Thursday 3-5-20 Wash Day

Warmer overnight and today. Overnight low was 61F and high today was 84F. Sunny and no wind.

Had the usual breakfast. Took Joy for a walk. The ball on the wall that she always wanted is gone. She is walking normally again.

Cathy sorted the laundry yesterday. Loaded it in the Equinox and drove to the Clubhouse. The laundry is in the South West corner of the Clubhouse

The wash machines are on the east wall

and the dryers are on the west wall

There is a nice patio at the entrance

I also filled our water bottles with the RO water for 25 cents/gal

Watched some TV.

Took Joy for a walk around the outside of Rover’s Roost

there is a lot of beautiful cactus and other desert plants

This is what the entrance looks like

Took Joy back to motorhome and walked down to Meet and Greet. Cathy was done with the wash and was there.

Drove back to motorhome with Cathy and the wash.

Went over to Dean’s to see what was wrong with his computer. Took a couple Spotted Cow beers along. Turns out it was the Left Key on the Touch Pad. A mouse will get him going again.

Showed me a nice Over Under Air Force Survival Rifle. .22 rifle and 410 shotgun.

Went back to motorhome and cooked dinner. Made an Italian Stir Fry. Peppers, onions, squash and beef with Balsamic Vinegar and Italian Seasoning

Watched “Mom,” “Carol’s Second Act,” and “Tommy.”

Wednesday 3-4-20 Help With Suzuki Samurai

Another perfect day. Overnight low was 45F and high today was 73F.

Slept in later than usual. Made a pot of Folgers 1850 Black Gold.

Had to take Joy for her walk before breakfast. On the way back I noticed Dean had the hood up on his Suzuki Samurai.

Stopped to see what was wrong. It wouldn’t start. I told him I would help.

Took Joy back to motorhome. Cathy turned the air conditioning on at 11:40AM.

Helped Dean diagnose the starting problem. Determined it was the starter. We R&R the starter. Only two bolts, but awkward to remove. The top one was difficult to get out. We put in a new starter and tightened the bottom bolt. The top bolt just went straight in and was loose. Turns out it was a bolt with a nut. Dean thought something fell when we removed the starter.

Dean looked in the gravel and found the nut. Got that in and reconnected the battery cable. Started right up.

Dean brought out a couple bottles of Heineken beer.

Went to Meet and Greet.

Cathy didn’t go to Meet and Greet. On the way back I saw Cathy and Joy at Dean’s. Joy had been nasty to Dean’s dog Daisy and Daisy gave her a lesson. Maybe she will start being nicer

Never did have breakfast.

Donna invited us over for shrimp and fried rice. I took a couple cans of Tecate beer over. She also had a good grape salad.

Watched the Nik Wallenda tight rope walk across volcano and “Stump Town.”

Tuesday 3-3-20 Finally Get Prescription Refill

Another sunny day. Overnight low was 45F and the high today was 73F.

Had bagel and coffee for breakfast. For the second cup of coffee, I made a pot of Jim Beam Original coffee.

Got an email that my prescription refill was ready.

Drove to Walmart. Stopped at 99 Cent Only on the way. Picked up some Tea Ring sugar cookies and a bag of mini peppers.

Drove across the street to Walmart. Got a parking spot by the door. Picked up some items and put in cart, so I wouldn’t loose cart at pharmacy. Got paper plates, bread, and dried mustard for steak marinade.

Got in pickup line. Finally got my Enalapril refill after more than a week. Asked pharmacist if there was something to replace the Albuterol that went from $12 for 3 month supply to $576. There isn’t anything.

Went to pickup coated full strength aspirin. The shelves were bare

Went from Walmart to $5 car wash. Then stopped at Harbor Freight for some storage containers.

Stopped at Food City for spices. Got some slab bacon.

Got back just in time for Meet and Greet. Met Deb from Williston. She has a lot here at Rover’s Roost and full times in an Airstream and Ford F-150.

Made Top Sirloin Steak for dinner on the Blackstone Griddle.

Donna brought her own steak that I cooked for her. She also brought Creamed Potatoes and Peas.

Watched the Primary Coverage on ABC. Finished the night watching Gone with the Wynn’s and Sailing Zatara doing a presentation at a Boat Show in Florida on YouTube.

Monday 3-2-20 Barro’s Pizza

Another nice sunny day. Overnight low was 44F and the high today 68F.

Made the usual breakfast. Joy was slow to get up. She is limping with her right front leg. She keeps licking her pad.

Took Joy to the dog walk. Brought her back to motorhome and she went right to bed.

Checked things out on the Internet.

Made a sandwich for lunch

Went to Donna’s and finished installing the Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor.

Got done just in time to go to the 3:45PM Meet and Greet. One of the new comers was John from Ely, MN. He has a lot at the Benson Escapees Park. He is in dry camping in a pickup camper.

Today was pizza day at Rover’s Roost. They go to Barro’s Pizza in the Shopping Center on North Pinal Ave. John from Ely and Donna rode with Cathy and me. Cathy, Donna and I shared a large Barro’s Special.

We learned a lot about boondocking in SE Arizona from John.

Stopped at Fry’s to fill the Equinox with diesel at $2.61/gal.

Walked Joy and she seems a lot better.

Watched “All Stand” and “Bull” on TV

Sunday 3-1-20 We Move From Middle Street to South Street

Another sunny day. Overnight low was 47F and high was 75F. It started clouding up later in the day.

Got up and had breakfast. Cathy walked Joy and I got ready to move motorhome.

We had to move from Lot 29 on Middle Street to Lot 14 on South Street.

Moved the motorhome at 11:10AM. We now face south instead of north

After getting the motorhome moved I took Joy to the Driving Range to play ball

Donna was driving golf balls

Joy had to take a break after every toss after doing about 10

Although she didn’t want to quit, I took her back to the motorhome.

Watched the NASCAR race from Fontana. Alec Bowman won. He led most of the race. Kyle Busch was second and his brother Kurt third.

I was planning on steak for dinner, so went to Fry’s. Got a one pound top sirloin.

Got back and got vegetables ready to sautee.

There was an Ice Cream Social at the Clubhouse at 6:00PM.

After the ice cream we decided not to have steak tonight. Had Butter Lettuce salads for dinner.

There was a beautiful sunset at Rover’s Roost

Watched NCIS LA and NCIS New Orleans

Saturday 2-29-20 Leap Year Casa Grande Ruins San Tan Flat and Trader Joe’s

Mostly sunny today. Low overnight 51F and high today was 77F.

Ate breakfast and walked Joy.

At 9:40AM we picked up Donna and headed to the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument about 45 minutes away

It was abandoned around 1450AD and the first European to see it was Father Eusebio Kino in 1694. He called it Casa Grande, Big House.

It was made an Archeological Preserve in 1892. It was made a National Monument in 1918.

The protective roof was built in 1932.

About 2,000 people lived in the community

There is a nice Visitor Center. We watched a 20 minute video. The people that lived there depended on agriculture and had an extensive irrigation network.

We drove another 30 miles to San Tan Flat, a restaurant with a courtyard eating area with many fire rings

We met our friends who are members of the WIT Nodak Flickertails Winnebago Club

We sat out in the courtyard

There were 11 of us there

I had Chicken Strips

On one of the inside walls were North Dakota signed license plates from the Grand Forks Fire Department

We went from San Tan Flat to the Trader Joe’s in Gilbert

Then about a 45 minute drive back to Rover’s Roost

Had the “Take One” from Olive Garden with a salad for dinner.

Watched Greg Gutfeld Show and Saturday Night Live

Friday 2-28-20 Prescription Refills Runaround

Woke to an overcast sky for the first time in a long while. Overnight low was 46F and high today was 76F. Got mostly sunny towards the end of the day.

Had breakfast and took Joy for a walk along Montgomery Road.

Got a text message that my prescription refill was delayed and to call for details. I called and they said the system does that sometimes. She said I could pick them up after 3:00PM.

Checked things out on the Internet and had a Salami and chicken sandwich for lunch.

At 2:00PM we left for Walmart. Stopped at 99 Cent Only then across the street to Walmart. Cathy went to the grocery area and I went to the pharmacy. They didn’t have either prescription filled, but could give me 4 tablets of each. They said I could get the full 90 of each after 3:00PM on Monday. I said I could wait until Monday.

Stopped at Lowe’s for under cabinet stemware hangers.

Stopped at Dollar Tree for 2 more Margarita glasses. Also got some frozen Pot Stickers for the Air Fryer for Happy Hour snacks.

Got back to Rover’s Roost and went over to Donna’s and installed the shunt for her Battery Monitor. Need to make two 14″ cables.

On the way back to the motorhome I stopped and talked to Jeff across the street. He has 1080 watts of solar a 5 Lifepo4 batteries. He does Project Management full time on the road.

Donna joined us for Margaritas

We ate our Chipotle leftovers for dinner

At 5:28PM got an email that my prescriptions were filled. Called to verify. It was only the partial of 4 tablets

Went over to Clubhouse and had a Fifty Cent 16 minute shower with all the hot water I wanted

Took Joy for another walk

Watched Hawaii Five O, Blue Bloods and Shark Tank

At 11:30PM got another email that my prescriptions were ready

Thursday 2-27-20 Quiet Day at Rover’s Roost

Mostly sunny today. Overnight low was 45F and high today was 74F.

After breakfast walked Joy outside the park.

Went to Walmart to order my prescription refills. They had the Albuterol tablets but not the Enalapril. It will be in tomorrow, so will pickup then.

Stopped at Harbor Freight. They had the wrench set I’ve been looking for.

Stopped at Dollar Tree and bought 3 Margarita glasses. Nicest Dollar Tree I’ve ever been in.

Went to the Meet and Greet at 3:45PM. No new announcements.

Invited Donna over for Margaritas, mini corn dogs and bagel bites.

A nice Chihuahua named Chipper and his mom Michelle stopped and talked for awhile. He was dropped off near the park 4 years ago. Michelle said she could keep him overnight. He is about the same size as Joy and likes to sit on laps. He doesn’t bark. Joy doesn’t like him.

Watched Tommy.

Wednesday 2-26-20 Tucson to Casa Grande

Clear and cool. Overnight low was 40F in Tucson. It was 51F when we left The Pima County Fairgrounds. There were Gusty tail winds. The high in Casa Grande was 66F.

Packed the car and got the motorhome ready to move. Brought the slides in and the jack’s up. Drove through another site and dumped. The sewer opening was at the end of the site and would have required about 30′ of hose. Drove into a site until my dump valve was near the sewer opening. Dumped then drove to where I could hook up the Equinox.

Headed out to I-10. Had about 90 miles to go. Drove past Picacho Peak.

Stopped at Flying J in Eloy for gas

It was $2.49 before the discount

Drove on to Rover’s Roost Escapee’s RV Park. We payed for 4 nights of Full Hookups. Donna payed for 7 and will get 3 free for a total of 10 days

We are parked in a nice site

Leo came with dog treats to welcome us. He had a basket of treats that Joy found very interesting.

We are in site 29 and Donna is in site 68.

At 3:45PM we went to the Clubhouse for the daily meeting

After the meeting we drove into Casa Grande so Donna would know where things are. We stopped at Walmart for refillable water bottles. I also got bagels and another box of wine.

There is a Chipotle on the Walmart corner, so we ate there

Stopped at 99 Cent Only for lettuce and mushrooms.

Dropped Donna off at her site. She was going to the Clubhouse on her scooter to play Bingo.

Watched Fox News and WDAY News.

Tuesday 2-25-20 Tucson Botanical Garden

Clear and breezy today. Overnight low was 40F and high today was 63F.

At 10:30AM we headed to the Tucson Botanical Gardens. It was one half hour away.

There are many areas. I enjoyed the Herb Garden Area

They had cactus

and succulents

They have beautiful examples

They have yellow boxes all over in the trees

They are bee traps. When bees get established in the boxes, they take them to the bee farm.

They have a Butterfly enclosure

You can go in and mingle with the Butterflys

They have examples of Native American agriculture exhibits including Saguaro Wine

We wanted to find some more Jim Beam Coffee so went to Tuesday Morning where we last got it. There was a BevMor next door

We didn’t buy anything at either place

Drove back to Fairgrounds do Cathy could participate via video in David’s appointment with the psychologist.

After David’s appointment we went to Walmart to pick up our prescriptions

and then Fry’s

We ate hotdogs, beans, coleslaw and potato salad at Donna’s. I noticed a beautiful sunset on the way to Donna’s

Watched the Democrat Debate and YouTube videos.