joe’s

Round Trip to Julian Friday 2-8-19

Left about 9:30AM for round trip to Julian, CA. Went up CA-74 to Anza

then Aguanga, then Temecula down I-5 to Escondido, on CA-78 to Ramona and Julian then Borrego Springs and Salton City and back CA-86 to La Quinta.

Drove by my Grandparents Smith house

And my Grandparents Johnson apartment house in Escondido

Stopped at two 7 – 11 stores for a restroom without finding one. We were tempted to use a PortaPotti at a road crew.

Stopped at McDonald’s, used restrooms and got lunch

Took CA-78 to Ramona on to Santa Ysabel. Stopped at cider and wine tasting in Santa Ysabel

Decided to go on to Julian for apple pie

Went on to Borrego Springs and Salton City.

Stopped by La Quinta Walmart then back to Cahuilla Lake.

Went with Alan and Angela, Tim and Mary and Cathy to Mario’s Italian Cafe.

Had a large glass of Chianti and Meatloaf Parmigiano

Everyone’s food was great.

Went back to camp and celebrated Tim’s birthday with a Birthday Cookie

Fountain of Youth to Cahuilla Lake Thursday 2-7-19

Got up early and walked Joy. Saw some unusual RVs

When I got back to motorhome Dug and Rhoda came over and we talked until we left at noon.

Drove 60 miles to Cahuilla Lake, a Riverside County Park at La Quinta, CA. We opted for a site with electricity. Nice spot on the lake.

Tim & Mary are right across from us.

We are right next to camp host in site 3. $35/night and $2/day for Joy.

Tim, Mary and Jersey walked around the lake, 2.2 mi.

Nice day, sunny, no wind and cool at 54F at 6:00PM.

Fountain of Youth, Slab City & Bombay Beach 2-6-19

Left at 10:00 AM with Tim, Mary and Dug for Slab City

They were painting Resurrection Mountain so we couldn’t go up the Yellow Brick Road.

We then went through the various streets, past the library and stopped at East Jesus. It is an artist colony with resident and visiting artists.

Lots of art and very interesting.

There are lots of electronic connectors in that piece.

There was even a snowmobile.

We stopped at Bombay Beach on the way back and had burgers at the American Legion.

It is an interesting building.

There is a Drive-in Theater

And an Opera House

We even visited the beach

We got to the Fountain of Youth RV Resort yesterday about 1:00 PM. Set up and got dug to grill shrimp on his pellet BBQ. We all enjoyed shrimp, coleslaw & potato salad in our motorhome.

Made reservations at Cohuilla Lake for tomorrow and Friday


2019 Southwest Trip Thursday 1-10-19

Spent a quiet cold night at the Nebraska Welcome Center. It is closed until March.

Got going at 8:10AM. Headed south through Nebraska and Kansas to Cheyenne Wells, CO. Had intended to drive longer, but too hard at night on narrow roads with a lot of curves. Called sheriff’s office and asked where we could park for the night. They said the city park.

We traveled 366 mi yesterday. Both yesterday and today we filled with gas with a single gallon left.

2019 Southwest Trip Thursday 1-9-19

Hot a late start as usual, 5:00PM. Drove to Yankton, SD and parked at the Welcome Center on the Nebraska side of the Missouri. Equinox battery is dead. Temp is 19F.

This was as we departed Buxton. Had to call Chevrolet regarding “Dingy Towing” as it didn’t do as manual said. Display stayed on instead of going off. Evidently that discharged the battery.

Got to Yankton at 2:00AM. Will try to leave between 7:00 and 8:00AM.