Almost Kansas Wednesday 4-3-19

Overcast and windy morning. Only got down to 51F overnight. 63F today in Sunset.

Made coffee and before I toasted a bagel, Carroll showed up with the Gator. He helped me dump tanks and fill water

Put everything away ready to leave. Played ball with Joy. Went down to house to say goof-bye.

Carroll opened the gate for us and we left at 1:45PM

Went out on CR 2898

It’s a beautiful drive to US-287. Took US-287 to Wichita Falls. Wanted to stop at Wichita Falls Flying-J, but couldn’t see how to get to it. Took I-44 to Oklahoma City. Stopped at Flying J and got gas

7 mpg on last tank

And propane

19 gal of propane at $3.29/gal

Took I-35 to Blackwell exit. Parked overnight at Braum’s.

Went in to eat

I had chili and Cathy a large cone

Will get at least one more meal from the chili

Watched Hart to Hart

Slide is In Tuesday 4-2-19

Bright sunny morning. Overnight low of 40F and high of 77F.

Just had coffee and cookies this morning. Got RV ready for slide work. Mobile RV Mechanic showed up at 10:30AM. He brought a helper named James who is an oil field mechanic.

Motor went in easily. When we tried retracting the slide, only the front would come in. Called and texted HWH, the manufacturer. Got a text response. After several hours, it is I think, road worthy. The slide is strapped in place, but did creep out about 1″.

Finished about 5:30PM.

Decided to get take out at Burger King, only a few miles away

Had Whoppers and Chicken Jr sandwiches

Passed oil wells on way back

And another

View of Carroll and Roxanne’s Justice Ranch from entrance

And Neighbor

Finished day getting ready to leave tomorrow.

Three years ago we were in Boulder CO at Kathryn and Erik’s wedding.

Motor is delivered 4-1-19

Overcast this morning. Overnight low of 35F and 59F high today. Mostly sunny by 9:00AM.

I have come down with what the others have.

Stayed in bed a little longer. Watched Fox News.

Got up and made coffee and toasted bagel.

At 10:35AM the UPS truck came down the drive to the motorhome

and dropped off box

I verified the contents

Laid down and watched Home Improvement

Went to Bowie. Stopped at Tractor Supply

for Science Diet for Joy

Cathy talked for some time to another customer. She had been sent to Bismarck for 2 weeks in February from Denver by Qwest.

Stopped at Walmart for Chinese food for dinner

Also picked up a bottle of Apothic Dark

Went back to motorhome and played ball with Joy

At 5:30PM Cathy drove to the house to start dinner. Joy and I walked down at 6:00PM.

We had Mongolian Beef, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Egg Rolls and Friend Rice

And Peanut Butter Cream Pie

Went back to motorhome, laid down and watched Fox News.

Down to 35F Sunday 3-31-19

Cool and sunny day, with very little wind. Low was 35F and high today 58F.

Watched Fox News

Made coffee and toasted the 4 for a dollar Cinnamon Raisin bagel.

Watched NASCAR Today on DirecTV. Couldn’t get the Fort Worth Fox station OTA. Set up an Amazon FireStick and downloaded the Fox Now App. Got it installed just in time for race start. Jimmy Johnson was the pole sitter. Best he has done in 2 years. Joey Logano won Stage 1, Denny Hamlin won Stage 2 and the race.

Joy and I played ball for awhile.

Went down to the house for fajitas. Deer came while we were eating. Joy and Cathy went out to watch

Watched the end of Duke vs. Michigan State game. Michigan State won 68 to 67.

Dumped garbage and filled drinking water jugs.

Watched Matlock and Bob Newhart.

Cold Day Saturday 3-30-19

Woke to an overcast and windy day. Over night low of 60F was also the high for the day. Sun peeked out a little at 3:00PM. Supposed to get down to 33F tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to be about the same as today.

La Llave coffee and last David’s bagel for breakfast. Dollar Tree $1 bagel tomorrow.

Watched Fox News and NASCAR Today

When I took Joy for a walk, she went looking for the Turtle.

Watched the NASCAR Xfinity race from Fort Worth. During the Stage 1 Caution, Joy and I played ball. Kyle Busch had a lot of competition, but took the lead with a quick pit stop during a Caution with 6 laps to go. His 95th Xfinity win and his 203rd overall NASCAR win. After winning the truck race yesterday he is 2/3 of the way to a weekend sweep.

Had Ramen Noodles for dinner.

Watched Peter Gunn, Perry Mason, Matlock and Bob Newhart.

Joy Finds a Turtle Friday 3-29-19

Warm overnight again,60F. Partly sunny and windy all day. 71F high today.

Folger’s 1850 Black Gold coffee and David’s cinnamon raisin bagel for breakfast.

Watched Fox News for awhile.

Took Joy for a walk. She found a turtle

We also saw some pretty flowers

Roxanne has come down with what Carroll had and Cathy might have it also.

Cathy went to the house to visit.

I texted the Mobile RV Mechanic about Tuesday. He said he would be here Tuesday morning. I tracked the motor shipment, it is in Oklahoma.

We made a Walmart Supreme Pizza and spinach salad with Emmental cheese, avocado, tomato, olives and salami salad for dinner with Oak Leaf Merlot.

The year old deer were playing in the back yard, but too far away for a picture.

Went back to motorhome and watched the NASCAR Truck Race in Fort Worth, about 60 miles away. Kyle Busch won. His 4th consecutive truck win this year, his 56th truck win and his 202nd win in NASCAR.

Motor Ordered Thursday 3-28-19

Partly sunny and windy. Overnight low 60F and high today 73F.

Usual coffee and bagel.

Watched Fox News

Called Stuart’s Service and got the HWH Hydraulics Motor ordered. $220, Solenoid $34.35 and 2nd Day UPS $60.15. It will be here Monday. Asked Mobile RV Mechanic to schedule us for Tuesday. He said he would check his schedule. Hasn’t confirmed yet.

At 2:00PM Cathy and I went to Decatur. Stopped at Walmart for groceries. Got a 1.75l bottle of Oak Leaf Merlot for $5.86.

Stopped at Dollar tree for cookies and bagels.

When we got back to motorhome the turkeys were strolling by

I took some things down to the house and on the way back the turkeys were just getting to the feeder

Went back to the house at 5:30PM for dinner. We had left over BBQ, salad and corn on the cobb

The deer were playing behind the house

Watched Dr Pol for an hour. Went back to motorhome and watched House Hunters and Oregon vs. Virginia game. Virginia won 53 to 49.

Service the Motorhome Wednesday 3-27-19

Sunny, cool morning. Woke up to furnace coming on. Got down to 49F overnight, but warmed up to 79F this afternoon. Windy all day.

Found Folger’s Black Gold at Walmart yesterday at a good price.

Made it and toasted a bagel

Talked to HWH Technical Sales Rep. He said I just need to replace motor. He told me where to buy it, Stuart’s Service in Elkhart, IN. I called and got a message about hours. I was 10 minutes late. Left a message and will call in morning.

We’ve been here long enough to have to dump the black water tank. Got the portable tank out and filled it. Carrol came with the Gator and we loaded it up

Then took it up to the RV site and dumped it

Then drove down to house to get water

I pumped the water into motorhome using the Equinox battery and 12 volt pump.

Cathy and Joy went down to the house to start dinner.

At 6:00PM I walked down to the house.

We had lasagna and tossed salad with garlic bread and Cabernet Sauvignon

Roxanne made pecan pie for our anniversary. Had pecan pie and pistachio ice cream for dessert

Went back to motorhome and watched Hannity talking to President Trump and NCIS LA

43rd Anniversary Tuesday 3-26-19

Nice sunny morning. Overnight low 54F and high 76F.

Usual coffee and bagel. Watched Fox News.

Made calls about slide out problem. Haven’t heard from HWH yet. Got a different technician at Winnebago. He had a procedure to remove cylinder. He sent some drawings. I forwarded them to the mobile RV mechanic.

Carrol and Roxanne went into Fort Worth to the doctor. Carrol’s congestion diagnosed as allergies and possible virus.

Checked out what Winnebago tech told me. Looks doable. I still need more info from HWH about the cylinder.

About 3:30PM played ball with Joy.

She takes time outs under the motor home

At 5:15PM we went to Bowie for anniversary dinner. There is the Largest Bowie Knife on US-81

It is 14′ 5″ long

We went to downtown Bowie to look for a place to eat

The north side of the main street has a raised sidewalk and stairs from street parking

Checked out The Rack, pool hall and pub and decided against it. It was tournament night.

We picked Bela’s on East Wise Street

It was comfortable

We both had the Pasta Sampler

We both enjoyed it

Bela’s is owned by a Korean man named Kim. We told him it was our anniversary and asked him to take our picture

He brought us Tiramisu to share for our anniversary

Went to Walmart and picked up family size Stouffer’s lasagna to have with Carrol and Roxanne tomorrow

Found our way back to motorhome and Watched FBI and NCIS New Orleans

Disappointment Monday 3-25-10

Beautiful sunny day. Overnight low was 47F and high today was 70F.

Bought a new coffee at Walmart yesterday, Lavazza.

Made it and toasted the David’s bagel I got at Walmart. $1.54 compared to the 99 cents in Arizona.

Got text from Mobile RV Mechanic. He got here at 10:15AM. Very competent mechanic, however, after 3 1/2 hrs, we hadn’t made any progress.

Finally played ball with Joy at 4:00PM.

At 6:00PM drove up to house for dinner. Cathy and Joy walked up earlier.

Carrol and Roxanne have two beautiful Red Bud trees

We had rotisserie chicken and spinach salad for dinner with a glass of Riesling. French Silk Pie and Raspberry Brownie ice cream

Cathy and I helped Roxanne fix her washer agitator which had come apart.

Deer in the back yard tonight

Watched Criminal Minds, the news and Fox News.