Wednesday 3-18-20 Fort Irwin

Sunny and cool this morning. Overnight low was 44F at Sawtooth Canyon and a high of 56F at Ft Irwin.

Got up and started coffee when Joy started complaining. I wasn’t dressed yet, do put her out on her tie out.

Started generator and furnace. Plugged in a space heater

Got dressed and toasted a bagel.

Got things ready to move in the motorhome.

Brought in the slide and brought the Jack’s up.

Hooked the Equinox up and we were ready to leave.

Drove to the Flying J on I-15 west of Barstow. First filled with propane, it only took 6 gallons. Then pulled ahead and filled with gas

It took 49.7 gallons, under 6 mph because of the grades

Went to Barstow Walmart. They have a nice area to park RVs

The bread aisle had bare shelves

as did the canned goods

and paper products

Luckily the liquor was fully stocked. I got a box of wine. Also got coffee and cookies.

We got to the Fort Irwin Visitor Center at 2:45PM. Kathryn met us and we quickly got our passes.

Drove to the RV Park. Didn’t appear to have a viable entrance. Street had signs, no RVs or trailers. Found a rough kind of entrance

and went to Site 51. Very nice

This was the Grand Opening of the RV Park Addition and we saw the Ribbon Cutting

Went to Kathryn and Eriks house. AJ was glad to see us. Joy and AJ played nicely.

Kathryn made a Strawberry Spinach Salad and Potato Soup for dinner.

We watched the Grand Tour “International Buffoons’ Vacation.”

Tuesday 3-17-20 St Patrick’s Day

Nice sunny day but cool. Overnight low was 45F and high today was 52F. The wind did finally let up.

Got up and took Joy for a walk before breakfast.

Made breakfast and watched President on TV.

Took Joy for a long walk around Sawtooth Canyon Campground. We visited most of the sites. The rocks are beautiful

We must have walked about 2 miles.

There is a rock climbing area called ” New Jack City” by the Rock climbers. The historic name is “Traer Agua” which means “bring water.”

There are 13 campsites with a Ramada, picnic table, fire pit, and BBQ grill.

We are in #2

The elevation is 3606′

Verizon signal is good with 14Mbs download. Couldn’t get AT&T Internet.

Spent the day watching TV.

Made Pot Stickers and Brown Rice with Quinoa for dinner.

Watched Acorn TV. “Murdoch Mysteries,” “Murder is My Life,” and “Strike Out.”

Monday 3-16-20 La Quinta to Sawtooth Canyon

Another perfect sunny day. Overnight low 50F. Sunny all day but windy as we went through the valleys on CA Route 62. High at Sawtooth Canyon was 58F. Wind was 20 mph according to the weather app, but I think it was and remains higher.

Got up and toasted a bagel and made coffee.

Cathy took Joy for a walk.

I got things put away inside the motorhome. Then filled the tank with water. Had to use two hoses.

Got the Equinox ready for tow. Drove the motorhome over to dump station. There was a travel trailer taking for ever to dump

He kept rinsing his holding tanks.

Met a man from Riding Mountain, Manitoba. He and wife had a short Skamp travel trailer. It doesn’t have a gray water tank. They use a 5 gallon bucket. He was at the dump station dumping the bucket.

Finally got on our way. Dropped our window cards for Lake Cahuilla at the exit

Headed out on I-10. Went about 20 miles to CA Route 62. Headed into Morongo Valley, the first of 3 valleys with steep grades.

Next was Yucca Valley. Down to 30 mph at top of grade. Yucca Valley is really built up with a lot of houses and shopping.

Turned onto CA Route 247 and drove through Lucerne Valley. The top of the grade was only a few miles to Sawtooth Canyon, our destination.

We got to Sawtooth Canyon BLM campground at 3:00PM.

I walked around and picked out a spot. Unhooked the Equinox and drove to the campsite.

Waited awhile for wind to abate. It didn’t, so took Joy for a walk. She didn’t like the wind, but liked the rocks and started climbing on a large one.

Made Ham Salad Sandwiches for dinner.

Watched “All Rise,” “Bull,” and WDAY News.

Sunday 3-15-20 Dug and Rhoda Visit

Another perfect day. Sunny and no wind. Overnight low was 51F and high today was 73F.Got up and made the usual bagel and coffee breakfast.Took Joy on a long walk through Dry Camping and back.Watched the Sunday Fox News programs.Got a call from Dug. We had planned on eating with them today. They had delivered their motorhome to the buyers that had flown in from Minnesota. Said they didn’t want to eat in a restaurant. They said they would be over in 1/2 hr.I put the awning out and got out 4 chairs.2 hrs later they showed up.We had a good conversation. They decided to cancel their Alaska trip. They had stopped to shop on the way to Lake Cahuilla. Stores were sold out of paper goods, rice, pasta, canned goods and bakery items.We went to ALDI. Put a quarter in a cart and went in

They were fairly well stocked.Went on to 99 Cent Only

Got paper towels, some produce and beer from Laos.

Went into Smart & Final Iris next door. They were totally sold out of the same things.Stopped at Ralph’s. Got the last

package of hot dog buns

Got some brats and the salad dressing I was looking for.Went back to motorhome.Retracted the awningHad brats and coleslaw.Watched NCIS and Fargo News.

Saturday 3-14-20 Yuma to La Quinta Lake Cahuilla

Mostly sunny today. Overnight low in Yuma was 53F and the high in Laquinta this afternoon was 70F.

We got up early. Cathy went to the Clubhouse for a shower. Had the usual breakfast and got things inside the motorhome ready to go. Put the hitch on the Equinox. Pulled in the slides and raised the Jack’s. We were ready to go right at 10:00AM the time we planned on leaving

Had to stop by the office to pay the electric bill.

Headed out on 3E. Stopped at Love’s to fill before California


Headed west on I-8. At El Centro headed north on CA-111. At Brawley got on CA-78 & CA-86. Went through Border Patrol check where CA-78 heads west to Julian.

Went through Salton City which has grown quite a bit.

Got to Lake Cahuilla at 2:00PM.

Got set up in site 26

Took Joy for a walk through the Dry Camping Area and along lake.

At 5:00PM we headed to ALDI and Trader Joe’s.

Stopped first at ALDI

It was closed. New hours to allow them to get restocked

Went to Trader Joe’s across the street

They were open. Bought a few things including 5 Cheese Greek Spiral. They have Charles Shaw wine for $1.99.

Got back to motorhome and baked the 5 Cheese Greek Spiral in the convection oven

Had the Greek Spiral and lettuce salad for dinner

Watched Fox News

Friday 3-13-20 Friday the 13th

Mostly cloudy to partly sunny today. Overnight low was 53F and the high today was 71F. No rain today.

Toasted a bagel and made coffee for breakfast. Walked Joy to the dumpster.

Talked to Tom and Pat next to us on the west.

Checked out things on the Internet.

Made a ham sandwich for lunch.

At 3:00PM took Joy to the Dog Park. Played ball for 45 minutes.

Went back to motorhome and across the street to Bill’s for Happy Hour.

Sierra is a nice Hostess

Made a Ham and Potatoes Skillet for dinner

Called Larry, our neighbor at home. Still a lot of snow there.

Watched “McGyver,” “Hawaii Five O,” and “Blue Bloods.”

Went to Clubhouse and took a shower. Nice shower room.

Even have a scale

Friday the 13th passed without fire consequences.

Thursday 3-12-20 Shopping at Walmart

Cloudy with 1″ of rain predicted for today. Overnight low was 52F and high today was 68F. The rain didn’t materialize. A couple drops, nothing measurable.

Had the usual bagel and coffee breakfast. Walked Joy down to dumpster and got rid of our garbage.

Checked things on the Internet.

Made a ham sandwich for lunch.

Cathy saw some shoes she liked in a Walmart, but they didn’t have her size. She has been checking every Walmart since to no avail. We were going to check the two Walmarts that we haven’t been to yet.

Thought stopping at Peanut Patch would raise our spirits on a gloomy day

We picked up 1 1/2# of fudge, 6 different kinds. We also had two scoops of ice cream each.

Headed to Avenue B Walmart. The Street Lights at 3E and 32nd Street were out

Made crossing that intersection tricky.

Got to Avenue B Walmart. Checked for Coated 325 gr Aspirin. The app showed it in stock. Couldn’t find it on the shelf. An Associate checked and couldn’t find it in the items to be stocked, said it must be still in the back. Cathy didn’t have luck with shoes or Sanitary Wipes. We didn’t need any, but they were also out of Toilet Paper.

Headed to 99 Cent Only on 4th Avenue. Got lettuce and canned mushrooms for dinner.

Headed to East 32nd Street Walmart

We hit the jack pot there. Shoes, wipes and Aspirin.

Headed back to KOFA Ko-op via 5E. Some very nice houses.

Made Egg Noodles, with Brown Gravy, Mushrooms and Onions and Lettuce Salad. Made it in the Dash Express Hot Pot. Works nicely for Pasta. Boils extremely fast and Lid has a Strainer Lid. Boiled the Pasta in it, drained then poured Gravy, Mushrooms and Onions into it and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

Watched “The Deputy,” “Law & Order SVU,” and Fargo News on Sling.

Went over to Clubhouse and filled water bottles with RO water.

Watched Fox News

Wednesday 3-11-20 Los Algodonnes

Rained off and on all night. Overnight low 61F and high today 68F. Sprinkled off and on all day.

Power went off at 3:00AM and was restored at about 8:00AM.

Had bagel and coffee for breakfast. Walked Joy over to the dumpster.

At 10:00AM we headed to Los Algodonnes. The Indian Parking Lot was pretty full

Found someone just leaving so got a place in “A” row near the border

I was looking for Albuterol Tablets, cheapest I could find was $16.42 for 30 tablets. Decided just to get more Albuterol Inhalers, 3 for $6.99. Enalapril was out of stock when I wanted it refilled so got 4 bottles of 100 for $2.49 ea. I bought them at the Liquis Pharmacy

The line at the border wasn’t bad and we passed across in about 20 minutes

Cathy bought a couple of things for Alessandra.

Stopped at Post Office in Bard to make sure there was nothing in the box. There wasn’t. Last year a check was put in box instead of being forwarded.

Stopped at Dollar Tree and Bed Bath and Beyond in Las Palmillas Shopping Center. Got a few things at Dollar Tree. It is a large very nice store. Bought a Dash Express Hot Pot and Mini Griddle at Bed Bath and Beyond to use up a Gift Card.

Went to Pacific Ave. Walmart to pick up Cathy’s prescription. We ate at the McDonald’s there. The parking lot was flooded

When we got back to KOFA Ko-op there were 5 Electricians working on the power outage


Problem was a nick in Service Cable when originally installed and shorted when conduit filled with water.

Went to Bill’s across the street for Happy Hour

Cathy and Joy also went. There were 2 other dogs there.

Had bacon sandwiches for dinner.

Watched Modern Family.

Tuesday 3-10-20 Rainy Day

Rain started last night at 11:00PM. Overnight low was 59F and high today was 73F. Rain let up from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. Total rain for 24 hrs was .28″

Made toast and coffee for breakfast.

Took Joy to the Dog Park and played ball.

Cathy was planning on joining David’s psychologist appointment today via video, but found out one wasn’t scheduled.

After talking to Dug, we decided to stay here through Friday and leave on Saturday. I made reservations at Cahuilla Lake at La Quinta, CA. We will meet Dug and Rhoda on Sunday for dinner.

Checked out the pool

and Hot Tub area

Decided not to go to Los Algodonnes until tomorrow.

I decided to get a haircut at Sport Clips. Cathy decided to go along. I dropped Cathy off at Yuma Palms and went across 16th Street to Sport Clips.

After haircut I picked up Cathy and we went to Sam’s Club and collected the year’s Cash Back from the Sam’s Club MasterCard. We got $323 back.

Started raining fairly heavy as we came out of Sam’s Club.

Went to 99 Cent Only. Parking Lot was flooded

Got some produce at 99 Cent Only.

Went to Pacific Ave. Walmart, so Cathy could order a prescription.

Made risotto with left over beef and topped it with sauteed asparagus and tomatoes

Watched “FBI” and “FBI Most Wanted”

Monday 3-9-20 We Move to Escapees KOFA Ko-op in Yuma

Another beautiful morning, sunny and warm over night low was 57F. The high in Yuma was 75F.

Got up and made breakfast. I made toast and coffee.

Took Joy for a walk.

Got everything put away in the motorhome and then filled with water and dumped the holding tanks

Pulled out of Rover’s Roost at Noon

Headed west on I-8. The desert is really beautiful right now

West of Gila Bend we saw a Semi Trailer that had burned

Somebody won’t be getting their house hold goods.

Got to KOFA Ko-op south of Yuma at 3:15PM.

It is a nice park with 152 lots. Two are reserved for managers.

The rent is $23/day. The weekly rate is $100. We were assigned Lot 61. It is very nice

Our neighbor to the west, Tom came over and introduced himself and invited us to Happy Hour across the street at 4:00PM. Our neighbor to the east, Robert also came over.

I took Joy down to the 7 acre Dog Park

It will be a nice place to play ball

The Welcome Committee stopped by with useful gifts

Joy really likes the braided bone.

Went to the Pacific Ave. Walmart for Holding Tank Treatment. Also got some of the new Dawn Spray on Dishwashing Detergent.

Had Olive Garden “Take One” lasagna for dinner.

Watched Bull.