Saturday 4-28-18 Vienna to Budapest

Got up at 5:30am. Showed and got luggage ready. Went down at 7:00am for a great breakfast.

Stopped St LIDL next to hotel for snacks and a shopping bag. Emptied refrigerator into shopping bag and took luggage to bus.

We left at 8:30$am for what should have been a 3 hr trip. Due to accident or something, we lost an hour in traffic.

We stopped at Hungarian Border to change money into Hungarian Forent.

At 12:30pm we went to Central Market in Pest.

On the main floor they have all the food vendors.


Fruit and vegetables

On the second floor clothing and souvenirs

While waiting for bus tour, I had a local Double IPA craft beer.

At 2:30pm we took a bus tour of the city and went to Buda Castle.

We then went back to City Center to shop and eat dinner. We ate at McDonalds.

I had Csfile cslkok (chicken tenders) and Cathy had Tripla sajtb (triple pattie burger)

After eating we walked down the walking street of shops.

We then walked back to bus stop along the Danube.

At 8:00pm we took the bus to our hot, Danubiius Margitsziget. It is on an island in the Danube. Very deluxe.

Heated towel rack

Friday 4-27-18 Touring Vienna

Awoke to a beautiful sunny day in Vienna. After a great shower, went down for a wonderful breakfast. Fruit, cold cuts, bacon, bread, juice and coffee.

We both enjoyed it

After breakfast we went back to the room. At 11:30am we went down to meet the tour. The bus pulled in with others for the tour from Salzburg.

We headed out to first stop, the Schonbrunn Palace and gardens.

We could just tour the gardens at no charge or buy tickets for the palace. We just toured the gardens.

There were lots of fountains and sculptured hedges

There is an Avery where special pidgeons have been raised.

We got back at the appointed time to be picked up by the bus. We then took a bus tour of major buildings and the Danube.

We stopped at the Hundertwasser House, an attempt to change the drabness of Vienna. He was an artist wanting to fulfill the environmental and psychological needs of our time. There is an arcade, the Hundertwasser Village, across the street named for him and his imprint is on the wall of the WC in the basement.

We then went to another palace, the Belvedere, summer palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy. He had seven palaces.

We then went down to city center where we had 2hrs of free time to shop or eat. We went to a coffee house.

Cathy had soup and I had goulash.

I also had a cup of Julius Meinl espresso.

We then walked back to meet the bus and got back to hotel at 8:45pm.

Thursday 4-26-18 Evening in Vienna

Got to Vienna Central Train Station exactly on time at 2:45pm. A Europa Mondo tour representative was supposed to meet us on Platform 6. We waited on platform for 20 minutes then went down stairs to Platform 6 Waiting Area. Cathy went back to platform several times. We called and they said the driver waited on platform with a placard for 10 minutes. I checked Google Maps for the hotel, 8.9km away. We took a taxi. Nice Serbian driver, Mercedes Benz vehicle. 40 Euros. Tour guide reimbursed us right away.

Checked into Senator Vienna Hotel. Very nice. We are on the fifth floor. They have a 24/7 bar in the lobby. LIDL store next door. Bought beer, water and snacks at LIDL.

Glad I got the plug strip, only 1 receptacle for charging.

There are three beds in the room, 2 pushed together.

The bathroom is real nice.

Will start touring Vienna with group at Noon tomorrow.

The train was fast and ok, but not as nice as the trains last year in Italy.

It is nice to catch up on rest and not have to start until noon.

Wednesday 4-25-18 Afternoon

This afternoon we went shopping in Weiden. We went to Kaufland, a gigantic two story version of a Walmart. An unexpected unbelieveable version of a Walmart. An extensive selection of most everything.

We picked up things for the on going trip and groceries and baby supplies for Kathryn.

I picked up a European plug strip and AC splitter and some batteries for an Ethernet tester. Cathy got some slippers and some energy bars. I got some sausage sticks for the train ride.

Tonight we went back to Schinderhannes for their once a year, during beer week, Beer Soup. It is made with beer, onions and potatoes. It was really good.

There are all kinds of paintings on the wall and the menus are very artistic.

It is also a Bed and Breakfast, starting at 33 Euros per night.

There is a game room and children’s area in the basement.

I am looking forward to going back on our return.

Erik came home with an interesting Kick Start device called Pilot that translates between languages for two people with a smart phone and special ear piece each. It is now in production.

Will be heading to Vienna tomorrow, leaving from Weiden. Kathryn will take us to Weiden in the car.

Wednesday 4-25-18 Rothenstadt Germany

We arrived here yesterday. This is where our daughter Kathryn lives.

We had some trouble catching the bus to Freising from the airport. Couldn’t find the bus stop. Finally got on the train to Weiden with the help of a woman Cathy started talking to at the airport leaving on the same train. Had to change platforms at the last minute. Train stops for about 1 minute.

Kathryn and AJ picked us up at Freising and drove to Rothenstadt.

Toured their very modern home and then went to dinner at Schinderhannes just a couple of blocks away.

We all had schnitzel and potato salad. Each serving large enough for four.

After dinner I had the house liquor Rauber-Bitter

We went back to the house and Erik came about 8:30pm.

Went to bed about 9:30pm.

Sunday 4-22-18 Buxton to Hastings

Left Buxton at 12:50pm and got to Hastings at 6:30pm. Alison had spaghetti and meatballs for us.

After dinner, we went to Spiral Brewery in down town Hastings. This was their Grand Opening weekend. It was a great place with very tasty beer.

At 10:00pm closing, Sean and Alison drove us to the Bloomington Super 8 where we will spend the night.

We will take the 9:00am shuttle to MSP Terminal 1 for our 11:15am flight to Atlanta.

Saturday 4-21-2018 Europe Trip Itinerary

Here is the abbreviated version of the itinerary.

2018 Europe Itinerary

Sunday 4-22-18

08:00AM Leave for Hastings
After noon Visit Spiral Brewery Grand Opening
Evening Check into Airport Super 8

Monday 4-23-18

09:00AM Take shuttle to Airport Terminal 1
11:15AM Depart to Atlanta
02:38PM Arrive Atlanta
05:08PM Depart to Munich

Tuesday 4-24-18

08:40AM Arrive Munich
09:41AM Depart Munich by bus to Freising
09:59AM Arrive Freising
10:08AM Depart by train to Luhe-Wildenau
12:25PM Arrive Luhe-Wildenau – Kathryn will pick us up

Spend two days and nights with Kathryn, Erik and Alessandra

Thursday 4-26-18

10:00AM Depart Luhe-Wildenau by train to Vienna
11:04AM Arrive Regensburg Hbf
11:28AM Depart Regensburg Hbf on ICE 23
02:45 Arrive Vienna

Spend two days and nights in Vienna

Sunday 4-28-18 Take Tours 4 Fun bus to Budapest

Spend two days and nights in Budapest

Tuesday 4-29-18 Take Tours 4 Fun bus to Bratislava and Prague

Spend two days and nights in Prague

Thursday 5-2-18 Take Tours 4 Fun bus to Lauf – Wurzburg – Frankfurt (Main)

Friday 5-3-18

10:10AM DepartFrankfurt (Main) by train to Luhe-Wildenau
02:01PM Arrive Luhe-Wildenau

Spend four days with Kathryn, Erik and Alessandra – visit crystal factory

Tuesday 5-8-18 Take train to Freising

09:04AM Luhe-Wildenau
10:05AM Arrive Regensburg
10:44AM Depart Regensburg
11:48AM Arrive Freising

Wednesday 5-9-18 Take train to Munich

Spend 4 days and nights in Munich – take day trips to surrounding area

Sunday 5-13-18 Take train to Weiden

Spend two days and nights with Kathry, Erik and Alessandra

Wednesday 5-16-18 Weiden to Minneapolis

04:21AM Depart Luhe-Wildenau by train
06:47AM Arrive Freising
07:05AM Depart Fresing on bus
07:22AM Arive Munich Flughafen Terminal 1
10:25AM Depart Munich for Atlanta
02:55PM Arrive Atlanta
04:30PM Depart Atlanta
06:14PM Arrive Minneapolis – hopefully get picked up by someone from Hastings

Today I exercised the Winnebago Adventurer and Jeep Cherokee to charge the batteries and move fuel through the carburetors. Will do the Winnebago Brave on Saturday.  Still a lot of things to pack. Will check two bags and carry on small bags. Still haven’t finished activating the various SIMS for phone and Internet. Most of the snow is now gone in Buxton and we hit 58 degrees today. Joy really enjoyed playing outside today. We were able to play ball in the church parking lot, so she got a good workout. Checked price of WiFi on the flight, $28. That probably isn’t too bad. Will look for some reviews on line to see if streaming is possible.

Leaving for Germany

We will be leaving April 23rd for Germany to see Kathryn, Erik and Alessandra. We will be flying direct from Minneapolis to Munich. We will spend a couple of days with the Olsens and then take an 8 day tour to Vienna, Budapest, Prague and Frankfurt.

We will be back at the Olsens for Alessandra’s first birthday, May 6th.

I will try to do daily BLOG posts. I will be using an RCA 10.1 Viking Pro tablet and my phone for the BLOG posts.

Hope to visit some breweries and museums and take some bus and boat tours.

Will be using a GlocalMe Hotspot for Internet.

I will post our itinerary soon.

Friday July 22, 2016 Last Day of GNR

Today was just like yesterday, hot and humid. Ovenight low was 70 F and the high today was 86 F. The humidity was again 100%. Wind SE at 6mph.

Got up and had coffee and Bismarck. Dug was leaving today.

At 10:00 AM we had the Nodak Flickertails meeting. We went over next month’s campout at Thief river Falls, MN. We decided to spend the garage sale money on ice cream at Scoopy Doos before the entertainment tonight.

Dug left right after the meeting. He has a big lake party to go to tomorrow.

Cathy went to the Club of Excellence meeting with Helen and Joyce. We got the certificate and medal for 2016.

I couldn’t go because I had an appointment with Winegard to look at my OTA antenna at 2:00 PM. The nut holding the shaft had come off. I went up on the roof to hold the antenna while the Winegard person tightened the nut. He unexpectedly swung the antenna and almost knocked me off the roof. Hit me right in the glasses. It didn’t need any parts.

At 3:30 PM Cathy and I went to an induction cooktop seminar at the Winnebago Training Center. Didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know. True Induction cook tops are now available in the all electric Winnebagos.

We all met at Scoopy Doos for ice cream a little after 7:00 PM. During the announcements all the winners of the various games were announced. Several drawings were made to award $25 gift certificates for volunteers.

At 8:00 PM the entertainment, Gaelic Storm started. I really enjoyed them. Cathy thought there were too many bar room songs. They played hard for two hours. They did a lot to get the audience involved. One lucky person got a beer, three got T-shirts.