Sunday 1-5-20 Bunker Bar

Another beautiful day. Sunny and little wind.

Made coffee for myself and Cathy and toasted a bagel. Took Joy for a walk. Talked to a couple from British Columbia with a beagle. The beagle was very nice, but Joy was somewhat nasty.

Talked to Terry from Calgary, Alberta. He has the Alfa See Ya motorhome

He owns a lot at an RV Resort in Lake Havasu City, but they won’t let him park in his lot because of some delamination on the side. They inspect yearly and it failed the inspection.

Watched the Vikings game on and off. They did poorly when I watched. I went outside with 2 minutes to go and they won

People in OHVs have been asking where the Bunker Bar is. I decided to find out. It is 3 mi north on AZ-95 to Havasu Heights Road

Make a sharp right

Then 2.5 mi on a new gravel road

There were a lot of vehicles there

They have a stage and it is pretty nice

We went into Lake Havasu City to check out a new laundromat

It is nice and we will go there tomorrow

Drove through the Shops at Lake Havasu shopping center next to Walmart. Except for Dillard’s, Penny’s and Kirkland’s and a theater, it is empty

We stopped at Walmart on the way back to the motorhome

We have a new neighbor, Cary from northern CA. He has two Yorkies

Cathy took Joy for a walk

I made breakfast for dinner. Eggs, sausage patties and potatoes

Watched Murdoch Mysteries and George Gently on Acorn

Saturday 1-4-20 Didn’t Leave the Campsite

Got up made coffee and toasted a bagel. Listened to Fox News.

Joy got up and wanted to go on a walk. Took her all the way around the upper campground. Talked to a man from Florida another from British Columbia and saw Bruce walking Spud.

Went back to motorhome and checked things out on the Internet.

Joy saw Rick our neighbor and wanted to go over there. He is still having problems with his water pump blowing fuses. His partner cleaned the windshield on their Country Coach.

While we were there some Ultra Lites flew over.

One had a rubber dingy so it could take off and land on water.

When we got back, Cathy went for a walk. She went down to the lower camping level. She met a couple from Lake Havasu City that rent their house through Air BnB and stay in a fifth wheel trailer at a campground when it is rented. It is rented through all of January.

She also met the Robinson Family, a musical group from Tennessee. They don’t travel for work anymore. They were singing and playing instruments.

I made vegetables in the Air Fryer and sausage and onions in the frying pan and mixed them together for dinner. Also Red Leaf Butterball Lettuce and Avacado Salad.

Watched Dateline and Saturday Night Live

Friday 1-3-20 A Lot of RVs Leave Lone Tree BLM

Quite a few left this morning. Cory, Roy, Vince and Bruce& Kim left this morning.

While walking Joy she wanted to visit our neighbor. They are Full Timers from the Bay Area. They have a Beware of Dog Sign, but I have never seen a dog. They actually have a cat named dog.

Bruce & Kim came back. Their OHV won’t start. Bruce was going to pick up a starter relay and solenoid, but actually left the OHV at the shop. They will be here until it is fixed.

Went in to Lake Havasu City to exchange a digital scale at Harbor Freight. Actually had to turn the AC on in the Equinox.

Tried the exchange scale at the store. Bought some batteries and got another free LED light.

This time we found K-Mart

Their discounted prices were higher than other stores. Cathy bought a $9.99 hat. I bought a $10.99 watch. I bought the watch for the band. Both were discounted 60%, but the hat rang up with only a 50% discount. There wasn’t anything they could do to correct it.Saw a Windup Car in the K-Mart lot

Stopped at Walmart for a few things and headed back to motorhome.Stopped at Craggy Wash, BLM camping closer to town

It is a mile in to camping area

Got to the camping area

There were quite a few RVs there

It is scenic in the wash

Heated up left over spaghetti and made a salad for dinner

Watched Hawaii 50, Magnum P.I. and Blue Bloods off our antenna in Buxton with Sling TV.

Thursday 1-2-20 Trip into Lake Havasu City

Got up made coffee and toasted a bagel. Watched Matlock and In the Heat of the Night on ME TV.

Joy slept in, probably due to the scare last night when we started the fire with gasoline and it flared up.

After she got up, took her for a walk. Took a picture of Lone Tree BLM from another angle

Joy and I walked up and talked with Roy and Vince. Bruce came over and said goodbye. They were headed to Quartzite.

Cathy and I went into Lake Havasu City. Stopped at Big Lots, 99 Cent Only, Harbor Freight, Dollar Tree and Walmart.

Saw some interesting vehicles at Walmart.

An International SUV

a McClaren

and I don’t know what

Got back just in time for a beautiful sunset

Made tacos for dinner

final product

and cake for dessert

Talked to my brother Pat and friend Gary

Watched the special about Jeopardy on ABC

Wednesday 1-1-20 New Year’s First Post

Started the day watching the Rose Bowl Parade.

Took Joy for a walk. Had a bagel and coffee for breakfast.

Checked eMail and Internet forums.

Several RVs have left.

Walked Joy around the upper level of Lone Tree BLM.

Started organizing things in the motorhome and Equinox. Put several things under bed. Was able to put Kitchen Kettle in cabinet over stove with toaster.

Sat in the warm sun and watched New comers park and set up.

Joy sat on the dash doing the same

Took Joy for a walk and stopped and talked to Roy from Upper Peninsula Michigan and Vince from Illinois. There is a family from New Hampshire here and their little girls were out in the area where OHVs were driving by

Seemed pretty dangerous to us, but their mother didn’t do anything.

Joy was watching

Made loaded potatoes and salad for dinner

Joy and I went up to Roy and Vince’s for a fire. I brought the wood. Vince had a hard time starting the fire. Bruce from the Yukon brought over some gas. When it flared up, Joy got scared and I had to put her in the car. Bruce brought some additional wood. Roy, Vince, Bruce and I enjoyed the fire and had some interesting conversations

Went back to motorhome and cleaned up the kitchen. Watched the news and went to bed.

Tuesday 12-31-19 New Year’s Eve at Lone Tree BLM

Furnace didn’t turn on over night. It was set at 52 F.

Got up about 8:30 AM. Started the generator and turned on the space heaters. Watched GMA.

Took Joy out and had the usual breakfast.

Caught up on email and other Internet things.

Took Joy for a long walk around the upper area.

As we walked by one RV, the door burst open and two fierce Chihuahuas attacked Joy. They actually only got in a barking match.

Saw a fifth wheel from North Dakota but no one was around.

There is a Tiny House

As we walked we met a couple from Washington walking their Husky, Spirit. Very nice dog, but Joy was nasty to her. There was a large Yellow Lab running loose and Joy liked him.

Stopped to talk to two guys sitting out, one from Michigan and the other from Illinois. They usually make a fire together every night.

I saw our neighbor Cory knock on our motorhome door, so went back. He wanted to borrow our ladder to get on top of his trailer to measure for solar panels. This is Cory’s trailer

We went in to Lake Havasu City to get some things for dinner.

Stopped at Tuesday Morning to look for a pan. Decided Walmarts are better and less expensive.

Took unused fuse holders and fuses back to Ace Hardware.

Went to Food City. Picked up a few things.

Went to Walmart. I looked at pans and decided to get a Presto Kitchen Kettle instead. Like an electric frying pan, but a kettle.

Got back to motorhome in time to see a beautiful sunset

Made spaghetti in the Kitchen Kettle

and sauce in the frying pan

It was a good spaghetti dinner

It was a very nice day, 64 F, sunny and nice breeze.

There was clear sky with crescent moon tonight.

Watched Ryan Seacrest on ABC 15.1. It was showing the ball drop as local time midnight, 2 hrs delayed.

Monday 12-30-19 Looking for Fuse Holder

Got up made coffee and toasted a bagel. Checked eMail and Facebook.

Took Joy for a walk.

Watched TV. About noon headed in to Dollar Tree for toilet paper.

In the same plaza was Dollar Tree, Harbor Freight and Ross Dress for Less

Went to all three stores

Headed over to NAPA for fuse holder. Their inventory showed two, but they couldn’t find them

Called 3T’s to see if they had fuse holder. She said she would check inventory and call me. She never called back.

Headed over to 99 Cent Only for soy sauce they didn’t have at Dollar Tree.

I went into 99 Cent Only and Cathy went to Tuesday Morning next door

99 Cent Only didn’t have soy sauce either.

Called CarQuest. They had fuse holder and fuses in stock.

Cathy found a lot of good things at Tuesday Morning. Cathy likes Jim Beam coffee, and Tuesday Morning had it

They also had Kahlua White Russian coffee

Went to CarQuest and picked up fuse holder and fuses

Stopped at Sally to get waterless shampoo. It is right next to Walmart.

Stopped at Walmart for soy sauce. Also got padlock for Honda EU2000i generator security chain.

Got back to motorhome and went to work on fuse holder

Got it replaced

Tried it and leveled motorhome

This must be the tree the location is named for

This is the other direction

Talked to neighbor. His name is Cory and he is from Montana. He is a young man traveling with his Blue Healer dog. He has about a 20′ travel trailer.

Made stir fry with Cathy’s left over prime rib

Had that with a nice salad for dinner

Watched several episodes of the Closer on startTV

Sunday 12-29-19 Parker to Lake Havasu City

Slept in for awhile again. Got up and took Joy for a walk. We walked over to look down on the Blue Water RV Park

Went back to motorhome and made coffee and toasted a bagel

Went out and got the Equinox ready to tow

Stopped at Running Man Gas Station on north end of Parker

It is Native American owned. There is one on each end of Parker. Gas was $2.579

Filled it up in one transaction

The Running Man is just north of the Moovalya Plaza

There is a Dollar General, a Safeway and a CVS there

It is easy in and out of Running Man from AZ-95.

We drove 49 mi north to Lone Tree BLM 14 day area.

It was hard to find anything near level, but picked a site near the entrance

Lone Tree BLM Video

Checked the fuses on the HWH Jacks and found a 40 amp fuse melted in in it’s holder. Couldn’t find one in my stuff. Went to Lake Havasu City and stopped at ACE Hardware. They didn’t have 40 amp fuse or holder. I bought two 20 amp and will parallel if I have to.

Stopped at Food City and filled two 1 gal water containers, 15 cents each.

Drove back to motorhome. Walked Joy and saw a beautiful sunset

Made eggs with peppers, onions, mushrooms and ham. I Sauteed the vegetables and ham in the air fryer and then finished in microwave.

Called my friend Tim in Grand Forks to see how the blizzard was doing.

Watched TV. We have 47 channels.

Saturday 12-28-19 Slow Day in Parker, AZ

Slept in for awhile. Joy got up and wanted to be walked. Took her out, about 45 F and very windy.

Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Checked things out on the Internet.

Cathy took Joy for a long walk.

We drove around Parker checking out the businesses. Seems to have just about everything.

Drove out to Shea’s Road BLM camping area. It is 6 mi off AZ-95 south east of Parker. The road is asphalt, but rough.

Camping on both sides of road


Stopped at Walmart on way back to motorhome

Decided to maybe go to casino for buffet

Used our $10 free play. I ended up with $17.44

and Cathy $.04

Prime rib was the special on the buffet. We both ordered buffet.


and Cathy’s

Casino still has Christmas trim


Went back to motorhome and listened to the Grand Ole Opry.

Finished day reading my book.

Friday 12-27-19 Victorville to Parker

When we got up this morning, we decided to stay another night to let the snow and ice melt off.I drove down to the office to pay. She said it would be $50. I said we had payed $35/night for 4 nights, $40 less $5 for senior discount. She went back to the computer and said it would be $60. I asked how that could be. She said it was the holiday rate. I said we are leaving then.By the time I got back to the motorhome, the sun had come out and the snow and ice was melting.The mountains were beautifulCathy took Joy for a long walkI pulled the slides in and the water and ice poured offI disconnected the power and filled the water tankThe camper with the Christmas tree and lights had been there for a month, but had to move because someone reserved the spot he was inThe motorhome that came in Christmas night had this on itOn the way out I noticed he was there, so stopped and asked about it. Good Sam insurance treated him poorly when his previous motorhome and Jeep burned upStopped on way out to dump holding tanksLooked at the pelicans for the last timeHeaded out to I-15 towards Barstow. The traffic was heavy. When we got to I-40 it lightened up, but then got heavy again.Stopped at the Rest Area about half way to ArizonaThe desert was very pretty with all the snow on the mountainsStopped at 99 Cent Only in Lake Havasu CityDrove the last 48 mi to Blue Water Casino in ParkerWe parked in the sand on the perimeterWent in and got Players Club Cards and a unique koosieCathy heated up the lasagna and we finished it and the salad off