Friday March 6, 2015 Last Day at Rover’s Roost

Another nice day, but windy. Over night low was 51F and the high today was 78F. Wind was 20 to 25 mph. Clear and sunny all day. The wind went down about 3:00PM and then it was really nice.

Stayed in during the morning, except for walking Joy, because of the wind. Should have done some CE for my electrical license, but didn’t.

Cathy washed the bedding, so we have a clean bed tonight.

Cathy went to Happy Hour at 4:45PM. Bob and Helen were also there. Bob came over and we had a beer. Cathy and Joy went with Helen. The person in lot 103 had a new water pump for $30, so Cathy and Helen stopped to buy it, but he wasn’t there.

Helen made a real good cabbage dish for us. We had it for dinner tonight. I had three helpings.

Bob said he couldn’t find the defragmenter in Windows 7, so I took Helen’s dish back and started the defragmenter for Bob. Turns out his drive was only 3% fragmented, so didn’t need any thing.

There are several empty lots here now. I think people moved on to the Escapade in Tucson, which started today.

We watched the UND vs. Miami of Ohio hockey game. UND won 2 to 1, so that means they won the NCHC Conference and the Penrose Cup.

We watched Shark Tank, In an Instant and Blue Bloods.

Thursday March 5, 2015 Extended Stay Here at Rover’s Roost Two More Days

Another beautiful morning. Over night low was 46F and high today was 70F. No wind and clear and sunny.

Took Joy for a long morning walk. Checked email and etc.

Cathy went over and extended stay by two days. They took down the Boondocking Only sign today, so there must be lots available.

Worked on the fresh water dribble problem. Changed the hose washer to an O-ring type and that seemed to work. Tried the Camco 45 degree angle hose adapter but it dribbles at the joint.

Put Calgon and dawn in the holding tank. Will flush it again when we leave and put Calgon and Dawn in the tank.

We are planning on going to Deming, New Mexico on Saturday. Plan is to spend two nights there and go up to Silver City with the Jeep on Sunday.

Went to Walmart to stock up on chips, water, root beer and salsa. They were out of Sam’s Club 20 oz water, as usual. Did find a solid 45 degree hose adapter. Looks like it will eliminate the Camco adapter dribble problem.

Went to Sam’s Club and filled with gas for $2.19/gal. Took I-10 and I-8 back to Rover’s Roost. Cathy washed clothes while I was gone.

Last night when taking Joy out for her last walk of the day, we witnessed a high speed chase. They were coming down the road to the west and turned the corner and went right by us. i think they got him stopped at the corner of Montgomery Road and AZ84. Police cars were coming from both directions on AZ84.

Talked to Alan. He is enjoying Anza Borrego. he went on a 5 hour moon light hike to Inspiration Point Tuesday night. It was a guided hike. He is going on another  1i/2 hour walk tonight around the Visitor Center area.

Watched two Big Bank Theory episodes and Mom on TV. Saw on the news that Harrison Ford crashed his air plane and is in the hospital. It was my nephew Keagan’s birthday today.

Wednesday March 4, 2015 St Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery

A beautiful morning. Over night low was 41F and the high was 64F. There was just a slight breeze.

Bob and Helen picked us up at 10:00AM to go to St Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery south of Florence, AZ. It is about 40 miles away on Hwy 285 and 79. It was a perfect day to go there. When we got there, we were surprised to see so many cars in the parking lot.

Monastery Entrance    St Anthony’s Monastery Entrance

There is a strict dress code. Men and women must both wear long sleeves. Women must have head covering and a long skirt. They provide clothes for those that aren’t dressed appropriately. Cathy needed a scarf and skirt and Helen needed a skirt. They got outfitted while we waited for a priest to welcome us and tell us how to tour the monastery. We were told we could take pictures indoors and out, but not of visitors or monks and priests.

The first stop on the walking tour is St Anthony’s Church.

Main Chapel              St Anthony’s Church

It is quite large and has a number of chairs around the perimeter. During services they stand, but if tired can sit. The chair seats fold to accommodate standing or sitting. The inside is very ornate and all the furnishings come from Greece.

St Anthony's Chairs            Chairs at St Anthony’s

There are several chapels on the grounds besides the main church.

St Seraphim's Chapel St Seraphim’s Chapel

This is a outdoor, peasant, Russian style chapel dedicated to the most revered Russian saint ever.

The desert around the monastery is very beautiful with many Saguaros and Chollas. These were kept and palm trees and other plants were mixed in with them to create the grounds. There are citrus and olive tree orchards.

Saguaro at St Anthony's           Saguaro

The gate house has a book store with books in English and Greek and many beautiful religious objects, cards and pictures. They also sell preserves, olives, olive oil, vinegar, pastries and breads.

Here is a nice YouTube video

On the way back we found a cut off through Coolridge that saved about 12 miles. When we got back we stopped at the Golden Corral and had lunch.

Got back and sat outside with Joy for quite awhile. She enjoys having people make a fuss over her.

I saw on Facebook that Kathryn’s flight to the Virgin Islands was canceled and rebooked for tomorrow. It is a 3 hr trip for her to the airport.

Watched the usual Wednesday night TV and the new CSI Cyber.


Tuesday March 3, 2015 Black Tank Cleaning Day

Foggy this morning. Over night low was 43F and the high was 63F. It was partly cloudy with a lot of sun.

Joy got walked several times today by both Cathy and me. I sat outside with her for quite awhile.

Did about an hour of continuing education on line for my electrical license renewal. Very boring, all mostly just words changing in the code. I almost have 4 of 16 hours done. Don’t have a code book, so it makes taking the tests harder.

Changed the washers on the fresh water shore connection and the black water tank flush hose connection. Then filled and flushed the black tank until it ran clear.

Went over to Bob and Helen’s and installed Microsoft Security Essentials on Bob’s computer and got rid of some extra Task Bars and other garbage.

Went to Casa Grande for Chinese takeout at Big Wa. Stopped at K-Mart to look for sweat shirts. They only had a couple and not in my size. Did get some Calgon and Dawn to finish cleaning the black water tank.

I got Pepper Steak with fried rice, cabbage roll and crab puff. Cathy got Moo Goo Gai Pan with fried rice, cabbage roll and crab puff. We will get at least one more meal out of it. The Big Wa is very small to eat in, probably can’t seat 20 people. The food is really good.

Moo Goo Gai Pan               Moo Goo Gai Pan

Pepper Steak                        Pepper Steak

Watched NCIS New Orleans and Person of Interest.


Monday March 2, 2015 Rainy Day

Woke up to overcast skies and a little rain. Over night low was 43F and the high was 66F. It rained all day, heavy at times.

Except to walk Joy stayed in all day until 4:45PM. We went to meet Jim and Betty for dinner at the Cracker Barrel. Jim, Betty and I had the Monday two pork chop special and Cathy had chicken. It was all good.

Stopped at Walmart to pick up some new sweat shirts, they didn’t have any. Got glazed donuts for breakfast though. Stopped at Food City to fill gallon bottles with drinking water.

Verizonwireless Internet was slow this evening. Watched the Voice and NCIS LA on TV.

We are planning on staying here through Wednesday and leave on Thursday. Hope to be at Cathy’s cousin Carrol’s house near Sunset, TX on March 11th. Will try to get to Forest City, IA on March 15th. Then head to Hastings for one night to see Bridgette, Alison and the boys. Then a night at Cold Spring to see Jay and the girls.

Sunday March 1, 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Race in Atlanta

Fairly nice morning. Over night low was 56F. The high this afternoon was 74F. It was windy all day, about 15 mph. It was mostly sunny, but was overcast from time to time.

Walked Joy this morning. Then watched the NASCAR Race Day program leading up to the race. Jerry, Diane and Simon came over to say good bye. They are on their way to Tucson.

At noon started watching the NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Atlanta. It rained in the morning, but they got the track dried in time for the scheduled start time. At about 3:00PM Helen and a friend, Joan, knocked on the door and invited us over for hamburgers. Cathy was napping, but got up and we went over to Bob and Helen’s. I met Tom, Joan’s husband. They are from Colorado and used to be lot owners here across from Bob and Helen. We had good hamburgers and hot dogs. I listened from time to time to see how the race was doing. Jeff Gordon hit the wall hard and was out, two weeks in a row. Jimmie Johnson won the race. Kevin Harvick came in second and Dale Earnhart Jr. came in third. Joey Logano came in fourth.

We went back to the motor home and Cathy walked Joy. We then went to World Market to use the 10% off coupon I got in email. Got a few snack items. I was looking for candy, but it was ridiculously expensive. Big Lots was having a 20% off every thing sale today so we stopped there. They had candy and cookies at much better prices. We took joy along for the shopping and she was well behaved.

Finished the day watching TV.

Saturday February 28, 2015 Breakfast at Golden Corral

Overcast and windy this morning. The over night low was 53F and the high today was 71F. It was windy, 15 to 25 mph all day. It was overcast all day.

Went to breakfast at the Golden Corral with Jim and Betty. Filled up on bacon, sausage, eggs and hash browns. We had a good time talking with Jim and Betty.

Stopped at Fry’s on the way back to Rover’s Roost for milk and pastries.

Watched the NASCAR Xfinity race. Kevin Harvick won the race. It was his third straight win at Atlanta.  Joey Logano led much of the race, finished second.

Jim and Betty came by and gave us a bag of apple chips from Washington state. We had a good time sitting behind the motor home under the tree.

Cathy went to do more washing and I watched the NASCAR Camping World Truck race. Matt Crafton won the race.

They had a golf tournament on the Rover’s Roost desert course and hot dogs and s’mores after the tournament. It was pretty windy and cool, but people sat around and had a good time.

Cathy Roasting Marshmallows      Cathy Roasting Marshmallows

Finished the day watching TV and reading.


Friday February 27, 2015 Moved from Dry Camping to Lot 23

Nice morning again. Cool, over night low was 54F and the high this afternoon was 74F. It was clear and sunny in the morning, but started clouding up in late afternoon. It was windy at 15 mph, gusting to 20 mph.

Cathy went over to the office to see if a full hookup site was available. We got lot 23, which is Jack and Millie’s lot. Jack and Millie are friends that camp at Imperial Dam. It is near the Club House and the entrance.

Lot 23           Rover’s Roost Lot 23

There is a nice place to sit behind the motor home.

Place to Sit                  Nice Place to Sit

Right after lunch we moved to the full hookup lot. It took a while to get the satellite working. I had to put the dome on top of the power pedestal. As it was windy I had to tie it to the power pedestal.

Satellite dome    Satellite Dome on Power Pedestal

Cathy started washing clothes at about 3:00PM. She had 5 washer loads and there are still a couple more left to do. Our neighbor to the west in the Airstream was also washing clothes. His name is Bob and he is from NE Ontario. Joy was doing a lot of barking. I would go over to the laundry to carry things back. On one trip back to the motor home we had a note on the door saying that Joy’s barking was unacceptable. It wasn’t signed, so don’t know who did it. Bob said he doesn’t ming, that’s what dogs do.

It was after 7:00PM when Cathy finished with the clothes so we went out to pick up something to eat. I stopped at C-A-L Ranch Supply. It was a lot like Mill’s Fleet Farm, but a lot more expensive. I picked up a faucet adapter to allow two hoses to be hooked up and some Science Diet food for Joy.

We stopped at Food City to get some apple fritters, but they were all gone. They had some nice peppers and avocados 3 for 99 cents. Picked up some mayonnaise, root beer and shampoo.

We stopped at Jack in the Box and picked up sandwiches. We got back in time to watch Blue Bloods.

Thursday February 26, 2015 Shopping in Casa Grande

A really beautiful day here. Cool this morning, over night low was 45F. The high this afternoon was 76F. It was sunny and clear with some very high clouds.

Walked Joy in the morning. Did some maid duties in the motor home.

At 1:30PM we walked over to see Bob and Helen. Joy loves to see them. When they came yesterday, she even squealed. We gave Bob and Helen the latest Lady Justice Series book, Lady Justice on the Dark Side. In this book, Walt turns in his badge and becomes a P.I.

We took Joy back to the motor home and headed out to Sam’s Club. Bob and Helen left for there at the same time. We stopped at Walmart. I wanted to pick up a couple of short sleeved sweat shirts. I asked the clerk and she gave me a strange look. Turns out they don’t have any sweat shirts. Cathy misses coffee, so I have been looking for McCafe Decaf. This was the first Walmart I have found it in for some time. We then stopped at the 99 Cent Only store for candy. They didn’t have what we were looking for. It is a nice store though, with a very nice produce section. I then stopped at Harbor Freight. This may be the nicest harbor Freight I’ve been in. Nice wide aisles and nicely laid out. They had the proximity sensor light I’ve been looking for. Bought one in Yuma two years ago and have been looking for another since then.

When we got back, Jerry, Diane and Simon were parked next to us. They are on their way to Tucson. While I was showing Jerry around, Terry called about the house. They are down to finishing touches. He had a quote for putting in the floor. He is ready to texture and paint. He is going to call the plumber to turn the water on.

Cathy heated up the left over stir fry and made rice and salads for dinner. I made some of the McCafe Decaf for Cathy, but put one too many scoops in the coffee maker. She said it was good watered down.

Spent the evening watching TV.

Wednesday February 25, 2015 We Move to Rovers Roost in Casa Grande

It got cool over night. I even turned the heat on for Joy after she got out of bed. The over night low was 44F. It was clear and sunny today. The high in Casa Grande was 67F. It was breezy all day.

We got things stashed in the motor home and Jeep and were ready to leave at 11:30AM. We said good bye to Dennis, Bob and Jane, Bob and Doris and Bill and Lana. Bob and Helen left this morning at 8:00AM, also going to Rovers Roost where they own a lot.

Saying Good Bye            Saying Good Bye

We then went up to South Mesa and dumped the tanks.

We headed out past YPG to US-95 and then took the Dome Valley turn off. We got on I-8 at Ligurta. We stopped at one rest area to walk Joy and stretch.

I-8 Rest Area                           I-8 Rest Area

We got to Rovers Roost at 3:30PM.They sold the last full hook up site at 11:30AM. There were only 3 dry camping sites left. We are 5th on the list for a full hook up site. People are here because of the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix and the Escapade coming up in Tucson.

Shortly after we got set up, Bob and Helen stopped by to say hello.

Then Jim and Betty, friends of ours from Grand Forks invited us out to dinner at Chili’s. We got to Chili’s shortly after 5:30PM. The place was packed and there was a long line. Because Jim and Betty had gotten there earlier, we got in pretty fast. Cathy had a chicken and avocado sandwich and I had a grilled sirloin with avocado.

Stopped by OfficeMax and Dollar Tree on the way back to Rovers Roost. Got ink cartridges at OfficeMax and laundry detergent at Dollar Tree.