Saturday 4-24-21 La Quinta to San Ardo CA

Day started an hour early. My Alarm Clock was on Central Time, went off at 5:00AM. Went back to bed and told Alexa to set alarm for 7:00AM, she was also on Central Time.

Got up when Alexa called me. Made coffee, got dressed and walked Joy. Put Tow Bar on Equinox

Went into motorhome and ate a Glazed Honey Bun.

Made the bed. Pulled in the slide and raised the jacks.

Drove down to entrance parking lot where Cathy had the Equinox. Hooked up.

Cathy pointed to some heavy equipment and said it was a Joy approved brand.

Headed 6 miles out through La Quinta to I-10.

Fairly heavy traffic. Ran into strong wind around Morongo Casino.

Took CA-210 to I-210 through Pasadena to I-5.

Went up and down the Grape Vine 6% grades.

Stopped at Buttonwillow TA for gas. $3.499/gal for Regular.

Had to do 2 transactions. 6.8 mpg.

Turned off I-5 onto CA-46 to Pasa Robles. Gas at the junction was $2.959/gal.

Lots of wineries on CA-46 and in Pasa Robles.

Turned north onto US-101 at Pasa Robles.

Got off US-101 at Exit 260 Los Robos.

Crossed to west side and right into 43 Ranch California Olive Oil Mill. Got there st 3:30PM

Went in. Gregg was finishing a tour, but they hadn’t done the tasting. He said bring Cathy in and we could start with tasting. Their dog Rex was on the floor, but only rolled his eyes at me.

We tasted 4 olive oils, Pecual, Helen’s Blend, Italian Blend and Lemon Infused.

They are the only North American Olive Oil producer to win an International 1st Place.

Gregg’s wife Cindy came and we purchased some olive oil and some soap.

Gregg put a power line out so we could plug in.

Gregg and Cindy’s son Grant gave us the tour. He runs the equipment which is all Italian.

First the Mill

The centrifuge

And the filter

He fid a very good job explaining and answering questions.

They have Electric Car Charging Stations for customers

There were several RVs here

It is a 6,000 acre ranch named 43 for the Land Grant 43. All the other RVs located out on the ranch where they have Fire Pits.

Took Joy for a walk.

Had left over Chipotle for dinner.

Tried the $1.99 Winking Owl wine from ALDI.

I really liked it.

Watched TV, Fox News and HGTV.

Friday 4-23-21 Quartzsite to La Quinta, CA

We slept in this morning. We slept with the windows open, nice breeze and got down to 63F. Only a 3 hr drive today.

Left Quartzsite at noon. Had planned to get gas at Pilot, but lines were long. Decided to go on to Main Street Market or Flying J in Ehrenberg on the border. Gas at Pilot was $3.159.

Stopped at Main Street Market.

Pulled in to outside lane. There was a motorcyclist taking his time leaving. Pulled ahead when he left. Gas was $2.959

Took two card insertions, first stopped at $100.00

Second fill ended at $69.00

Mileage for this tank was 6.6 mpg

There was a nice Dog Run

Drove on to Lake Cahuilla County Park, arrived at 3:00PM

Detached car on way to campsite. Battery was fine but Traction Control and ABS Lights were on.

Got set up in site 7

Kind of tricky because of a tree.

Not many sites filled

Took Joy for a walk. It is pretty by the lake

Watched news on WDAY from home.

At 6:00PM local time we went to ALDI. Got some $1.99 wine and a few other things

The parking lot was next to In and Out Burger. It had a line around the block

Went across the street to Trader Joes

Bought a few things.

Decided to pick up dinner at Chipotle

I got a Carnitas Bowl

Cathy got a Steak Bowl

We will get at least 1 more meal from them.

Watched several Hawaii 50 on SlingTV

Thursday 4-22-21 Casa Grande to Quartzsite

Cooler today. Low overnight was 59F and high today 83F. Wind out of the south at 8 mph.

Busy day. Made coffee, but didn’t get around to eating.

Watched GMA and Sonoran Living, mostly just infomercials.

Started packing the motorhome

Packed all the Camp Chef components. Then the tools in motorhome

and Equinox

Took down the LED Solar Security Light and stored in shed.

Sprayed the weeds.

Put down tape to mark where to park

Calibrated DC to DC Converter to charge Equinox battery while being towed. Set it to 14.3 vdc

Dumped the holding tanks and filled the water tank

Shut off the AC and disconnected the power

Pulled in the slides and was ready to get propane

Parked by propane tank

Tommy got hung up at the bank and didn’t make it back. Janice called John. He said he could be there in 20 minutes. She called Mike and he said he would be right over. Mike and Tommy got there at the same time. It only took 6 gallons at $2.08/gal. The electricity was $95.00.

Checked the Mailroom one last time

Parked at our lot and hooked up the Equinox. Washed the motorhome windshield and locked the shed.

Headed out to I-8. Drove to Gila Bend and took AZ-85 to I-10. Got stopped at RR Crossing 4 miles before I-10

Had about 2 minutes of rain 40 miles east of Quartzsite.

Got to Quartzsite at 7:00PM. Drove north on AZ-95 and parked at Hi Jolly 14 day BLM site.

Watched Rebel on SlingTV from home.

Cathy walked Joy

Nice sunset

Cathy made Egg Salad Sandwiches and Corn on the Cob

Watched YouTube videos.

Wednesday 4-21-21 Wash Day & Working to Leave Tomorrow

57F overnight and 89F for a high. Sunny and windy 20 mph gusting to over 40 mph.

Coffee and my last bagel for breakfast. I had the Guatmalan Dark Roast from Fry’s

Watched GMA and a couple of YouTube videos.

Cathy washed the clothes. There are 8 washing machines, but only one person can use the Washroom at a time because of Covid-19.

It was too windy to play ball.

I installed a Fuse Tap to power the Dash Cam and XM Tuner when the ignition is on.

I also installed a cup holder on the wall under the window on the passenger side

Cleaned up the Camp Chef Stove and Griddle.

Made Spaghetti & Meatballs for dinner. 3rd meal on the Pasta Sauce. Used Papa Luigi’s Meatballs from Dollar Tree. 14 bite size meatballs for $1.00

Added a Romaine and English Cucumber Salad

Watched Fox News and HGTV

Took Joy for a walk after the wind went down. It was dark and comfortable

Went through the gate to the Desert Dog Walk

Went out the NE Gate to the desert. Walked Joy down to the SE Gate. It was locked. Walked to the SW Gate by the Club House. Walked home on one of the 2 Crosswalks

People with Flags have them lit with Floodlights

Went to the Clubhouse and took a shower.

Tuesday 4-20-21 Getting Ready to Leave for Monterey

57F overnight and 96F today. Sunny and not much wind.

Watched GMA and Phoenix News and Weather.

Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

The network broke into local broadcast with announcement that the jury came to a decision. Watched the reading of the charges.

Dumped the holding tanks.

Worked on the Charge Line for the Equinox. Will be able bypass the DC to DC Converter at the grill so can charge with Battery Charger if necessary.

Took Joy to the Dog Walk to play ball.

Cathy had an On-line Appointment with David and his Psychologist.

Filled the Fresh Water Tank.

Our neighbor has Wireless Internet from AirBeam

It cost $119/mo. Our unlimited Visible on Verizonwireless Network is $25/mo and our unlimited AT&T $23/mo. Both work well here and we stream TV and spend a lot of time on the Internet with either one.

Went to town to provision gor the trip to Monterey. Went to Walmart and Dollar Tree. Wanted to get some more 1 liter Arizona Tea, but they were out of the flavor I like. Got some Jimmy Dean Frozen Breakfast Items. Got shrimp, Tilapia, bread and ice cream at Walmart.

Cathy took Joy for a walk. They met a woman with two Standard Poodles Named BatMan & Robin. They live in an Airstream at the end of the first street.

Made shrimp stir fry and Romaine Salad for dinner

Had a 805 Beer with it

Watched Fox News and then Big Sky.

Monday 4-19-21 Back in the 90’s & Root Beer Floats

Overnight got down to 57F and up to 92F for a high.

Watched the Derek Chauvin closing arguments.

Took Joy to the Dog Walk to play ball.

At 3:00PM we went down to Lot 120 for Root Beer Floats.

They were just setting up as we got there

There were quite a few there.

We met Marty & Sue that also signed leases in December.

Made Fried Potatoes, Peppers, Onions, Eggs & Brats for dinner

Watched Bull and WDAY News from home

Pretty sunset tonight

Sunday 4-18-21 NASCAR Race

Cooler today, high of 82F and windy. Wind gusting to 24 mph. Mostly sunny.

Watched Fox News.

Made coffee, the new coffee from Fry’s, Private Collection Guatemalan Dark. Pretty good. Instead of bagel I had 2 Bunuelos

Watched Raceday and then the Toyota Owners 400 from Richmond, VA.

After the first stage, took Joy to the Dog Walk to play ball.

Went back to motorhome and watched the rest of the race. Alex Bowman won the race. It was his first win since 2008 and 3rd win. Denny Hamlin came in second.

Watched some YouTube videos before starting dinner.

Fried Tilapia on the Camp Chef Griddle. Heated left over Squash, Egg Plant and Peppers.

Made Romaine Salad with Peppers, Green Onions, Hard Boiled Eggs and Avocado.

Watched 60 Minutes and the the Rookie from home on Sling TV at 7:00PM local time.

Finished day watching YouTube videos.

Saturday 4-17-21 Prince Phillip’s Funeral

89F mostly sunny day without wind.

Watched Prince Phillip’s Funeral live.

Made coffee and a cinnamon raisin bagel.

Watched several YouTube videos including how you can now change your Starlink location on line. This is a step towards using it with an RV

Took Joy to the Dog Walk to play ball.

Watched the NASCAR Camping World Truck Race from Richmond, VA. Kyle Busch Racing took the first 3 places.

Went shopping. Picked up a box of 48 K-Cups at Fry’s for $9.99.

Picked up a few things at Walmart.

Stopped at Dollar Tree for 1 liter Arizona Tea. This is possibly the nicest Dollar Tree I’ve ever been in.

Stopped at Food City.

It has a lot of Mexican food items. Cathy liked the look of Bunuelos

They are really good.

They had $1.49/lb Pork Chops, but the packages were too large.

Got Avocados, 4 for $1.00, Italian and Mexican Grey Squash and Tomatoes.

Sat outside with an 805 Beer. Jerry was walking Maddie and stopped and talked for awhile. Maddie is a Labradoodle.

Made dinner of Rotini Pasta with leftover Tomato Sauce, Cauliflower, Squash and Hamburger.

Watched Family Feud and the Renegade.

Friday 4-16-21 Another Day in the 80’s

Got up to 84F. No wind. Overcast from time to time.

Coffee and cinnamon raisin bagels from 99 cent Only gor breakfast.

Watched GMA, Price is Right and some YouTube videos.

Took Joy to the Dog Walk to play ball.

Read for awhile.

Cathy took Joy for a walk and she met a dog named Maddie a few lots to the west. Joy was sociable.

Watched the 5;00PM news on WDAY.

Cathy was outside reading and Joy was out with her. When Cathy went in, Joy sat in the lot next foor and didn’t want to come in

Got vegetables ready for dinner

Egg Plant and Squash from 99 cent Only.

Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms

Took the vegetables and a Chicken Breast to saute on the Camp Chef Griddle

Added a Romaine and English Cucumber Salad and Wine for dinner

After dinner watched TV from Buxton. McGyver, Magnum P. I. and Blue Bloods. It is nice to be able to watch TV 2 hrs before it is on here in Arizona.

Finished the evening watching YouTube videos.

Thursday 4-15-21 First Day with High in the 80’s

High today was 83F. Partly cloudy and windy out of the NW.

Usual coffee and toasted bagel with cinnamon sugar.

The Air Conditioner didn’t come on until 8:20AM.

Watched GMA and some YouTube videos.

Heated up some left over Mac and Cheese for lunch.

Dumped the holding tanks and filled the fresh water tank.

Took Joy to the Dog Walk to play ball. Tossed it until she stopped for a break in the shade. Did that 3 times.

When we got back Cathy had gotten the mail and picked up the grocery store fliers. Fry’s, Food City and Safeway.

We decided to go to the Safeway.

Nice store

We got butter for $1.87/lb and 8 ears of corn on the cob for $1.00.

Stopped at 99 cent Only for onions, egg plant, squash and a dish drying pad.

Made hamburgers and corn on the cob for dinner. Made the hamburgers to fit Bolillo buns

Added coleslaw and potato salad and ice tea

Watched Rebel from home on Sling TV.

Finished the day watching YouTube videos.