Saturday 3-27-21 Almost Ready to Leave

We needed another day to get ready and the weather said it was snowing in Bismarck.

Started overcast, but about 10:00AM the sun came out and we had a beautiful day. High was 45F.

I started by sealing our leaky windshield with T-Rex Waterproof All Weather tape.

It came in 5′ lengths so had to do a right and a left side

While I had the ladder out I Rain-X treated the windshield.

Next got out 3 hoses and filled the water tank from the faucet on south side of house

Then across front yard and under the motorhome

and then into the Gravity Fill

After filling the tank I moved the hose to the City Fill and filled the Water Heater.

The Water Heater fired on the second attempt.

Checked the Kitchen Sink, Vanity. Shower, Toilet and Outdoor Shower. All worked.

Put the Tow Bar on the Equinox

Then the Magnetic Lights on the rear

Then brought out the Honda EU2000i Generator and 20# Propane Tank.

Started the Honda and let it run gor awhile and then loaded them

Joy and I then went over to Wilson’s for a break, to say Good Bye and give Larry his orders. He has tp take our dumpsters out and put a UPS shipment in the house on Wednesday. While I was there my dister Jeanne called wondering where we were.

Hauled more out and loaded it into the Basement Compartments

Made Hamburgers for dinner with Potato Salad.

After dinner started hauling food out to motorhome refrigerator


Meat and Cheese

Will load Freezer Compartment just before we leave.

Cathy and Joy made the bed

I raised the bed so we could store under it

Joy got into it and found a Christmas Dog Toy

I then hot cleaning supplies out of the Organized Under Sink Storage

Then cleaned the Head.

Hope to get a fairly early start on Sunday.

Friday 3-26-21 Our 44th Anniversary and Working in Motorhome

Spent the whole day up until 1:30AM with the only break being going out for dinner.

First I fastened down Cathy’s drawer frame above the Clothes Hamper

Then finished under the kitchen sink

I started David’s motorhome, the 1999 Winnebago Brave with Hospital Bed and Lifts. I let it run for about one-half hour.

We picked David up at his apartment

I parked the Equinox and walked around to get David’s van while Cathy went in to his apartment and brought him to the back door.

I loaded him up and we went to Denny’s. We socially distanced at a table

David and Cathy had pancakes & link sausages

I had Chicken Tenders, Fries and Corn

I could only eat half of mine, so have another meal to take along in motorhome

Took David home and said Good Bye see you on Portal and back here in 6 weeks.

Got home to a pile of things to take out to motorhome

Got the kitchen all cleaned up and ready to travel

I’ve been running Sling on the TV connected to the Mobley connected to Travel Router. It connects to AT&T Cell Tower.

Have to clean the Head in the morning and fill with Water.

Have to put the Bedding on the Bed and store things under the bed.

Have to move everything from House Refrigerator to the motorhome Refrigerator.

Then have to load Equinox and put the Tow Bar on it. We then should be ready to go.

Thursday 3-25-21 Cleaning and Organizing

We continue to get the motorhome ready to go.

I checked my closet for underwear, sweat shirts, socks, shirts and pants.

Replaced a fuse to get XM Radio powered from Ignition Circuit.

I put the Tow Bar on the Equinox and tightened all of the bolts.

I cleaned the windows

I cleaned out under the sink. I will be adding jooks to hang cleaning tools

Cathy spent a lot of time in the large closet.

I organized the pantry

We had to go to Grand Forks to get some drawer organizers and hooks. Between Dollar Tree, Walmart and Menards we did pretty good.

Will install the hooks under the sink tomorrow and pack the Equinox.

I printed off all the weather information for the route.

Tomorrow is our Wedding Anniversary so we are taking David out to dinner at Denny’s.

Wednesday 3-24-21 Getting Ready to Head to Southwest

We are finally heading to the southwest. We will finally get to see our new grandson Aksel. First stop is Las Vegas where we will meet Kathryn, Erik, Alessandra and Aksel. They will have a party to celebrate Erik’s promotion.

Next we will go to Escapee’s Rover’s Roost RV Park near Casa Grande where we have leased a lot.

I have been studying the weather and decided to avoid Wyoming and go through Montana snd Idaho.

Got the motorhome oil changed last Friday at Cenex station in Buxton

Then Saturday headed into Grand Forks for propane. Flying J didn’t have an authorized person, so had to go to Stamart

Yesterday I changed the oil on the motorhome generator. I had 2 qts of Onan oil, but used a NAPA filter.

The Onan filter wrench worked better on the NAPA filter than the Onan filter

Spent the day removing what we don’t need and cleaning. Cathy is rearranging the closet across the back.

I have already changed out the bolts in the tow bar. Have to finish the charge line for the Equinox.

Joy is happy to see we are leaving and stays in the motorhome.

Sunday 10-11-20 Hastings to Buxton

Got up and went in to the house at 9:00 AM. Alison gave me coffee.

Tony, Melissa and Bridgette and Sean and Zoe came over for breakfast.

Jim made bacon, scrambled eggs and French toast.

Duke was wandering around

Nala was in her house

It was nice to see 2 grandsons and great granddaughter. Talked to Sean and Zoe about the house they are buying this week.

We left about noon. We went west on 13th Street, turned north on Pine Street and then left at MN-55. We took MN-55 to I-494. Stayed on I-494 to I-94. Headed north on I-94 and pulled off at Albertville to check email and messages.

Continued on I-94 to Alexandria. Stopped at Mills Fleet Farm for nuts and candy. Stopped at their gas station on way out. Gas was $1.959/gal with 4 cent off coupon. Got coffee and pop corn and headed out. Ran into a storm between Fergus Falls and Rothsay. Heavy rain and strong wind from the south. All the cars pulled over to shoulder and stopped. I pulled in to Rothsay and manually turned of the Equinox lights that had gone on automatically.

Got to Buxton without incident at 8:00 PM. The Storm Drain Project had poured a new approach to my driveway and blocked it off. I parked in front of the house on the lawn.

Made macaroni and cheese with ham for dinner.

Hot a call from Tim. He and Mary got to the property in WV before dark. He got stuck in the mud trying to turn around. He sent me some pictures.

Joy and I went across the street to see Larry and Princess. I had an Irish whiskey. After a little play time, Joy layed down and went to sleep.

Saturday 10-10-20 Moscow, IA to Hastings, MN

Another perfect autumn day. Got up and made coffee and took Joy for a walk.

Went outside and Tim said their Water Heater wasn’t working again. Yesterday he replaced just the Control Board, but had the Thermostat Assembly. He put it in and it still didn’t work. We thought it might be the propane valve. Started trouble shooting. Everything seemed correct. Tim had attached the wires on the Thermostat Assembly by memory. Checked those against the colors on the Thermostat Assembly, corrected them and it worked.

Tim went into motorhome and retracted the Slides. Then raised the Jacks. The 2 new ones came right up. He had to pry the last one up.

I then went in and retracted the Slides and raised the Jacks. All went well.

Tim snd Mary headed out on their way to WV.

Shortly after we headed out. We drove the motorhome and car up the hill separately and hooked up.

The campground was flying a Trump Flag

We headed out west on I-80 – turned north on I-380 – took some back roads to US-63 – then to Rochester and US – 52 to US -61 into Hastings.

The drive through the Autumn Foliage was really beautiful and enjoyable. Some really brilliant colors.

At the turn to 14th street I found the street closed. Filled with gas at the Holiday Station on the corner of 14th Street and US-61.

Had to go south to Coborn’s to turn around in the parking lot.

Went north on US-61 to MN-55 to Pine Street to 14th street. Parked in front of our daughter Alison’s house.

Got there at 5:20 PM.

Went into garage and Jim gave me a beer.

Jim ordered pizza for dinner. Watched a repeat of last week’s SNL

Friday 10-9-20 Tim Goes to Davenport for Parts

Another beautiful day.

Got up, made coffee and took Joy for a walk. Got caught up with things on the Internet.

At 11:00 AM Tim got a call that his Water Heater parts had come in.

We took off in Mary and Tim’s new Equinox for Davenport, IA, about 30 mi east on I 80.

The parts were at US Adventure RV

Checked out some Winnebagos in the show room

Tim was looking for some SAE wiring connectors and wire to make a direct connection to his Brake Buddy

Stopped st Menard’s, they had the wire

Then stopped at Iowa 80 Truck Stop, the largest truck stop in the world

They had a lot of wiring connectors, but were real expensive

A lot of things inside the truck stop

and a place to sit

When we got back to campground, Tim started running the wire in the Equinox

I looked around my parts in the motorhome and found the necessary SAE connectors

Tim then ran the wire in the motorhome

Mary was grilling hamburgers, but needed more buns. We went to Tipton Walmart 9 miles to the north. Got the buns and a new retractable dog leash for Joy.

We then stopped at the grocery store for another pound of ground beef.

While Mary finished dinner, Tim finished the wiring. We then enjoyed dinner

After dinner we sat around and enjoyed some Irish whiskey.

Thursday 10-8-20 Waverly to Moscow

Got up early. Made coffee and went into Walmart for a few things. Very nice Walmart.

Left a little after 8:00 AM. Headed south through Waterloo and Cedar Rapids on US-218 and I-380 to I-80. Drove east on I-80 through Iowa City to HWH in Moscow. Got there at 11:00 AM. I registered and Tim took his bad jacks in. Tim got his rebuilt jacks right away. My appointment was for 12:30 PM.

We decided to spend the night at a campground rather than HWH. Hunt Cedar River was the closest. Checked it out on line and thought it looked good.

I got called to bring the motorhome to Bay , 6 at 1:00 PM.

Larry got right to work on it

We then drove out to the campground

I walked down and picked a couple of spots and then Tim took his motorhome to the site

At 3:45 I went to HWH to check on progress. It was done do I went back to campground and Tim drove me back to pick up motorhome. They replaced 1 jack and got the Touch Pad working. It cost $540.36.

Drove back to campground and Tim finished installing his jacks, both on the passenger side

After Tim finished installing his jacks we went for a walk by the river

We sat around outside talking until well after dark.

We went inside to eat dinner. We had leftover Pulled Pork, Coleslaw snd Baked Beans

Thursday 10-7-20 Cold Spring, MN to Waverly, IA

Stopped at our son Jay’s house last night. We are on our way to Moscow, IA to HWH to get jacks fixed. Traveling with Tim, Mary and Jersey.

We got pizza from Jimmy’s Pizza when Jay got home from work.

Got up early this morning and went to Tires Plus for new tired on the Equinox.

Took off at 11:00 AM. First stop was Pleasure Land. Mary wanted to look at a Winnebago Intent thst was on their WEB site. Unfortunately it was sold on Monday.

Headed south on MN-25 to I-90. Stopped at Blue Earth Rest Area. Very nice with paved hiking trails.

Went east on I-90 to I-35. Drove south on I-35 and stopped at Iowa Welcome Center. Next stop was Casey’s at Clear Lake for fuel.

Drove on south to US-18 and then east to Waverly, IA. Stopped at Waverly, IA Walmart for the night.

Found the Equinox battery dead. Didn’t bring a battery charger. Luckily, Tim did. Started the generator and charged the battery.

Ordered food from Applebee’s next door. I had Chicken Strips. Cathy ate left overs from home.

Watched the VP debate.

Friday 6-26-20 We Leave for Home

We awoke to a beautiful morning. Everyone did their own breakfast. Cathy and I sat outside with Mark and had coffee and donuts while talking.

Willy came out after breakfast. He cleaned up the dog food on the ground that the previous campers left.

Willy and Gerry were the first to leave at about 10:00 AM

Mark left shortly after

Cathy went over to visit with Betty. Then we let Sally and Joy play. They had a good time chasing each other in circles. Joy is much faster

I pulled in the slides and loaded everything up. Cathy and Betty did a social distancing hug

Then Denis and Betty pulled out

Then I pulled out and followed them down Traill County 21 towards I-29

Cathy followed in the Equinox. We got home at 1:00 PM. It was a very enjoyable and relaxing campout.