Lost an Hour Saturday 3-16-19

After a night of continuous generator next door, we awoke to a beautiful warm sunny morning. It was however windy.

Made coffee and bagel while Cathy walked Joy.

Checked the charge lines on Equinox and motorhome. Both were fine. Started the Equinox and let it run for 5 minutes.

Pulled out of the Elks lot at 8:45AM. An hour and a half later stopped at Eloy Flying J. The RV Islands weren’t working. Pulled up to an end island and went in and gave them my card so I could pump 60 gallons.

Drove on to Tucson in heavy traffic. Continued on past Benson and stopped at Texas Canyon Rest Area. This is a beautiful area of big boulders

We parked next to a portable bathroom

Joy always gets on dash at stops

The desert is quite green with yellow flowers

Got to New Mexico Border at 2:30PM Arizona time and immediately lost an hour

And a second sign

Stopped at Lordsville, NM Welcome Center

They have sheltered picnic tables and restrooms

Listened to NASCAR Xfinity race on XM Radio

Got to Escapees Dreamcatcher Park at 5:30PM just as it was closing. Opted for full hookups for $20 so we could run electric heat. It was 43F as we got there. We got space 46.

We traveled 330 miles today and 125 miles yesterday.

Had Beef Broccoli on Rice and Ramen Noodles and lettuce salad.

Watched Matlock and Bob Newhart

Gila Bend Friday 3-15-19

Sunny and windy again. Overnight low 54F and high today in Gila Bend 75F. Wind from the east 20mph.

Made coffee and toasted bagel. Took Joy for a walk.

Finished Equinox charge line.

Then finished motor home rear end of charge line

Then connected to chassis battery

Pulled Equinox behind motorhome to load. Couldn’t get the Honda security chain unlocked

Cathy worked on it and got it unlocked

I loaded the Equinox and we hooked it up to motorhome

Cathy took some things over to Christian Service Center thrift store.

I went over and filled our drinking water jugs

Pulled in the slides and raised the jacks

Went up on mesa and filled water and dumped tanks

Headed to Gila Bend via Dome Valley and I-8. Lots of agriculture in Dome Valley

Stopped for night at Gila Bend Elks Lodge

They have a new building

Nice bar

And family friendly, notice kids couch. Kids were playing in the bar.

We had fish and a beer

Entrance was pretty after dark

Neighbors are running their generators continuously.

Watched Gold Rush.

Windy Thursday 3-14-19

Nice sunny morning but windy. Overnight low 54F. High today 68F.

Took Joy out. She had trouble peeing it was so windy.

Made coffee and toasted last bagel from Dollar Tree. Made the new coffee we got at Walmart yesterday, Cafe La Llave

I like it, it is a lot like Cafe Bustelo

Sorted things out and raised bed to store extra bedding.

Checked weather on Weather Underground

We were running low on water, so went up to mesa and got 10 gallons. Pumped it into motorhome and turned on water heater.

Took Joy for a walk.

This is what Ocotillo Flats looks like from road

And across the road

Finished the charge line on the motorhome by adding the ground line.

Worked on the Equinox end of the charge line. Found out there isn’t an easy way to get to battery from grill. Decided to use 14 gauge speaker wire and run over top of grill. Couldn’t find a 14 gauge 1/4″ ring crimp connector. Decided to go in to Yuma and get them.

Went to Harbor Freight, one of the assortments had them.

Decided to get something to eat at Sam’s Club. Had a slice of pepperoni pizza and drink for $2.49.

Tried to get a loaf of Oregon Cinnamon Raisin bread, but they were out. The Yuma Palms Shopping Center was a pretty picture as we left.

We went in on S24 through Bard, but I didn’t want to drive that road in the dark so went back on US-95 and YPG. We had a green light last time we went that way, red light tonight

Decided to finish charge line in the morning

Watched Young Sheldon, FAM and Law and Order SVU

Last Trip to Yuma Wednesday 3-13-19

Day was nice and sunny but windy. Overnight low was 49F and high today was 73F. Winds gusting to 40mph.

Made coffee and toasted bagel. Joy was slow to get up this morning.

We had a visitor this morning, an egret

Took Joy for a walk. We saw Dick, Kendra and Buddy out walking. Met up with them. They had found a blooming cactus by their RV

Came back to the motorhome and played ball.

Joy and I walked up on hill to take some final pictures. This is where we are camped at Ocotillo Flats. We are upper left.

About 2:00PM we made our last trip to Yuma. I wanted some parts for Equinox charge line. Stopped at Wally’s World. Thought it was too expensive. Then stopped and bought at RV Connection, almost half the price.

Then stopped at Pacific Walmart. Dog treats, rootbeer, deviled egg potato salad and chicken salad.

Then a stop at 99 Cent Only for cookies and other snacks

Then Harbor Freight for split loom

Then gas for Honda generator at Circle K

Then out S24 to Bard for last mail check. There was a beautiful sunset at the post office

Got back to the motorhome and played ball with Joy.

Had salami and chicken on Kaiser roll sandwiches with potato salad for dinner.

Watched Chicago Med, House Hunters and Whyskey Cavalier.

More Dumping Tuesday 3-12-19

Woke to clouds, but no rain. Forecast said rain until 1:00PM, but we had partly sunny. Batteries were charged by noon. Overnight low 54F and high today was 68F. Yuma had heavy rain.

Walked Joy and made coffee and toasted bagel. The Dollar Tree Cinnamon and Raisin bagels aren’t as good as those from 99 Cent Only.

Played ball with Joy in case it would rain.

Took Joy on a long walk. Stopped at Dick and Kendra’s. Buddy wanted to play, but Joy just ignored him. Mentioned I had to haul black water and offered to loan the “Blue Boy” portable waste container to them.

I went back to motorhome to haul black water. It started to sprinkle, so I put it off.

Dick called and asked if he could watch to see how to haul the waste water. I told him to come over. We dumped and hauled our black water. I suggested we do theirs. We proceeded to dump and haul their black and gray water. Dick was a quick learner

Here is Dick hooking up to their trailer

And here he is dumping

Dumping portable waste tank video

On trip up to the dump we saw a pickup on edge of road. They were taking a picture of a blooming cactus

Played ball again with Joy

It was a beautiful evening.

Made tacos for dinner

Watched NCIS, FBI and NCIS New Orleans

Rainy Day Monday 3-11-19

Cloudy this morning turning to rain most of the day. Low overnight 54F and high today 65F. Rain should end in the morning.

Took Joy out early. Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Watched GMA and TMZ Live.

Got things packed up and put away before rain started.

Had someone from British Columbia park in the driveway

There are lots of flowers blooming, including a Dessert Lily

And lots of tiny flowers

Joy didn’t get to play ball because of the rain. Solar didn’t totally charge batteries, so had to run generator.

We had Bird’s Eye Margarita Chicken for dinner. I really enjoyed it, expensive at $1.50 per serving.

Watched Laura Ingram, Magnum P.I. and The Good Doctor. Local weather program said it was 36F in Fargo today. Called Terry in Buxton, he said it was only 19F in Fargo today.

We Didn’t Lose an Hour Sunday 3-10-19

A nice morning. Sunny and clear. No wind. Overnight low was 46F. High today was 68F.

Arizona doesn’t change to Day Light Savings Time. Makes it really confusing. We have 2 times during the winter, Arizona Time and California Time. Now they are the same.

Joy got up early and wanted to go out. She was interested in bugs.

Made coffee and toasted a bagel. Watched Meet the Press and Fox News.

Cathy was late getting up, so made a second pot of coffee with inverter.

Took Joy for a long walk along Ferguson Road. Saw some tiny bees working on the flowers.

Got the wire for the Equinox charge line measured and in the split loom.

Played ball with Joy.

Watched the Phoenix NASCAR race on Fox 9.2 OTA. Kyle Busch won. He also won the Xfinity race yesterday. With about 25 laps to go, Dick, Kendra and Buddy came by. I took Joy out to see Buddy and went back in to watch end of race.

After race I crawled under motorhome to install charge line. Not much fun pulling 30′ of wire under there

Had peanut butter and marmalade sandwiches with coleslaw for dinner.

Watched 60 Minutes, Mediterranean Life, Caribbean Life and Ice Road Truckers.

Helped Neighbor Saturday 3-9-19

Mostly sunny day. Overnight low 46F and high today 67F. Very little wind.

Usual coffee and bagel for breakfast.

Took Joy for a walk and ended up helping neighbor with 5th wheel reinstall his awning fabric

We got it all in

There still seems to be a problem with the rafter arm. It is an electric awning.

Played ball with Joy

Drove into Yuma, stopping to dropoff garbage at Quail Hill and post office in Bard.

First stop was to wash Equinox

Then Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree was busy.

On the way to Walmart on 32nd St we drove past the air show at the airport. Saw several old military planes in the air.

Picked up a few things at Walmart then went on to Fortuna 99 Cent Only.

Listened to Phoenix Xfinity NASCAR race on XM Radio while in car.

When we got back to motorhome I played ball with Joy. Then made hamburgers on Blackstone griddle.

Had sauteed onions with mushrooms and avocado slices on Kaiser bun

Watched 48 Hours

A Day Inside Friday 3-8-19

Windy all night and continuing all day. Overnight low was 49F and high today was 69F. Wind was gusting over 30mph all day. It was sunny all day.

Stayed in and watched TV all day. GMA, TMZ Live, Fox News, Outnumbered, Live With Kelly and Ryan, House Hunters, Wheel of Fortune, Gold Rush, Hawaii 50 and Blue Bloods.

About noon, Dick from across the road came by. Neither his or Kendra’s phone hotspot would work. He wanted to look up the phone number of the Dodge dealer to call about an oil change. The Dodge dealer is also Fisher. I told him about our experience. Looked up the number for him.

We had Michelina’s Fettucine Alfredo Primavera with extra vegetables for dinner. It was tasty.

Will probably go in to Yuma tomorrow morning and then try to get the charge line run.

Wake Up Surprise Thursday 3-7-19

Mostly sunny today, overcast at times. Low overnight was 55F. High today 78F. Mostly calm during day, but 26mph gusting over 30mph after dark.

Was awakened by a lot of vehicles just outside, opened door to this

Evidently Ocotillo Flats was the start of an ATV trail ride

None of the vehicles had permits, they soon had this on their windshields

Made the usual coffee and bagel breakfast.

Chores today were emptying black and grey tanks and filling fresh water

Dumped the black water

Then took it up to the dump station

Then filled the fresh water

Using this pump

Those were $29.95 at Harbor Freight, but are no longer available. The replacement is $45.

Talked Cathy into going over to meet Dick and Kendra. As we started across the road the ATV’s returned

ATVs Returning Video

Dick and Kendra found a site with a flower garden. It was made by people from Alberta that left the morning Dick & Kendra got there. They are maintaining and adding to it.

And humming birds

They also have what look like humming birds but are actually a type of month.

Went back across road and made hot dogs and beans for dinner

Played ball with Joy

Watched the Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Mom, FAM and For the People.