Tuesday 5-4-21 Artichokes

Absolutely perfect weather. Overnight low 49F and high 63F. Sunny and no wind

Watched GMA

Made coffee and sliced a bagel with new slicer

It worked perfectly.

Watched Kelly Clarkson Show

Took Joy for a walk. There is only one other RV left in the park

We headed north on Hwy-1 to Castroville and Pezzini Farms for Artichokes

They have a lot of other things besides artichokes.

They have all sizes of artichokes

We put together a case of Large and Xtra Large

We filled the box

Also bought some Baby Artichokes and a California Artichoke Cookbook from California Artichoke Advisory Board and Recipes and Info from Pezzini Farms

Went back to motorhome.

Cathy had on line meeting with David and his psychologist.

Cathy, Joy and I went to Kathryn’s. Sat out on the porch and called my friend Dean in Texas. He has downsized from a Foretravel motorhome to an ambulance he has converted to a camper. It has stormed a lot in Fredericksburg. He will be heading north and west.

Joy was sitting on Kathryn’s lap

The neighbors dog Kili was also there and Joy wasn’t nasty

Erik brought me a beer

Erik got busy making dinner

He grilled artichokes for an appetizer using his neighbor Jake’s recipe

They turned out great

Erik also grilled a Pork Tenderloin and made Rice-a-Roni

It made a great dinner

Went back to motorhome and watched Wheel of Fortune, Frazier, Blackish and Big Sky.

Monday 5-3-21 Walmart in Marina

Perfect day. Sunny and no wind. 51F overnight and 67F for a high.

Usual bagel and coffee for breakfast.

Watched GMA, the View and 25 Words.

Walked Joy. The RV park is about empty.

We have a new neighbor behind us in a rental motorhome

The view of the bay is nice today

We drove up Hwy 1 to the Walmart in Marina, about 9 mi north

The building was once a K-Mart.

Cathy was looking for Equate Exfoliating Wipes. The app said the were in Aisle B1, but no one could find them. Got toilet paper, some chocolate muffins and Cathy bought a close out hat.

Stopped at 7-11 for Diesel

Diesel was the same price as Regular Gas


Went back to motorhome and picked up Joy.

Went to Kathryn’s. Sat out front

Had a Hong Kong San Migel Lite beer when Erik Joined us.

Kathryn got my Amazon package out of the Mail Box. It was the Bagel Cutter

Kathryn made Roast Vegetables & Sausage for dinner.

After dinner we watched the rest of “Chasing Bubbles.”

On the way back to motorhome stopped at Trader Joe’s for snacks.

Watched “Sell This House” and YouTube videos.

Sunday 5-2-21 Shopping

Sunny today and breezy. Low overnight 53F and high today 61F.

Made coffee and toasted a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel.

It’s hard to slice these large bagels, so I ordered a Bagel Slicer from Amazon. It should be here tomorrow.

Watched Fox News and “Leave Everything and Wander” on YouTube.

Planned return route home. I-5 to I-80 to I-94. 1900 miles. Will start home on Saturday.

Route Home

Went shopping to buy some things for Kathryn.

First stop was Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. Got Chicken Breasts and Meatballs for Kathryn. Got 1 liter Perrier for 99 cents. They had 6 packs of Hong Kong San Migel Light for $3.99. I really like it.

Next stop was Dollar Tree for Toothpaste and Pee Pads. They didn’t have the Pee Pads, but did have a Water Dispenser to fill our drinking water bottles

Went to Target for Pee Pads.

Went back to motorhome and picked up Joy.

Went to Kathryn’s and sat out front with Erik and Kathryn.

Listened to end of NASCAR Kansas Race on phone. Kyle Busch won. It was also his birthday.

NDSU got beat by Sam Houston State 24 to 20 in Texas.

UND got beat by James Madison 34 to 21 in Virginia.

Had Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner.

Watched “Chasing Bubbles” on YouTube. Only got half way through, so will finish tomorrow.

Went back to motorhome. Watched “No Ordinary Path and ” Itchy Boots” on YouTube and the “Rookie” on OTA.

Saturday 5-1-21 Start of AJ’s Birthday Week

Partly sunny. Low of 53F and high of 62F.

Coffee and bagel with cinnamon sugar for breakfast.

Took Joy for a walk.

Neighbor behind us with 5th wheel has left and a big diesel pusher with big family is taking it’s place.

Left at 10:30AM to meet family at Dust Bowl Brewing Co for AJ’s birthday party. We got there first.

Had to pay for parking

Got 2 hrs which I had to extend

Went smoothly today. We were first in line

We got a table on the patio

I ordered a Hobo Pilsner. Erik got some Nachos from the Taco Wagon

Erik’s friends Andrew and Omar from Russian School and West Point came.

Andrew brought a present

I had to wear a wrist band to show I was 21

Second round I ordered a Sour Ale. I really liked it and bought a Growler of Sour Ale to take home.

We walked to Downtown Monterey for ice cream

We went to Revival Ice Cream

I ordered a dish of Carmel Sea Salt, didn’t know when I ordered it that it was non dairy

It wasn’t very good.

Went back to car and drove back to motorhome.

Met the neighbor in front of us. They were from northern California and have a very nice German Shepherd.

Took Joy for a walk.

Went to Kathryn’s.

She made Tempura Shrimp, Chicken, Broccoli and Fried Rice. Had a Modelo Negra with dinner.

Went back to motorhome and watched Shark Tank and Broken Wood Mysteries.

Friday 4-30-21 Easy Day in Motorhome

Another nice day. 51F for a low and 59F for a high. Sunny and breezy.

Coffee snd bagel for breakfast.

Watched GMA, Kelly Clarkson and YouTube videos.

Took Joy for a walk.

Cathy went into Exercise Area to take a shower. There wasn’t a women’s shower.

Watched GMA3 and more YouTube videos. I think I am all caught up on YouTube videos.

At 3:30PM we went to Kathryn’s. Erik was home, but Kathryn took the kids to the doctor to start the process to take them overseas. Joy ran all over the house looking for the kids.

Cathy took a shower.

I went to the Mini Mart with Erik to get beer. We went in his 1966 Jeep. Got Modelo Negra and Guiness Draught.

Ordered Pepperoni Pizza from Mountain Mikes

It was a 20″ Pepperoni

Sat on the couch snd watched TV with AJ and Joy.

Left for the motorhome at 7:30PM.

Saw 2 deer at bottom of hill last night and tonight.

Watched TV

Thursday 4-29-21 Old Fisherman’s Wharf

Another sunny day. 47F overnight. It was supposed to get to 75F today, but only got to 61F.

Made coffee and toasted a bagel from Whole Foods. Plain bagel with orange marmalade. Very good bagel, Cathy even had one.

Watched GMA.

Walked Joy. There are a lot of wild poppys.

Watched some YouTube videos.

We decided to go to downtown and the wharfs.

We parked in Lot H. You have to prepay at one of the machines

Tried all of my credit cards, it couldn’t read any of them.

Went to Harbor Master Building and changed a $5 bill to Dollar Coins

Payed for 3 hours

Walked to the Yacht Club

Walked south along the harbor. There are benches named after the missions

Including San Luis Rey, the one I was married in

Went by an honest beggar

Got to the Customs House built by the Spanish

Went to Old Fisherman’s Wharf

It is all restaurants and souvenir stores

There is a parking meter where you can donate to the Homeless

Met a woman with 2 Basenjis

I found a penny on the ground yesterday at Rite Aid, put it in the machine on the wharf and made a souvenir

A lot of boats in the slips

Stopped at Trader Joe’s on way back to motorhome

Bought some more German beer.

Picked up Joy and went to Kathryn’s.

Had one of the Thai beers

Erik grilled chicken and made the colorful pasta we bought at Trader Joe’s

AJ ate everything on her plate.

Went back to motorhome and watched YouTube videos.

Wednesday 4-28-21 we Go to Seaside

Perfect day weather wise. Overnight low 47F and high 66F. Sunny snd no wind.

Out of bagels so had toast and coffee.

Watched GMA.

Took Joy for a walk.

Cathy wanted to get her hair cut, so put her name on the list at Great Clips. Showed it would be 1/2 hr. We drove over there and called in, they said it would be 1/2 hr. Went to Rite Aid Drug to look around

Went back to Great Clips and called in, they said it would be an hour. Cathy canceled.

Drove out to World Market at Seaside

Bought several discounted items.

Stopped at the Target

Looked bad from the outside, but very nice and extremely large on the inside. Picked up some diapers for Aksel.

Went back to motorhome and picked up Joy.

Went to Kathryn’s.

I went to Whole Foods and got some beer, cheese and bagels.

Sat on front porch with a beer. AJ brought Joy out to stay with me. All the neighbor kids came over to pet her.

Erik finished school and joined me on porch with a beer.

Kathryn served a great dinner of chicken. Brussels Sprouts and rice.

Said goodnight to the kids and went back to the motorhome. Some people were just coming out of Elks Club and raved over Joy. They had a dog just like her they rescued off the street and named her Ruby Tuesday. He was a car buff and had a car with a large motor and drag racing slicks.

Watched the ABC commentary on Biden’s speech. All the network programming was messed up.

Watched Fox News and YouTube.

Tuesday 4-27-21 Whole Foods

Nice day. Sunny, 64F and 49F overnight.

Watched GMA.

Made coffee and ate the last Glazed Honey Bun.

Took Joy for a walk.

Watched Biden talk about masks.

Left for Whole Foods. Kathryn was having Tacos for dinner and wanted Guacamole and Pico de Galo. Parked at Whole Foods Exit

It was a very nice store. Bought what Kathryn wanted and some chips and Mexican Sparkling Water.

Went to Kathryn’s. Also brought along the fresh vegetables we had in the motorhome.

Tried the Tortilla Chips, Sea Salt & Lime, very good.

Sat out on the front porch to make some phone calls.

Had a beer and talked to Erik when he finished studying.

Dinner was really good.

Said good night to everyone and headed to motorhome. Maps couldn’t find directions. Cathy’s phone worked.

Got back to motorhome and checked phone. I had put it in Airplane Mode to save battery and forgot to switch it back.

Watched 2 episodes of Frazier, Blackish and Big Sky.

Monday 4-26-21 We Check in at Elk’s Lodge

Cool over night was 47F and high today 59F. Sunny with 8 mph wind.

After coffee and Glazed Honey Bun we went into Elk’s Lodge office and payed for two weeks.

There is a nice pool area

and a great view

We got a key card to access the building

Took Joy for a walk.

We got to Kathryn’s at 1:00PM. Aksel was eating

Watched some YouTube videos on Apple TV

Went with Kathryn to pick up AJ at school. On the way we stopped at PetCo to buy balls for Joy

AJ’s school is right across from the Navy Post Graduate School campus

It was a busy place and AJ was enjoying it.

On the way back Kathryn gave me a tour of the La Mesa Military Housing Development.

When we got back AJ played ball with Joy. They both had a good time.

Joined Erik and Aksel for a beer on the porch. Met their neighbor, a Marine working on an MBA at the Navy Post Graduate School.

Kathryn made a great Roasted Vegetable and Sausage dinner.

Went back to motorhome and watched Mayberry RFD and the Big Bank Theory.

Sunday 4-25-21 San Ardo to Monterey

Cool 51F and overcast this morning.

Very quiet night at Ranch 43.

Was worried about the Airstream needing to leave before us. With our bedroom slide out there wasn’t a lot of room.

Took Joy out for a walk. Made coffee and ate a Glazed Honey Bun.

Made the bed and pulled the slide in.

Watched some YouTube videos.

Airstream didn’t leave until 10:00AM and then backed up and out the entrance instead of going by us to exit. Did a good job of backing up.

We went in and said good bye and thank you to Gregg and Grant.

Joy played a little with Rex

She did some high speed runs to show off to Grant. Gregg wants to take his English Pointer puppy to the Dakotas pheasant hunting.

Took off down US-101. Highway is in very good condition, the scenery beautiful.

We turned off US-101 onto CA-68. Passed Laguna Seca race track. We took it to CA-1. We got into Monterey and had to drive though narrow neighborhood streets with crazy drivers.

Got to Elks Lodge and it was locked. Cathy called the person she reserved with. Assigned us Space 11. Unhooked Equinox, battery charged and no errors. Parked motorhome

Put jacks down and slides out. Hooked up 50 amp power.

Listened to end of NASCAR Talladega race. Brad Keselowski won.

Tried Verizon, Visible and AT&T, no useable Internet. WiFi from Elks Lodge just barely worked.

Kathryn wanted us to come at 2:30PM.

Went to Kathryn’s. AJ and Aksel seemed to have grown since Las Vegas.

Spent some time with them.

Chatted online with T-mobile about coverage at Elk’s Lodge, said it was good. Went to T-mobile store about a mile away. Bought a Hotspot and $50 200GB plan.

Kathryn had dinner ready when I got back. Wonderful Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Went back to motorhome at 7:30PM so AJ could go to bed.

Went to motorhome and setup Hotspot. It works great. Also scanned local OTA TV Channels into TVs. 49 local digital channels.

Watched local news and weather and Oscar Awards summary.