Return Home to Buxton Saturday 5-25-19

Got up and made coffee. Took Joy outside. Joy wanted to go in the house to see Vegas and Jersey

Watched Jay mow the lawn

Said good bye to everyone and headed out at about noon.

Headed north out of Cold Spring past Big Fish Lake to Avalon. Took I-94 to Alexandria. Just before the Alexandria Exit, the left hand lane was closed, causing a bottle neck. An idiot with ND plates speeded down the closed lane

There was a cop in the right lane

We stopped at Aldi

And Mill’s Fleet Farm

Filled with gas for $2.689 less 4 cent discount

Drove on to Moorhead and stopped at Menards.

As we crossed the bridge into ND, the sun came out and the clouds cleared.

Stopped at Stamart to dump tanks, first time since Deming, NM.

Drove on to Buxton, arriving home at 7:30 PM.

The sump pump had done a good job.

Made a pizza for dinner.

Hastings to Cold Spring Friday 5-24-19

Left Alison’s at 11:00 AM. Overcast and cool, sprinkling a little

Drove up US-61 to US-10/I-94, I-35 and I-694 to Maple Grove. At first traffic was moderate and drivers were considerate

Then got into high traffic with construction and drivers wouldn’t let you change lanes

Stopped at Trader Joe’s

Got quite a few things including a pot of nice Basil plants, beer and Chianti

Getting onto I-94 from I-694 we ran into a traffic bottle neck

25 mph until St Michael exit

Drove into St Cloud and met my son Jay at Best Buy to shop for new laptop. He ended up buying an HP 2 in 1 for $699 at Office Depot.

Drove to Jay’s house in Cold Spring

Joy likes pool life

And relaxing at pool side

While brother Jay cleans pool with pool robot

Becky made delicious lasagna and garlic bread for dinner

After dinner we drove to their place on Big Fish lake

Had a local Third Street Brew House Minnesota Gold beer

The lake was calm and beautiful

Jay took us to neighbor’s lake side bar made out of old boat house

Nice outside patio and beautiful interior

Finished my beer and sampled his home made Rootbeer Schnappps

Drove back to motorhome at 10:15 PM

Hastings Thursday 5-23-19

Spent the night at Waverly, IA Walmart parked next to a refer whose unit ran about 45 minutes out of every hour.

Weather prediction was for 11 mph, was actually gusting much higher.

Left Waverly at 9:00 AM. Took US-63. It started out as a nice 4 Lane divided highway. The last 60 miles or so in Iowa were some of the worst I’ve ever been on. Turned decent again in MN.

Got on US-52 at Rochester. Got to daughter Alison’s house at 1:30 PM.

Went see my best friend since the second grade, Gary and his wife Inez in River Falls, WI. Had a nice talk and great apple pie.

Got back to Hastings and visited with family. Joy played with Duke and Nala the dog and cat and Alison’s niece and nephew. Sean gave me a Two Heart beer.

Son in law Jimmy ordered in delicious Chinese food.

Talked more after dinner and went to bed about mid night.

Slide Gets Fixed Wednesday 5-22-19

Took motorhome into shop at 9:30 AM.

Parked in second stall

They were working on a large black Prevost motorhome

Took a drive to Muscatine, IA to kill time. Very interesting city on Mississippi River. HON office furniture is made there

Drove back through Wilton. Stopped at I-80 Welcome Center. There is an interesting sculpture there

Stopped at HWH to check on progress. Mechanic wasn’t around.

Drove 18 miles west on I-80 to West Branch, IA to eat and see Herbert Hoover’s birth place.

Herbert’s home is a National Park. Nice visitor center.

His home was very small

It was right next to his father’s blacksmith shop

We are at the Main Street Sweets on the main street

I had a hot dog

And Yogurt

While I was eating, Ashley called and said everything was finished.

They had to replace a solenoid valve, a jack the broken threaded rod and synchronize the slide. Just over $600.

Hooked up and took off at 3:30 PM

Retraced our route down

Stopped at Waterloo Flying J for gas and then stopped for the night at Waverly, IA Walmart for the night

Ate dinner at Applebee’s next to Walmart. Had 2 for $22 steaks and $1 Margarita

Owatonna to Moscow Tuesday 5-31-19

Left Owatonna at 8:20 AM. Headed down I-35 to Iowa Welcome Center. Planned route with person at desk. I-35 to IA-27 to I-380 to I-80

Iowa Welcome Center

Stopped at Waterloo Flying J for gas

$2.53/gal and 5 cent Rewards Card Discount

Drove on through strong wind and heavy rain.

Got to HWH at 4:00 PM. Parked on west side of main building

Went to Tipton, IA Walmart 11 miles north on IA-38. Got frozen lasagna, water and ROKU Stick.

Cathy made lasagna in convection oven and I made salad.

Watched DirecTV for last time. Our subscription ends today.

Home Friday 4-5-19

Lots of fog this morning. Got up at 6:30AM. It was extremely foggy and 39F. Went into Flying J and got coffee. Started the Equinox. Finally fog lifted enough to drive at 8:45AM.

Started seeing snow in the ditches 20 mi north of Sioux Falls.

Stopped at Watertown for Cappuccino

Drove on up I-29 with the help of my co-pilots

North Dakota greeted us with nasty weather

After 319 mi we arrived at the house in Buxton

Unhooked the Equinox and parked the Adventurer. The jacks wouldn’t go down. The rear slide did go out. The living room slide stayed in the motorhome the whole way.

Joy and I went over to Larry’s. Princess was staying in Grand Forks. Kitty Cat was very sociable. Joy slept while Larry & I watched TV

Finished off my Denny’s dinner from last night.

Sioux Falls Thursday 4-4-19

Rained all night. The overnight low was 47F. Overcast, but not raining when we got up. As we went north it got sunnier and warmer.

Walked Joy and ate breakfast at Braum’s. Cathy had a breakfast sandwich and I had biscuits and gravy.

I checked out the truck transports next to us

Headed north on I-35.

Had several toll stops.

Had to get some gas at Oceola, NB at Casey’s


So didn’t fill

Drove through Kansas and Nebraska on US-81 and into South Dakota at Yankton and on to I-90. There was a terrible wet fog on I-90, all the way to Sioux Falls.

Stopped at Flying J in Sioux Falls to fill with gas

Cheaper than Oceola

Filled up

Parked for the night

Went in to Denny’s for something to eat

Cathy had breakfast

I had a Fry Pan Dinner

Watched Las Vegas Flip or Flop

Almost Kansas Wednesday 4-3-19

Overcast and windy morning. Only got down to 51F overnight. 63F today in Sunset.

Made coffee and before I toasted a bagel, Carroll showed up with the Gator. He helped me dump tanks and fill water

Put everything away ready to leave. Played ball with Joy. Went down to house to say goof-bye.

Carroll opened the gate for us and we left at 1:45PM

Went out on CR 2898

It’s a beautiful drive to US-287. Took US-287 to Wichita Falls. Wanted to stop at Wichita Falls Flying-J, but couldn’t see how to get to it. Took I-44 to Oklahoma City. Stopped at Flying J and got gas

7 mpg on last tank

And propane

19 gal of propane at $3.29/gal

Took I-35 to Blackwell exit. Parked overnight at Braum’s.

Went in to eat

I had chili and Cathy a large cone

Will get at least one more meal from the chili

Watched Hart to Hart

Slide is In Tuesday 4-2-19

Bright sunny morning. Overnight low of 40F and high of 77F.

Just had coffee and cookies this morning. Got RV ready for slide work. Mobile RV Mechanic showed up at 10:30AM. He brought a helper named James who is an oil field mechanic.

Motor went in easily. When we tried retracting the slide, only the front would come in. Called and texted HWH, the manufacturer. Got a text response. After several hours, it is I think, road worthy. The slide is strapped in place, but did creep out about 1″.

Finished about 5:30PM.

Decided to get take out at Burger King, only a few miles away

Had Whoppers and Chicken Jr sandwiches

Passed oil wells on way back

And another

View of Carroll and Roxanne’s Justice Ranch from entrance

And Neighbor

Finished day getting ready to leave tomorrow.

Three years ago we were in Boulder CO at Kathryn and Erik’s wedding.