Shopping in Yuma Saturday 3-2-19

Cloudy early this morning. Mostly sunny by 9:00AM. Overnight low 56F and high today 82F. Windy after sundown, 26mph gusting to 32mph.

Usual breakfast of coffee and bagels.

Took Joy for a walk by our neighbors. The sister left early this morning. Her grandson was receiving the Eagle Scout award this evening.

Went up and got another 2 week LTVA permit. The camp hosts were from Flathead Lake, Montana

Went into Yuma via YPG. Looks like they are ready to pour concrete on north lanes of the bridges.

Stopped at RV Connections for an oil filter for the motorhome generator. They were out of it. Cathy did pick up a now dispenser on closeout for $1

Stopped at Pacific Ave Walmart. Got some things for brunch tomorrow and oil for generator.

Stopped at 4th Ave 99 Cent Only for cookies and chips.

Stopped at NAPA Parts and got the oil filter. $9 less than it would have been at RV Connections.

Stopped at post office in Bard on way home. Cathy pointed out a beautiful bougainvillea at the entrance

I listened to the NASCAR Xfinity race on XM Radio while in the car. It ended while at the post office. Kyle Busch won, he also won the Truck Race last night.

Had Chicken Teriyaki Ramen Noodles with rotisserie chicken and broccoli added. I had a glass of Merlot with it.

Watched 911, Magnum P.I., 48 Hours and Saturday Night Live.

Slow Day at Ocotillo Flats Friday 3-1-19

Another mostly sunny day. Overnight low 59F and high for day 80F.

Stayed at motorhome all day. Planned running the charge line in motorhome for Equinox while being towed. Will run 10 ga marine grade wire in split loom from chassis battery along frame to hitch. Will put fuse at chassis battery power point. Ordered on eBay from gregsmarine. It should be here Wednesday.

Played ball with Joy. Walked over to neighbors. The brothers got the sisters generator working. The brother with the 5th wheel has a pretty extensive setup, including a chest freezer.

Had chicken salad sandwiches for lunch and dinner.

Watched Gold Rush and NASCAR Truck race.

Oil Change at Fisher Chevrolet Thursday 2-28-19

Another beautiful day, clear and sunny. Overnight low 55F and high today 82F.

Usual coffee and bagel for breakfast. Watched GMA.

Played ball with Joy.

Made chicken salad sandwich for lunch.

Went into Yuma for 2:00PM oil change appointment. Stopped for Mail at Bard. Heinz got us right in. Shortly after starting on it the mechanic brought us the Cabin Air Filter. Said it needed replacing for $52.

Told them to change it. Went into show room to see if they had a 2019 Equinox, they didn’t. Had a nice conversation with Mike. The car was done in a half hour. Total cost was $55.87. No charge for oil change.

Went to Sam’s Club to get cinnamon raisin bread. Had hot dog, soft drink and large yogurt for $2.49

Went to Harbor Freight for security chain and 99 Cent Only to check for Sweet Maui Potato Chips. Still don’t have them.

Stopped at Fry’s to fill with diesel


Went to Albertson’s on 24th St, across from Walmart. Nice store

Got butter for $2.49/lb. Nice potato salad for $3.79/lb. 12oz Peets coffee for $5.99

Drove back to Imperial Dam. Played ball with Joy.

Watched Big Bang Theory, Mom, Young Sheldon, FAM and SWAT.

Called Fisher Chevrolet Wednesday 2-27-19

Nice day. Overnight low was 56F and high today was 78F. Sunny and clear skies.

Joy was barking at me before I got out of bed. I think she wanted to play.

Made the usual coffee and bagel.

Took Joy for a walk. Talked to neighbors behind us. Two brothers and their sister.

One brother in a Minnie Winnie and the other end his wife in the fifth wheel. Sister in the middle. The sisters generator didn’t work and the brothers were working on it. Both are mechanics. The sister lives in Mesa and has a house. Both brothers full time.

Cathy and Joy sat on the shady side of the motorhome.

Half in shade and half in sun.

Got an email from Google Maps. Fisher Chevrolet wanted to talk to me about the poor evaluation. Called and they were all in a meeting. Took my number and Sandy the Service Manager called me. I have an appointment for 2:00PM tomorrow.

Watched the Cohen testimony off and on.

Played ball with Joy.

Had Michelina’s lasagna and salad for dinner.

Watched Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Whiskey Cavalier.

Got Up Early Tuesday 2-26-19

Got up at 6;30AM. Furnace came on as I got up. Overnight low was 51F and high today was 71F. Mostly sunny.

Made coffee and toasted bagel.

Pulled in slides and raised jacks. Hooked up Equinox and headed for dump on the Mesa.

Drove into Specialty Sewing Senter in Yuma for slide topper installs. Went by way of Bard. There were 2 RVs already there

They said they thought the awning was good for a couple more years so didn’t do it.

We had several hours to kill. The Equinox needs an oil change. Decided to go to Fisher Chevrolet’s Quick Lube

Cathy said we might have to wait. I said we have a lot of time. Well not quite enough. They said two weeks, kind of redefines Quick Lube.

Stopped at Romeos Car Wash on 4th Ave. Best $8 car wash we’ve ever gotten

Inside was souvenir store and snacks

Here is the Equinox getting washed

And getting toweled

Stopped at Big Box. It was well stocked but seemed expensive.

Started looking for a place to eat. Decided on Chili’s

Cathy had a salad

And chicken avocado sandwich

I had chili

And chips and salsa

Service was great and food was good.

We stopped at Beall’s Outlet and Ross.

They called at 1:45PM and said the RV was ready. We stopped at Foothills 99 Cent Only and Dollar Tree.

We stopped to get the motorhome. They have a nice pergola for breaks

The owner had a pickup that was wrapped rather than painted

Both of those in the picture were wrapped

Cathy paid and we took off. Cathy drove the Equinox back to Imperial dam.

Cathy asked a couple of women about child abductions. There were 5 recently, 4 girls and 1 boy in middle school. All were born in the US but live in Mexico and go to school in the US.

Cathy made chicken salad sandwiches from the rotisserie chicken for dinner.

Watched NCIS, FBI and NCIS New Orleans.

NASCAR Atlanta 500 and Oscars Sunday 2-24-19

Mostly sunny today. Low last night 43F and high today 66F. Supposed to be 72F tomorrow.

Watched Fox News then made coffee and bagels.

Played ball with Joy and took her for a walk.

Watched the NASCAR Cup Atlanta 500. Brad Keselowski won. He had been sick with flu.

Stopped in Bard for mail. Then went to Sam’s Club, then Harbor Freight. Then the Walmart in Foothills on 32nd. Saw an unusual looking man in a big sombrero next to car with this license plate

When I got inside I found Cathy talking to him. He and his wife are from Rugby. Had to wait in line over one half hour because I was buying wine and couldn’t use Self Checkout.

Nice sunset at Walmart

Went to 99 Cent Only on Fortuna Road. Still didn’t have Maui Onion Potato Chips.

Drove back listening to the Grand Ole Opry on Willie’s Roadhouse.

Had rotisserie chicken and coleslaw for dinner.

Watched the Oscars on TV.

Lazy Saturday Saturday 2-23-19

It got down to 37F overnight. Clear and sunny today with a high of 65F and little wind.

Started the day watching Fox News live in Venezuela.

Cathy woke up with a nose bleed.

Made the usual coffee and toasted bagels.

Played ball with Joy. Joy went in to motorhome and the neighbors were sitting outside. They are from Illinois. He was a technical writer for Caterpillar. They are full time in their Holiday Rambler motorhome. They don’t have any solar panels and the furnace ran their batteries down overnight.

Cathy’s nose continued to bleed. She did an INR test and it was high. She called Altru to see if she should skip warfarin. They recommended she go to Emergency Room. Last time she did that they wouldn’t let her leave.

Watched the Xfinity and Gander Outdoors Truck races.

Went up to Squaw Lake to take a shower, but the token machine only took bills. I didn’t want $10 of tokens

The view of Castle Dome across the reservoir was beautiful

Made fried egg and Spam sandwiches for dinner.

Cathy’s nose bleed seems to have stopped.

Watched Love It or List It, Selling Yachts and Private Islands.

Walk Down Senator Wash Road Friday 2-22-19

Temperature about the same as yesterday. Sunny, partly cloudy and windy. Snow at Anza Borrego Desert Park. Flagstaff set a record for most snow in a day. Scottsdale had snow.

Had the usual coffee and bagel. Watched news.

Played ball with Joy. Made a chicken and ham cold meat sandwich on Italian bread for lunch.

Joy and I walked up Senator Wash Road

Past Solar Oasis

To Snowbird Mesa

Went back to motorhome and watched several episodes of Home Improvement.

We had One Minute microwave dinners from 99 Cent Only for Dinner

Watched Gold Rush and Hawaii Five O

Shopping in Yuma Thursday 2-21-19

Warmer over night, low 49F and high today 58F. The average for this date is 77F. It started raining at 8:15AM and continued off and on all day.

Watched the Jussie Smollett press conference and GMA.

Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Cathy went over to the Christian Service Center to get the Medtronics Internet Accessory. There were two packages, one UPS and one FedEx.

Around 1:00PM we headed into Yuma via JPG. There was a fire last week between Mittry Lake and the YPG road, flared up several times after we got here

They are still working on the bridges

One way traffic

Stopped at the Fortuna 99 Cent Only store

Then stopped at Wally’s World to get some parts for Equinox charging line

Went on to Specialty Sewing Senter. They gave us a good quote for slide toppers. We will take the motorhome in to them on Tuesday for installation.

Stopped next at the B ave Walmart. It has a covered parking area

Went next to 99 Cent Only and Harbor Freight on 4th ave and 16th St.

Stopped at Bard post office on way back

It has a nice lobby

and box area

Cathy made dinner. Frozen dinners from 99 Cent Only and salad. I finished the Chianti

We watched the Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Mom, Fam and Law and Order SVU.

Got the Motorhome Network Going Wednesday 2-20-19

Another quiet day. Watched the usual morning TV, made coffee and toasted bagels.

It was cool over night, 37F and sunny and 63F today.

Today is my mother’s birthday, she would have been 99 years old today.

Cathy called Medtronics and got a FedEx tracking number. I checked it on line and it said it was out for delivery by 4:30PM.

Took Joy for a walk around Ocotillo Flats. Talked to the couple NW of us. They were from Wisconsin. They have been coming here for two years. They were going with another couple to Mexico today on their motorcycle.

The couple parked where Dennis and Rowena used to park have an older small Winnebago Class C and tow a Smart Car.

We walked by the motorhome with the weather station parked on hill where Andy and Alan parked

We walked down Ferguson Road aways and then back. There are pretty violet and yellow flowers

We got back to the motorhome

Set up the motorhome network based on the Cradlepoint router. Got the printer and scanner working.

Cathy took Joy for a walk along Senator Wash.

I saw the FedEx truck stop

Checked on line and it said delivered at 3:34PM. Cathy will pick it up in the morning.

I made raw fries with onions and Spam for dinner. We had coleslaw along with it. I had Chianti. Not much left of the 1.75l bottle.

I had ketchup from 99 Cent Only with dinner, it is sweetened with honey.

Watched Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD on TV.