Sunday January 17, 2015 Lazy Day

Beautiful morning. Not a cloud in the sky. Over night low was 44F and high today was 65F. Really no wind. The highs for the next week are supposed to be in the 70’s.

Took Joy for a few walks. She really likes to explore.

Tree in Wash
Tree in Wash Joy was Exploring

Watched HGTV most of the day and did some reading on my Kindle. As I looked out the windows, there was a beautiful panorama in every direction.

Panorama out Window
View Out Window to South Over Sofa

Cathy talked to Kathryn about the wedding. Cathy talked to David and found out his car wasn’t starting. It wasn’t plugged in and the temps are below zero.

At sundown talked to Bob and Jerry then went back for dinner. We will be meeting our WIT friends Joyce and Chris at Silly Al’s tomorrow for lunch. We will also will move to the La Posa South LTVA south of Quartzsite tomorrow.

Saturday January 16, 2016 Big Tent RV and Vacation Show

Today was just about the same as yesterday. Overcast first thing this morning. The sun poped out from time to time during the day and there was some wind. Over night low was 41F and the high this afternoon was 63F. The wind was 3 to 7mph.

Checked and cleaned the alternator battery connection on the Cherokee. Didn’t act up on the trip to town today. Hope it is fixed.

Also checked the solar panel voltage output. It was what it was supposed to be. Will have to work on it at Imperial Dam.

Got a call from Bob and Jane saying they had just left Imperial Dam for Quartzsite. Went in to meet them at the RV show. I had to let Cathy off on the corner of AZ-95 and Kuehn Street and then park on the east end of Kuehn Street. Lots of traffic and no parking spaces.

Traffic on Kuehn Street
Traffic on East Kuehn Street

Caught up with Cathy at Beer Bellies.

Beer Bellies

Called Bob and met them at north entrance to big tent. We agreed to meet at Beer Bellies after the Big Tent. Bob and I went through the tent. Not really much of interest. Traffic in the middle of the tent wasnt bad, but the outside rows were pretty bad.

Traffic in Tent
Traffic in the tent

After going through the tent we met Jane and Cathy at Beer Bellies. They already had a table, so that was a real break. Smokin Joe Lonsdale was the entertainment. We first saw Smokin Joe at the Yacht Club several years ago.

Smokin Joe Lonsdale 2

The beer is reasonable at Beer Bellies and they have a large selection of draft and bottles. It was really busy today. Bob bought a round of beer, Bud Light for Bob and Jane, O’Doul’s Green for Cathy and Shiner Amber Bach for me.

Inside Beer Bellies
Inside Beer Bellies

We decided to go to the Yacht Club for something to eat. We both had a long way to go to get to our vehicles. I had Cathy wait on the NE corner of Kuehn Street and AZ-95 and picked her up after getting the Cherokee.

The Yacht Club is a good place to go for for a hamburger or fish and chips. We got there just in time. Jane had fish and chips and Bob, Cathy and I had burgers and frys. We enjoyed catching up with them and getting filled in on Imperial Dam. Bob and Jane bought so we are going to have to take them out for dinner in Yuma. We are planning a train trip to the Tecate Brewery on an old time steam engine powered train.

Bob and Jane headed back to Imperial Dam and we went to the Family Dollar store. Cathy had a $5.00 coupon on a purchase of $25.00. Picked up paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates and ice cream.

When we got back we found out that Bob from St. George had arrived. Joy and I went over and talked to Jerry and Bob.

Watched Property Brothers on satellite TV.

Friday January 15, 2016 Breakfast at Silver Buckle

The weather was a little bit warmer today. Over night low was 39F and high today was 68F. It was overcast and hazy, but the sun did come out quite a bit. Felt pretty windy, but weather station said 8mph out of the NW. After sunset it was calm.

Got up to go to La Mesa RV for free biscuit and gravy breakfast. We got there at 9:10AM and they had quit serving biscuits and gravy and were serving pancakes. You got two large perfectly round pancakes and all the syrup you wanted. They were extremely good pancakes. They had apple juice and coffee to drink


We have eaten many free lunches at the La Mesa Silver Buckle Customer Oasis. We even went to a Super Bowl party there. The lunches they used to serve were really good.

Silver Buckle Customer Oasis at La Mesa RV
Silver Buckle Customer Oasis at La Mesa RV

The inside has a Western Cowboy motif with boots hanging from the ceiling and lots of cowboy pictures on the wall.

Inside Silver Buckle

The counter at the front door is made from the front of a Tiffin Allegro motor home.

Allegro Counter

After breakfast we went to see what they had in their surplus store, but there wasn’t any thing of interest. We then looked in a Grande Tour, a Country Coach and a Forza. We’re pretty happy with what we have.

We checked out things at the former Main Event, but didn’t get any thing. Went back to motor home via residential area. There is a very expensive building on the north side of town. I think it is condos, but we’re not sure.

Went back to motor home. I ate some left overs that Cathy heated up for me and finished the solar charge control install.

There are about 3 times as many RVs here now as last Friday. New Neighbors to the east are brothers, one with a motor home, wife and dog. The other one has a new short travel trailer and two dogs. He lost his wife around Thanksgiving.

Jerry started a campfire and we went over for awhile. It was cool enough that Schnapps sounded like a good idea. I thought I had root beer, but only had butterscotch and cinnamon.

Cathy made dirty rice for dinner. It was good. We had butter pecan ice cream for desert.

We watched “The Good Shepherd” DVD that Alan borrowed from the Quartzsite library.



Thursday January 14, 2016 The Bread Man Delivers

Another day just like the others. Over night low was 40F and high this afternoon was 60F. Again the wind was negligable and it was bright and sunny all day long.

We are starting to get up earlier. Joy was ready to go at 8:00AM, which is really early for her. Cathy was even up early. We have to do the same tomorrow, La Mesa RV’s free breakfast is biscuits and gravey.

Just after lunch the bread man showed up and returned the brown sugar and beer in the form of a loaf of bread. This was Alan’s first baking with his motor home oven. He bought a pizza stone yesterday to distribute and even out the heat. It was a little too large to use the way he wanted. Cathy tried the bread warm. I had just finished a large summer sausage on rye bread so haven’t tried it yet.

Alan with Bread
Alan with his bread

Worked on installing a new solar charge controller. Got it mechanically and electrically installed. Will finish tomorrow. Some thing strange with the cables going to the batteries.

Needed gas for the Honda generator and ice cream, so we went into Quartzsite. We stopped at the building on the east end of Mainstreet West vendor area where they are selling cast items and metal work signs and lawn ornaments. Will probably go back. In the parking lot, a man saw my Menard’s sweatshirt and asked where I was from. He was a retired teacher from South Dakota. His wife was also a retired teacher. They stay in a park here in Quartzsite. They bought a fifth wheel trailer in Rapid City that had been brought in to sell in Williston. It has extra insulation and an office.

Went to Dollar General and bought sausages, buns and beans for dinner. Also got ice cream. They were out of olives and pickles so went to Family Dollar. The stores are turning over their inventory pretty fast.

Got back to motor home just before dark. Walked Joy and talked to Jerry and Diane. They told me about biscuits and gravey at La Mesa RV and about a place that does glass repair on RVs. They had a fogged window done. We need a windshield and have one fogged window on the driver’s side corner.

The Presidential Debate just came on Fox and I will watch that tonight for entertainment.

Wednesday January 13, 2016 Garbage Day

Another day just like the last few. Bright and sunny this morning. The over night low was 38F and the high for the day was 62F. Again the wind was negligible.

Spent the morning going through drawers and sorting things out.

Set up the satellite and Honda generator.

Took the garbage over to the Transfer Station. It is open Sunday through Wednesday from 7:30AM to 2:30PM. They were filling up the roll offs pretty fast.

Transfer Station Sign

I had gotten out a power supply cable for Alan and he came to pick it up. He brought along some oranges for us and some DVDs to watch. He is going to bake some beer bread and needed beer and brown sugar which we had and sent along with him. Cathy made him promise to bring her warm bread.

Cathy combined our left overs from eating at Times 3 Family Restaurant last night and heated it in a pan on the stove. It was really good. I believe the tortillas are the best I’ve ever had.

Watched HGTV for the rest of the evening. I’m not able to get local channels here, although I could at Hi Jolly. I’ve created a new travel itinerary and we will be staying here until January 19th. We will then move to the La Posa South LTVA for a night. We can buy the $40 permit and it will cover our stay here and at Imperial Dam. By moving we will be able to dump and fill with water before we leave.

On January 20th, we will move to the Fountain of Youth to visit Dug and Rhoda. We will then go Mission Viejo to visit my cousin Kathleen then on to Imperial Dam for a week.


Tuesday January 12, 2016 Jimmy Jack Whitiker

Another bright sunny day. Low over night was 35F, high for the day was 58F. Very little wind.

We did some cleaning in the motor home and got it ready to move. We were low on propane, so took it in to the RV Pit Stop and filled.

Propane at RV Pit Stop

We drove over to the Plomosa Road WIT/Winnebago site and parked. Walked Joy and talked to Jerry and Diane.

Got settled in and drove to town to do some shopping and meet Alan for dinner. We parked at Tyson Wells. Cathy shopped Tyson Wells and I went over to see what was at the Gambler. There was nothing there and what was there was over priced. Walked back and went through the stalls across from Tyson Wells.

Cherokee needed gas, so I dropped Cathy at Gem World and went to Chevron for gas. 15 gallons at $2.07/gal. Picked up Cathy and went to Times 3 Family Restaurant on south side of Main. Alan had eaten there several times and liked it.

Times 3 Family Restaurant

Cathy and Alan ordered the Sombrero special


and I ordered the taco dinner.

Taco at Times 3

We finished just in time to get to the QIA for the Jimmy Jack Whitiker show. He put on a 3 hr show. He gave away CDs to the first to call out the artist that popularized a song he would play on the guitar. Alan got a CD for a James Taylor song. Jimmy Jack interspersed all types of music with stories. He is really a good acoustic guitar player.

Jimmy Jack Whitiker

At 10:00PM returned to motor home at Plomosa Road site. Joy was pretty demanding about being taken out and played with.


Monday January 11, 2016 Lazy Day

Nice sunny day. Over night low was 35F and the high today was 57F. A little wind during the day.

Made coffee and bagels for breakfast.

Did some email and work on the computer during the morning. Took Joy for a walk. Talked to closest neighbor. They have a house in Victorville, CA and are trying to go full time in their fifth wheel. They keep getting called back and this is the farthest they’ve been able to get. They have a RAZR for off road.

Went into Quartzsite to get a few things. Went to the two dollar stores Dollar General and Family Dollar. Had to go to the Road Runner Market to get vegetables and bagels.

On the way back to the motor home we went to Plomosa Road. Jerry had put up a small WIT flag on BLM post 810 and had a large WIT and American flag on the motor home. They weren’t home, but ran into them on the way out. We plan on moving over there tomorrow.

Cathy made grilled cheese sandwiches, peppers and apples for dinner.

Watched Boston Legal on TV.


Sunday January 10, 2016 Trip to Palm Canyon with Alan

Cloudy with a little drizzle this morning. Over night low was 37F and high today was 58F. Very little wind and the sun peeked out every once in awhile.

At noon went down to join Alan at his Kofa National Wild Life Reserve camp site. He is about 15 miles south of Quartzsite with beautiful views of the Kofa Mountains.

We drove down to Stone Cabin to have lunch at Randy’s, but even though there were lots of open signs, no Randy. Went on to Palm Canyon stopping on the way to take pictures in the desert.

Kofa Desert

We went up the road to Palm Canyon. There was a home built 4 wheel drive expedition vehicle from Alaska in the parking lot.

Expedition Vehicle from Alaska

Getting to the palms is a tough half mile hike. We didn’t have any water with us, so decided not to do it.

Palm Canyon Trail

We again checked to see if Randy was open at Stone Cabin, but he wasn’t. I was really set on having one of his hamburgers. We went back to Alan’s motor home and sat outside and drank Starbuck’s Verona coffee that Alan made in a French press.

Got back to our motor home about 4:30PM and set up the satellite TV.

Cathy is making a skillet dinner out of the left over ham and hashbrowns from the Virgin River Casino dinner Wednesday night.


Saturday January 9, 2016 New Christy Minstrels

The day dawned bright and clear. The over night low was 49F and the high for the day was 59F.

We parked in the dark and didn’t know exactly where we parked. Turns out it was virtually on a road.

Parked in Morning
Where we parked in the dark the next morning.

Took Joy for a walk to look for a good spot to park. Found a good site next to some trees. Nice fire ring if we want to do a camp fire.

New Parking Spot
Site over by trees where we moved to.

We went into Quartzsite to buy tickets for New Christy Minstrels Concert at the QIA and to mail some letters. We went over to Tyson Wells to see what was there. There were probably less than 25% of the vendors there that were there last year. Cathy bought a knife. Prices were pretty high.

Tyson Wells
Tyson Wells

Cathy had been looking for a hat, but didn’t see any thing at Tyson Wells so we stopped at Rice Ranch. She found a hat and we returned to the motor home. We had invited our friend Alan from Washington to have dinner with us and he came about 2:00PM. We sat out in the sun and talked until dinner time. We had the chili that Cathy made with the smoked turkey from Christmas. Alan brought salad lettuce and a ginger dressing he had made, it was very good as was the chili. I tried some South African Smoke seasoning from Trader Joe’s and it was great.

Alan was going to the New Christy Minstrels Concert with us  and we left at 6:00PM. When we got to the QIA, there were already a lot of cars there.

QIA (Quartzsite Improvement Association)

We got good seats in the back center. Randy Sparks the creator of the New Christy Minstrels came out alone to start.

Randy Sparks

Randy founded the group in 1961. They have over 20 albums. Randy is 82 years old. Hi Jolly’s tomb in Quartzsite was the inspiration for the song Hi Jolly.

The rest of the group then came out including a dog that has toured with them for 13 years.

New Christy Minstrels

Most performed solos. I especially liked the bass player Tholo Chan who has toured with them since 1969.

They played for over 2 hours and finished with a medley of their famous hits, including “Green, Green”, “Saturday Night”, and finishing with “This Land is Your Land”.



Friday January 8, 2016 Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Bullhead City

Joy got me up early to go outside, I don’t think she is used to Arizona time yet. At 8:00AM went in and Gloria gave me coffee. Gloria knew I liked biscuits and gravey, Gloria and Scott made biscuits and gravey, scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. Cathy got up later and ate her cereal in the motor home, then went in the house to take a shower. While Cathy was showering, I attended to some business. After Cathy finished I took a shower.

We all then went in Gloria’s car to tour the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. We looked at some of the water front real estate worth  on the way. There is some very nice dry camping there for $5.00/night with the National Park Senior Pass. They also have sites with hook ups and a large marina for boats. Some also have house in the Recreation Area.

Scott took us to some of the coves. We got out at Princess Cove and walked around.

Princess Cove
Princess Cove Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Scott then showed us around Bullhead City on the way to lunch. We had lunch at an Italian restaurant named D’Angelo’s. They have lunch specials and the lunch specials are available all day every day to seniors. We all had all you can eat soup and salad for $3.99 or $4.99 with garlic bread. It was very good and I can recommend the restaurant.


After lunch we went back to Gloria and Scott’s and got the motor home and Cherokee ready to leave. We were able to turn the motor home around in the yard and drive out forwards with the Cherokee attached. Took pictures and said good byes and left for Quartzsite.

Cathy Gloria Scott and Joy
Cathy, Gloria, Joy and Scott

We headed south on US-95. As we drove through Fort Mojave, we crossed a Joy Lane. We continued on  to Needles, CA and then south in California to Vidal Junction where we turned east and back into Arizona at Parker. Stopped at the Walmart for a few things. There were several RVs set to spend the night in the Walmart parking lot.

.Walmart Parker

We were going to fill with gas in Parker, but it was $2.28/gal, so decided to go on to Quartzsite and fill. When we got to Quartzsite we filled at the Chevron Station on Main for $2.07/gal.

We headed north on AZ-95 and parked at Hi Jolly 14 day site 3 miles north at Mile Marker 112. It was very dark, so will be interesting to see where we parked in day light.